Wednesday, June 30, 2010

In the Jungle

My kids seriously love going to the dentist. They ask me between visits constantly, when are we going to the dentist. I actually have to say to them, stop asking me, it will happen when it happens. I guess I would love going to the dentist too if I could play on a jungle gym while I waited and watch butterflies while my teeth were getting cleaned. These kids have it made and are in for a rude awakening once they become adults!! The animal chairs, the jungle gym, the prize bags, they will all disappear and they will be left with an awful drill starring them in the face and a dentist that really doesn't care about their comfort level!!! But for now, going to the dentist for them, is right up there with Chuck e Cheese!!

She choose the tiger for her chair, I would of picked the giraffe, but to each his own!!

Waiting his turn, playing on the computer. He didn't like that I pulled him away to get a picture!

The only thing I would fault them on is not having a playpen to lock this guy into! He was a reck, so over stimulated and running around like a crazy man!

Getting some help from big sis!!

They get to watch butterflies grace the ceilings as they get there teeth cleaned, must be nice!!

Don't you wish they themed all dentist offices, why not, adults need to be entertained too!! I would go back to a dentist just because they decked the place out in "The Office", or "SNL", or heck I would even take a Jungle theme!! Anything to distract me from the awful amount of metal objects they are about to put in my mouth!!

Watching big brother and waiting patiently for his turn. Well as patient as a two year old can be, many of the hanging instruments ended up on the floor. But he only squirted me once with the water tool, so not bad!!

Here is a video of Little man getting his teeth cleaned, such a big boy!!! He was all smiles!!

He thought he was so cool sitting up there like one of the big kids!! I vote for his coolness!

I hope this lady doesn't mind that I put her on youtube!! We are such a loud group, I know that everyone working in this office if very glad that insurance only covers a check up every six months!!!

Rest up staff members at "All Kids Dental", we will be back in December!!

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Absent minded

When it comes to remembering, I fail miserably. I am the queen of misplacing and forgetting all sorts of things. I could always blame this short coming on the fact that I have four kids, but truth be told, I was this way before they came along. Maybe they have contributed to the fact that it has gotten worse, but this characteristic runs in the family and has been passed down. There is just to much supporting evidence.

I am always being told how I am so much like my Grandma. One time she was complaining of how bad her new boots hurt her feet, she had worn them on the wrong feet the entire day! When her kids were little, in the car, she couldn't get the backseat window to go up, that's because there was a head in it. I did this exact same thing about a month ago, Jon still reminds me how I choked him with the window. Her cat was tossed into her screen door numerous times! And the stories go on! My Grandma was just the cutest thing, and it is the biggest compliment to me that I resemble her, love her so much!!!

I just love this picture of my Grandma and Aunt Jennie, such beautiful ladies!! My mom is always telling me how much I remind her of my Aunt Jennie. Again, a huge compliment! What would the world be like without fun, crazy ladies, it would be just plain boring!

I know Erik is thankful for all the spiciness I bring to his life, I don't mean to, things just happen! He knew what he was in for, it's not like it caught him by surprise. He opted for this carnival ride. There were so many clues when we were dating. One example is when we lost our keys in the grass, at night, after the fireworks on the Fourth of July. The first thing I said was, "how fun, now we get to find them!" He was not happy at first, but we did find them, and while we hunted on our hands and knees in the dark, with no flashlight, we laughed and made a fun memory! One time we got in a big fight and I got so mad I threw a recliner at him, one of the many incidences for which he gave me the name, "Wild Banshee." It's funny because I am finally seeing what he deals with first hand through my Ella. It has been passed down yet again to another generation. I am already praying for her husband!

So I don't use my cellphone that much on the weekend, the last time I had used it was Friday morning. I just assumed it was next to my bed were I plug it in to charge. I needed to call down to the hardware store yesterday to find out their hours and I realized my phone was gone. I searched everywhere and I had no clue where it might be. I used Erik's phone and gave myself a call. I am very glad that it still had a charge, otherwise this morning it would of been resting in it's new home, at the dump.

I have absolutely no clue how it ended up in the garbage!

You will notice when reading my blog, this topic of absent mindedness will come up often, it's just a way of life for me!

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Master bathroom makeover

The same day we painted the master bedroom, we went right into the master bathroom and gave that a little facelift as well.  

It went from boring white, to Macadamia. Much better!!

Also notice our old driveway and the tree that sat in the middle.  I don't miss it a bit.

I just love our new toilet nook, its a happy place!!

Recognize the frame above the toilet?  I purchased it to originally go above my bed, but my mom was quick to notice that it fit perfectly in this space.  It was made for this wall!

I got the London and Rome at a yard sale and ordered the Paris form ebay.  I thought the Paris one was going to match, but it turned out to be a different color.  At first I didn't like the mismatch color, but it has grown on me. Or maybe I have made it grow on me so I don't have to go through the hassle of shipping it back.  What do you think, does it work or look weird?

I still can't believe I have my own vanity area. I literally screamed when I first saw this bathroom.  A little girls dream come true!!

This is a stool I found on craigslist for 10.00.  It had an ugly, old, blue cushion.  With a coupon, I purchased this material for $5.00.  A little cushion foam, a staple gun and my mom had it looking gorgeous in minutes!!  I love sitting down and putting on my makeup, so relaxing!!

Love the rich colors in the material!  I know, the wood could use a little touching up, I might get to it one day!


My magnified mirror that my mom talked me into picking up.  It is from Target, not the cheapest thing, but let me tell you it is amazing!!  It even has a light, my eyebrows have not looked this good in a long time!  The pretty copper color matches perfectly!   Also my cute brush holder that I found at a yard sale for $5.00!!  Love having my brushes and makeup right on the counter, easy, assessable, and cute!

Extra towels sit in a basket under the window.  

Love my trashcan, just a cool rusty metal bucket, garage sale find!  

I still have one bare wall left, that used to hang an ugly towel rack.  I am sure someday on my garage sale ventures, I will find the perfect addition!

I love my bathroom, it is such a treat!!  
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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Birthday boy and his dino

My parents got Matthew this awesome remote control dinosaur for his birthday.  We thought he might be scared of it, but we were way off.   He tackled that thing like he was an alligator wrestler.  He conquered his fear and took that thing down!! So hilarious! 

Matthew has always been connected to his food in a special way.  When he first started eating solid food he would throw a complete fit if you took food away from him. He used to stop breathing and turn blue if you took his food, no joke. I called the dr. and he just told me it was normal and to blow in his face when he did it, to get him breathing again.   He also said as long as he wasn't passed out longer than a minute he would be fine, I am glad he never actually passed out.  

Here is him at his first birthday! 
The best 1st birthday cake episode I have ever seen!

Here is this years 2nd birthday!
Look familiar!

Sorry for all the background cackling, we are just a loud family!!!

I guess this has become a yearly thing! When he is fifteen he will be served his birthday cake without utensils!!

Is it wrong to teach our kids to eat like animals? I don't think once a year will do any long term damage, it's also important to teach them fun, right?

"I two"

Why use the fork?

Stopped for a moment and gave me a cheese.

My he's cute!

He is saying, "cake?" asking Ella if she wants some cake.

Here you go El, I'll share my cake with you.  Looks delicious!!

present time

In serious defense mode

Got em

I'll tell you when you can talk

You're comin with me!!

I am glad to know that if I ever get attacked by a dinosaur, he will have my back!!
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Monday, June 21, 2010

Master bedroom facelift

Our Master bedroom was the last room upstairs to get any attention.  One reason is we didn't have a bed until a few months ago.  Our mattress sat on the floor for six months, waiting for our bed to come in that we had ordered.  All I can say is never order anything from Homestars wholesale furniture, I have nothing good to report about them.  

Now that we had our bed, it was time to figure out what to do.  I have this green bedspread that I don't love, but I spent way to much money on it for allergy purposes, so I had to make it work.  What to do, what to do?  After my shopping spree, I had a direction!!

Thanks to my wonderful work horse parents, painting was a breeze.  I love doing things with them.  Having them here, seeing my room come together, made it so much fun!  Love you!!

So here are the finished results

Not exactly a mans way of doing a bed, all of these have to come off before we go to sleep.  But don't they look pretty!?!  

The mirror works perfectly in the room!  Those two large orange pillows I found at Ross.  They both have a small stain, so the manager took another 25% off, they were only 6.00 each!

Could not figure out what to put above the bed.  At Hobby Lobby, in the clearance section, there were three of these left.  Rarely do they have three of anything left in the clearance section, they were meant for me!!  Mom and I bought some green, gold, and black metallic paint and added some more green to them to pull out the green in the room.   It's hard to see in the picture, but the green in them really helps tie in the bedspread!  I just have to add, that I hung these myself.  If you look behind them, more holes are in the wall than needed, but they are up, even, level, and you can't see the extra holes!  A job well done, I think!!

The fake, cute, clock on my nightstand is Hobby Lobby too, on sale of course!

The brown quilt on the end of the bed is from Target.

One thing is I still haven't settled on the curtains.  I love them, but should I iron them or keep the textured lines?  I like the texture, but not sure?  And yes I do still need to get a picture in that frame.


These prints from TJ Maxx Homestore are what began my direction for the room

Let me know what you think, you can be honest!

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