Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I'm Voting For Pedro Sanchez, Who Do You Think?

If you are a fan like us, then you know were that title comes from.

Matty decided to get his dance moves on the other night.

Music and dancing has been such an important part of my parenting career. When the day is long and stressful, all it takes is a some great tunes and a little booty shakin to get your mood changed around. The kids know that when mom is stressed, tunes come on. I love that they will rock out with me to Michael Jackson, Journey and Madonna. At least for now. I know the day is coming when they will judge me and make comments about my music choices, but right now they are cool with it. What is not to like about loud music that drowns out the fighting, tires everyone out, and puts everyone in a good mood? Nothing!

I can't carry a tune to save my life, so if my kids are going to learn anything about music it will be from my husband. I just turn up the music really loud so they can't hear my voice, that way I don't completely ruin them musically. Unfortunately, I think Ab's has inherited my horribly out of tune vocal chords, poor girl! Just because we can't really sing doesn't mean we can't fake it. Oh, we can fake it with the best of them. You just might not want to take us out for a night of karaoke, could get ugly.

When I turn up the music and tell everyone it's time to clean, something comes over them and they actually listen to me. It's a strange and fabulous day!

This is a video of one of our dance party/house cleaning days, during the summer.

Everyone needs a good dance party from time to time!

p.s. This "blog whenever I feel like it" plan, isn't really working for me. I need consistency, especially with something like blogging. Having a plan lessons my stress. If you have a personality like mine then you understand. So, I have decided to make Wednesday post day. Right now, one post a week is manageable and keeps blogging fun and enjoyable. I am so blessed by this blog, by all you who read and comment. My expectations for Organized Chaos, have been far surpassed. I am blown away by all your love and support! Thank you!

Love you,

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hate Mail

I know hate is a strong word and don't like using it, but in this case it's necessary to describe my relationship with the mail. I hate mail. What is there to like about it? Bills, junk, wasted paper, paper cuts, and it's just plain depressing. Of course I love when there is a sweet note or check that comes, but that's very few and far between, so my distaste for the whole idea of mail still stands.

If it wasn't for Erik I know I wouldn't have the greatest relationship with my mailman. He would most likely have to write me up, send me a "please empty your mailbox" note, and then have stop delivering my mail all together. I would be on his naughty-list for sure.

If we happen to be driving home together and the mail has come, without fail Erik will pull over for me to retrieve the mail and without fail I will put up a fit. "No, we don't have to get it today, it can wait until tomorrow," I say as I wrinkle my nose, tilt my head back and give a little grunt of disapproval.

If he really wants to mix it up and make me mad, he will stop and get the mail on our way to town. Now it's there, on the dashboard, starring at me the whole day. I will stubbornly just let it sit there, sometimes for days. I have even let it sit there for weeks. See, the moment it comes into the house I have to deal with it. I don't like my counters cluttered, so I will immediately sort through it, discard the junk, file the bills, etc. I don't care so much about the car, it can sit there all it wants, ha!

Now with all that said, there is one glorious month out of the year. One month that I don't put up a fuss about getting the mail. One month that I look forward to Erik taking the time to pull over. It's the one month where the fun mail out does the awful mail. You all know where I'm going with this, December! Not a day before, nor a day after will I continue this streak of joy over getting the mail. During those wonderful days in the month of December, with anticipation over loved ones Christmas cards, I have a smile on my face when I open that box!

Thank you all who sent us cards during the holidays, they truly make my day!

We displayed them in a new way this year and I love it. I will save this ribbon and do this every year. I have to give kuddos to Erik on this one, it was his idea to put them over the windows. I added the bows for a cute touch and to hide the thumb tacks that were holding it up. Very easy to do.

I used double sided tape to hang the cards, but another cute idea would be to use clothespins!

Our tree comes down right away, but I usually don't bring myself to take these down until the end of January.

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Morning Breath

I sometimes wish I was one of those moms that was on the PTA, volunteered multiple times a week in their child's classroom, and had the title of classroom mom. You know the type of mom that is super involved in every aspect of their child's school experience. But, sadly that does not describe me at all. I guess mostly because I don't have the time, but also there is a lot about it that doesn't appeal to me. Being in a germ-invested building, with lots of runny noses, were I have to stretch my mommy-patient skills to it's max, is just something I don't care to do on a consistant basis. But, it is something I can mangage periodically and so I have decided to volunteer once a month. Now, I have two kids in school, so to be fair I needed to split that time. My note to the girls teachers went something like this

Dear Mrs. Teacher,
I would love to volunteer in your class. I am only available once a month and I will be rotating between Ella and Abby's classrooms. If it works for you I can come the 2nd Wednesday, every other month.

Thank you,
Linsey Wilt

I'm basically saying, I can come in for three mornings out of this entire school year to help, do you mind me intruding?

I have gone once for Ella's class and twice for Abby's. Even with all the nose blowing, morning breath, kids with flu-like symptoms--I have really enjoyed being there. The most rewarding aspect is seeing their beautiful eyes light up when I walk through their classroom door. I realize that these are the years that they are proud that I am their mom and they want to show me off to their freinds. These are the years that I don't want to see pass me by and regret not being there.

My job is usually to read with the different reading groups. Can't I help them assemble an adorable craft, line them up in a cute line and lead them to gym class, or correct papers that I can add sweet little stars and smiley faces to? Reading, really? That is really making me dig deep into my patients bag! Okay, lets do this! Red group, your up, get your books! I actually really do love getting to know the kids. They have such different, cute personalities at this age. Well, most of them anyway!

One thing that took me back a little was when I started reading with Abby's group. I jotted down a few paragraphs from the book in between calling groups. Hey it's okay, I was allowed some slack time. Don't worry, I got the job done. All groups were called before lunch, all kids got to read! I needed time anyway between groups, to apply a fresh coat of hand-sanitizer and prep the gathering area.

Tell me what you think, remember this is first grade.

A Jigsaw Jones Mystery, the case of the snowboarding superstar.
Suddenly a buzz of excitement filled the room. A small mob of people burst in through the main doors. They swarmed around one person, a gangly teenager with short black hair, sharp features, and dark eyes.

"It's him!" Hillary whispered, her voice was dreamy and distant. "Lance Marshman, Young Teen Magazines number one hottie!"

Either I'm getting old, or the material for first grade is getting a bit risque. What happened to cats getting stuck up trees and bunnies with fluffy tails?

It really is amazing to see them in their everyday environment that I otherwise would be clueless about. I get to see them putting to good use all those important things we have been teaching them at home. They do what their told, and they are only asked once? Hmmm, interesting. Seeing their personalities in what is a familiar environment to them, but new for me, is a priceless experience. They get to show me the ropes! I have walked away each time so proud of who my daughters are.

Jon gets to come with me! I think lunch is his favorite part. No, I know it is!

Lining up for recess, do you think he's excited?

Abby is a smart, kind-hearted, helpful girl in class. Then at lunch she was giving out one-liners and getting her friends to laugh and let loose. I was cracking up the entire time. I felt like I was seeing my husband, as a little guy, through Abby.

Ella is a focused, enthusiastic, fun girl in class. She is by far the smallest in her class and by far the loudest! She works hard to please her teacher and is very smart. Seeing her on the playground helping out a little girl that fell down showed me her sweet-tender heart.

She needed her hat because of the chilly weather, but couldn't bring herself to leave her cute headband behind, so she created a solution! Hey, a girls got to accessorize!

One day this school will inhabit four Wilt's at once. Oh my! I might feel the pressure then to give back a little more. We'll see.

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Viva la Working-Class! Husband Guest Post

It was shortly after Christmas that we found ourselves at Target eyeing the wall of Wii games. As foreboding as that was we tried to find a suitable game for the kids. This was a challenge given the fact that they're all under 7. Linsey and I scanned the wall when I fixed my gaze on pure gold...... the old Mario games. These classics were bundled together in one glorious package so this was a no-brainer. We got the game and since that day it's been safely stowed away.

Last night the game was rediscovered by the youngest. He was about ready to turn it into his newest frisbee-sister-maiming weapon when we rescued it. At that moment playing that game became the next day's top priority.

The conditions were perfect the next morning. After an awesome late-night with friends the kids actually woke up late. We whipped up a nice breakfast and pulled out the plastic steering wheels. It's important to warm up with a rousing round of Mario Kart. Soon thereafter, the classics were unveiled for the first time. We started with the first Mario (released 1985). We never got any further that that because Linsey and I were totally engulfed in a nostalgic wave that muted the high-pitched pleading of the four kids we purchased the game for.

Time passed and controllers were exchanged. We watched as our kids struggled through the same pitfalls that navigated about 20 years ago. Abby tried over and over to jump by the venus fly-eating weed that poked it's head out of the big pipe. Ella struggled with the turtles, when you kick them it can be hard to jump over them as they rocket towards you after they bounce off a pipe. Jon is still trying to get his Mario to jump when he wants. It dawned on me that this experience is a lost experience for kids these days. We have four-player simultaneous action games. We don't have to wait for the new release from our favorite band to hit the CD rack at our town music store, we just go to iTunes. Kids don't buy old American cars and turn them into hot rods, they just go and get a cheap Hyundai that gets more horsepower without any modifying.

As the snow quietly fell outside and we let the day slip away to the sound of the Mario theme, I was glad. My kids will get the chance to play archaic video games about mushroom-eating plumbers on a quest to save the princess. My kids will bust their knuckles on a classic American car just to know the value of hard-work. My kids will hear me cheer for them as they win or lose at their favorite sport. My kids will live the American dream until I breathe my last breath.


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Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Big Win

I play the lottery, I know you might think it's lame but winning runs in my blood. My mom and I were just talking about this very subject. The list of things we have won over the years. Her list is longer than mine by far, but I have a few notches on my belt too. Like the huge Mickey Mouse I won in Junior high. Out of all the kids in that school my name was drawn and I heard Linsey Smith over the loudspeakers. That day I remember feeling, this is one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me. So, I play the lottery just in case.

This leads me to my story. How I almost won it big. How I came so close.

It was a Sunday and I needed to make a deposit at the bank. We were on our way to Denver and stopped on the way down the hill. We typically make our deposits through the ATM and are thankful our bank has one conveniently in their lobby... for off hour transactions.

I finish getting my envelope together to deposit, hit the enter button and wait for it to ask me to insert my envelope. All of a sudden the machine does something so weird, a large clump of cash is protruding from the machine. The machine was giving me money instead of taking my money.

What is going on? I look all around for a sign of some type. Was this a prize? Did I just win a random raffle? Am I the thousandth customer that has used this machine? I waved out the glass doors with the wad of cash in my hand to Erik, who was sitting in the car with the kids. I was trying to show him what I had just won. He wasn't paying attention.

I couldn't find any balloons, no confetti was spitting out at me, what the heck is going on? If I just won big, shouldn't there be some type of huge celebration, some type of recognition? Shouldn't the news be showing up soon? I mean the ATM wasn't even congratulating me. Some prize.

I then look down at the machine that was now beeping at me. So rude! He was asking me if I would like another transaction, or if I was finished. What do you mean? I haven't made a transaction?

At that moment my exhilarated excitement over what I thought had just taken place came crashing to the floor with great force. Right then it became very clear to me the reality of the situation.

I had just rewarded myself with my own money.

I had hit withdrawal instead of deposit. The machine was simply doing what I had asked it to do. He was giving me the money I had asked him for.

At first I did a little pouty lip, stomp of the foot, droopy head move. I glared at ATM for deceiving me so, because I knew he was laughing at me. But then, how could I not hysterically start laughing right along with him.

Even though I didn't really win big and the bank didn't feel like being generous to me on that day, for a brief moment I was a winner and it felt good! It's all about cherishing the small things and embracing the moment, even if it only lasts a short time.

I then made my deposit for double the original amount.

When I got back in the car and told Erik about what had just happened, he gave me that cute grin. The one that says, see this the reason I love you. You're my Lucy!

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Monday, January 3, 2011

A Few Changes

I hope everyone had a fabulous New Year's weekend! Guess what? We finally got snow!!!! I am so freakin excited, it finally feels like winter! Erik and Abby took a trip to the mountain on New Year's eve and had a blast. We have had the fire going all day, the kids and I snuggled in and we are enjoying the coziness the snow brings!

The babysitter has been booked for weeks getting ready for this night. Some great friends sure do know how to throw a great New Year's party! ERIK EVEN DANCED WITH ME!!!!! Totally made my night! We had a blast and rung in the new year with some very near and dear friends. Nothing like a little booty shakin and champagne to welcome 2011!

That next day I wrote out the date many a few times just because. 1.1.11, I love when numbers do cool things. When the clock says 3:33, I yell for everyone to look. For good luck of course!

I have never been one to write out resolutions. I usually have a few in my head that I ponder over, but I have never officially made a list. First of all I don't need more to-do's in my life, my plate feels very full. But, I do have many a few goals in my head and it sounds fun to make a list. I like lists. A lot.

Mommy duty: I feel like I have been lacking in the mom department. We were watching some home videos over these past two weeks (the kids love to watch themselves on t.v.) and I was seeing some major differences. Now, I understand that at that time I only had two kids and life has it's seasons. I am not saying I want to be as corny as I used to be, trust me I was that typical first time-my kid has to know everything from infancy type. But, I definitely would like to sit down with the kids more than I am now. Reinstate our at-home schedule.

Yelling: Now this sort of goes along with the first one and I know it will lesson once our home feels more structured. I am a yeller, I hate it, but I am. I can't stand when I hear my children yelling at each other and I know that they get it from me. I can't stand the stress this brings to our home and I terribly want to rid my days from my angry voice. I don't plan on it disappearing all together, but I would be happy to just see it become less frequent. We are a loud family and always will be, it's just who we are. But, less of the angry stressed-out loudness would be great!

Blogging restructure: I love blogging and connecting with you, my blogging family. I know it will be something I always do. But, with that said I need to lighten my load just a tad. What that means for me is I am going to lift my self-inflicted deadline of when I post. I have been posting on Mon, Wed, Fri faithfully form the beginning. I really do love having that consistency, but for now, at least for a season I just want to lift that burden from my plate. Maybe I will still post three times a week, maybe less, maybe more. But just to take off the deadline I have instilled in my head, would be a great relief for me right now. Who knows, I might not like it and go back to my schedule, but I want to give this a shot and see how it goes. I will also soon be instituting my business blog/website and so I am not sure what that looks like yet, how to balance both.

Website: I really need to get my website up and going. It has just been sitting there so neglected. I think now with my load lightened a little in the blogging department I will have some time to work on it.

Exercise and diet: Okay, I know this is on everyones list, but none the less, it's there. Starting today we are going mercola full throttle. Miss Ella has been having some stomach issues and so it's really coming at the perfect time. She needs to be dairy and gluten free for the most part and that is basically what our new way of life is going to be. We have done it before with great success and I couldn't be more excited about what it means for our family. The next few weeks are going to be rough with the detox process taking place, pray for us, especially little matthew who is totally carb addicted. I just signed up for another race, so time to get this holiday butt of mine back in gear!

Reading my Bible: I am so awful at this and it's not that I feel guilty about not doing it, I just know the blessing that it brings. Even if it's just starting out small, but somehow this needs to happen.

Money: Being better with our spending is on both mine and Erik's list. We have been off our budget ever since we moved here, it's time to start saving again!

Okay, that's enough! I need to stop because I feel like I could go on forever with the things I would like to see myself improve on. What are some of yours?

Oh wait one more, to beat Erik at scrabble. We have been on a scrabble kick lately and my goal is to beat him. Just once.

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