Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Matty-Moo's Chocat Birfday

"Matthew your birthday is coming up soon, what do you want to do for your birthday?"

"Chocat birfday!"

And every time we asked him, that was the answer he stuck to. He didn't want anything else but a Chocolate birthday. Okay, you got it. He couldn't have made it any easier on us. 

Matthew is the kid that will make your heart melt with sweetness one minute and then drive you to the point of insanity the next. He will make you laugh until you cry with his perfect comedic timing. He loves life and it shows through is adorable, animated face. We can't go somewhere without him talking to someone he doesn't know; making new friends comes very easy for him. He his stubborn and passionate. Food is a very big deal to him. He is drawn to music. He is fearless. 

He's full of excuses.

His new excuse when asked to do something he doesn't want to do is, "My doctor said I can't."

An excuse he uses to change the subject at the dinner table or when we ask him to do a chore is, "I not Hulk, I Nacho."

If we were to guess his future, he might end up in musical comedy and would probably be remembered as the crazy linebacker in high school that streaked across the field at the homecoming game. 

Abby and Papa made him a special birthday breakfast

Love this little stinker.

"How old are you Matt?"

We went to the store so he could pick out a toy for the top of his cake. Something to decorate the top and something he could play with afterwards... we are all about maximizing useage in this house. But Matt informed us, by putting the transformer up to his ear, that his transformer didn't want to go on top of his cake. Okay, whatevs. It's your birfday.

Two boxes of cake mix, four containers of fudge frosting and chocolate ice cream on the side. You want chocalate, Nana will give you chocolate!

"You want some?" 
He loves to share his food.

It's sort of a Matthew birthday tradition to let him eat his cake with his hands. It all began with his monumental first birthday cake episode. 

Papa decided to join in the fun!

We all went to the movies to see "The Avengers", and then we came home and devoured the ginormous chocat cake. Such a fun day celebrating our baby boy! 

Love you Matt-Moo!

A little recap of his three's

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Selfless Love: A Husband Guest Post

My husbands ability to paint with words always amazes me. When I read this it felt like he had displayed my heart in that moment. Marriage is amazing in that even though we are individuals we are often going through the same things, especially when it comes to spiritual matters. At least that's the case for us.  I had to share, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. 

Selfeless Love

It is so refreshing to hear someone put life's responsibility in God's hands. Some live this way, in a sense of wonder covered by the miraculous care of God's grace. Every day is a new adventure and life is about the journey in the minds of people who live by a vibrant and real faith. I write this because there is a couple of people that I consider close to my heart and they exemplify this mindset with ease.

Today was the first day my In-laws, Carrie and Tom, spent in Colorado. We had a great time running errands together. Carrie spoke words of truth on Godly dependence that rolled off her tongue like the instructions for making a PB and J sandwich. Tom shared simple prayers with tangible answers that solidified foundations of faith shaken by years of a heart deferred. How small I feel; how good it feels! Hearing the perspective on life from people who truly enjoy every day is a real gift for any listener, regardless of perspective. I hope, deep within my heart, that I can hold the same perspective. This appetite for spiritual substance is a conquering force that I have missed for many years.

Years of struggle seasoned with an absence of God's presence that was almost tangible; it was like a numb Hell. Feeling like someone isn't there anymore is a complicated feeling to illustrate. Love can grow into complacency but I speak of my hollow, shallow love. How is a selfish love refined? By an unconditional force stepping aside and waiting for the selfish, self-righteous, prideful fool to die from exhaustion. Can you put loneliness, frustration, apathy, despair, and regret into a blender? What kind of cocktail is the result of this bitter concoction? What kind of person goes bottoms up with a drink akin the last request of a condemned man? I do, did, and died drinking that cup. Those feelings vanished with death convulsions yielding a peace and surrender that could only come by trekking through the Valley of the Shadow of Death.

What does a traveler find as he spreads the last branches stained with bitterness and guile at the exit of a Godless death march? He sees the expectant eyes of dear people who have traveled that path before, waiting for him on the other side. He sees the scars from a hard road and under their welcoming smile he can still see the pains of their journey. With arms spread wide those seasoned travelers reach out to the returning prodigal without judgment; just love. The accompanying embrace breaks open flood gates from heaven and something happens.

Jesus appears. Tears flow… Regrets begin to float on those tears to a river of forgiveness. More tears now… Brokenness, failure, fear all floating away. Who knew such small drops could wash away such devastating sins? Those embracing arms belong to someone that loves me with a selfless love, an eternal love. Those eyes were clouded with blood as he bore my guilt and shame. Those eyes spoke "It's okay, I still love you." Love waited me out and won.

Where do I go from here?

To walk with a limp. A reminder that I can’t do it on my own. The cross proves He will handle my needs. Even if it means to Hell and back. Wow, rest in that truth!

Tonight, as I write this, I don't know what tomorrow will bring. There are things written on my calendar; we'll see how that works out. The two people sleeping downstairs help me see Christ more clearly; they ask for daily bread. They live life and enjoy the journey. I want that too.

I want life to be an adventure without regret. Over the past months I have learned things that have attached themselves to my soul forever. I have looked failure in the face and seen purpose waiting in the backdrop.  I'm done begging for a cache of bread. Instead, I will wait for He who loves me and start trusting Him again for the first time. He said he would take care of us. And if I fail believing that, He also says:

"It's okay, I still love you."

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My "In The Moment" Moments

Life would be such a disappointment if it always stayed the same. It's very comforting to know that life is always evolving, changing, and taking me by surprise. Yes, there are those things that stay constant; God's love, my morning coffee, and that fact that I'll always be a klutz. But most everything else could change at any given moment. I want to remember what this season looks like and so I'm going to start an "In the Moment" series. It's actually just a way of being able to post random facts about my life, that don't really have a home... and have it sound chic.

So here are a few of my, "In the Moment", moments.

* I have been seeing numbers consecutively and it's starting to freak me out... 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44. Sometimes I will do it every hour, three hours in a row. What the heck? At the wedding I shot on Friday I pulled my phone out to check the time and it said 11:11. I think I have a problem. Does this happen to anyone else?

* I am addicted to diet coke. It's terrible for me. I know this. The chemicals, the addictive properties, the fact that it hinders me from drinking what my body really needs; water. But I can't stop the madness.

* Socks do not belong on sleeping feet. Did that sound confusing? What I meant was I won't wear socks to bed. To a nap maybe, but never at night.  Claustrophobia will eventually attack my feet and I will wake up in a fury trying to rip them off. 

*  One time Erik fell asleep with his fingers in my tangled hair. He decided to turn over and take me with him. I screamed loudly and then slugged him. We are adventurous even when we are unconscious.

*  Matt's quote of the week:
He was picking his nose and Erik gave him the "You shouldn't be doing that!", glare. He asked, "Did you get it buddy?"
Matt's reply, "I couldn't, it's a fast one." Hahaha

*  The night after I do a wedding, I dream wedding. All. Night. Long. Erik said the other night I woke him up because I was talking in my sleep. Something about how all the groomsman were not standing in the right order.

*  JalapeƱo string cheese! When you go to reach for your afternoon snack and you think to yourself, "I'm so bored of this simple white stick of cheese. I wish I had a little spice in my life." Remember this very small, but very powerful piece of information. Spice it up. Get crazy. Have two! 3:00 will never be the same!

* I like a clean house, but one odd thing about me is I don't make my bed. Something I didn't inherit from my mom, the bed-making queen! I will make it if it's your first time to my house, but that's all you get. Remember it how it was because you will never see it like that again, unless you happen to be over when another newcomer is visiting.

*  What is it about us parents and wanting our kids to have the same childhood experiences we did. Lucky Charms has to be one of the worst cereals in a, "start your kids out on the right foot, with good brain food," kinda way. But, we have to let them indulge in the delight of the charms, we have to let them taste the rainbow (oops, Skittles reference!); they are magically delicious after all. While the kids were sugaring up one early morning, Erik and I were reminiscing of the days when we would eat all the marshmallows first and then the rest just tasted like sugared cardboard. Ella pipes up, " You mean they had Lucky Charms all the way back then?" 

Oh my goodness, nothing like making you feel real old, real quick. "Yes dear, all the way back then!"

*  With all the advanced technology we have, why is there still a delay when two news reporters are talking to each other? Just sayin'.

*  This girl needs a vacation. I mean, like, really needs a vacation. With that said, I will never vacation here. Are you kidding me, sleep underwater? I love that God made all the fish an incredible home, but there is a reason he didn't give me the ability to breath underwater. I will let them enjoy their home in peace and quiet and will find myself a nice cabana on the beach, thank you very much! 

I talked a lot about sleeping, I think it's time for a nice bath and good night's sleep!

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