Thursday, January 24, 2013

Last but Not Least: Date Day With Mommy and Her Littlest

Relationships take work. The parent-child relationship is no exception, but I think it's one that can easily be forgotten about. I think we can sometimes forget that just like our other relationships our children need that individual bonding time as well, especially as they get older and are more independent.

With the busyness of life it's easy for me to just go about our routine. I forget to take the time to really see the blessing my kids are on a more intimate level. They're happy, fed, bathed and loved so it's easy to think everything is great. I'm around them constantly and interacting with them daily, so it's easy to assume that all their needs are being met. Sure, I'm with them all the time and I giggle at their cuteness all day long. But there is something so different about giving them that undivided attention that brings a whole different dynamic to our relationship. They feel special and significant. They feel like they are needed and that I care about them when I purposefully make time to be with them. 

Just like we need date nights with our spouses, we also need them with our children. Sometimes you don't even realize how bad you need a date with your spouse until your on it. I've said to Erik on many dates, "I remember now why I love you so much." It's because I'm able to just focus on him, on us for that time. We walk away from our time together with a relationship that is strengthened and refreshed. So too we need that time with our children to build a healthy relationship with them. They are growing and changing so quickly, it's so important to get that quality time in because before you know it they will be grown. 

When date-days happen the kids know that our time together is completely about them, so they really let their personalities shine.  Without the intimidation and distraction of their siblings they are able to just be themselves in an entirely different way. As their mom, I know them better then anyone but I always see something in them that I hadn't seen before. I cherish these precious times with them and I know they do too!

It was Matt's turn. He was the last one to have his date day for the year. I'm so glad I had him go last because I think he was really able to enjoy and understand how important this time was with Mommy was. He talks almost daily about our date together. "Member mom, when we had our date?" So cute! We spent the day at the Children's museum, then went to the mall for a little dinner and some shopping. No agenda, just me and him having fun! 


It feels like just yesterday you were crawling around the house in your diaper trying to keep up with your brother and sisters. Now I look at you and you are an independent little man. I am sad when I think about you getting older because I want to hold on to these days of you being my sweet baby a little longer. I cherish the times that you ask me to still carry you. You tuck your little arms down between us so your all snuggled in... something you've always done. It's becoming less frequent and I know one day soon it will be the last time you ask, so until that time I will treasure every single snuggle. I secretly like when you have a nightmare because you crawl into our bed and I get to hold you and comfort you... holding on to those baby moments a little longer.  But as much as I want to keep you as my baby I also know that God has big plans for you. I can see this amazing little person you are becoming and my heart is overjoyed. 

I pray that you grow into a man completely dedicated to God, always looking to Him. I pray that you would be a man of integrity and a man that is always putting others before yourself. You have a heart that wants to please others, use that to serve those around you. You love to share, use that to bless others. By seeking your savior first your life will be full of happiness and your days filled with joy. 

I feel so blessed to be your mommy and I can't wait to see the good things God has in store for you!

Mama (please don't ever stop calling me that).

He told me he just wanted a little alone time because his belly hurt. I think he just wanted to try out the cool seat he found on the back of the door. Just hanging out in the bathroom stall at the super fun children's museum full of awesome exhibits. (hahahaha)

Lots and lots of bubbles... such a fun room.

Loves to cook!

And dance!

Getting his groove on!

At the mall that night they had the strangest little attraction. These gaudy ride-on toys. They cost a ridiculous amount of money to bring happiness to your kid for five minutes, but they were too funny not to let Matt try. And it was his day after-all and he wanted to rid them so bad it was as if we were in line for the Dumbo ride at Disneyland. He's so animated in everything he does and it was so funny watching him. Especially when he shared his turn with this old dude!

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