Wednesday, April 20, 2011

More DIY Easter Basket Fun: It's All About the Boys

Last week I posted about the cutest girly Easter baskets, that I attempted and succeeded in making. But, I couldn't leave the boys out. This week it's all about the boys!

The first thing that came to mind, when thinking of what to do for the boys, was bow ties. What's cuter that a little man in a bow tie!

I then called my mom. Why? Well, she is the greatest, I love her, and we like to chat. I also had a little favor to ask. You see, I do have a sewing machine and I can sew, a little. But, when I want something done right I typically contract the job out. My mom is an amazing seamstress and so she is used to me calling on her and requesting her services.

She did attempt to show me how to make these simply constructed bow ties on skype, but totally lost me at ,"and then you sew a seam here." I gave her my puppy dog eyes and she giggled. A few days later I received a package from New York. Not only did she supply me with the cutest bow ties, but she also sent me all the necessary accessories I needed for the baskets too. She is amazing! Love you Mom!

What you will need:

bow ties made with love



hot glue gun


collars and cuffs off of old shirts

Wire and the appropriate wire cutting tool. Don't use your good scissors to cut your wire, your mom will yell a you.

How to assemble:

cut off the collar and the cuff

find the center of your basket and lay the collar over it

get an idea of where you want to place them

then cut them so you just have the ends of the collar

make them the same size

two ends of the collar

glue them on

I took the cuff and glued one end up to shorten it a bit

Then glue the cuff over the top of the collar ends. I thought this was an adorable way to cover up the frayed ends of the collar. With the button on one side and the button hole on the other, cute!

glue the bow tie on in the center

leaving the ends unglued for now

glue the ribbon around the basket hiding the ends under where you will be glueing the bow tie down

I added glue anchor points around the basket to hold the ribbon in place

use the wire to attach the buttons

twisting it on the inside

So stinkin cute.

The only thing I wanted to add was suspenders. Up and over the handle. I still might look for some and see how I can attach them.

Tuxedo baskets done for two adorable boys!

Happy Easter!

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  1. Oh my goodness! That is too stinkin adorable! I wish I had a little boy, I would totally make him this!

  2. I'm in love! If I make this, I'll try to post a blog about it & give you credit for the idea. It's just a matter of coming up with the time to do it before Sunday. Super cute. Thanks for sharing!

  3. You have a pretty great Mom to give you all those CUTE things!! :) You did a FABULOUS job w/ those baskets!!!

  4. Cuteness gone WILD! your the best!

  5. I can see it now... Linsey Wilt Photography and Basket Making. I can see this being big! Cute cute!!!

  6. These are ADORABLE!! What a great idea.

  7. Oh girl.... you are just amazing! You have just out done yourself!!!! Maybe if I had two more kids I'd be that inspired! haha ;0).... love them!!!! You're seriously soooo good at this stuff!!!! Next craft fair, you're gonna have to have a booth now!!! :)