Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Task Lists: I Give In

I have been a stay-at-home mom for the past seven years. I have had a very lenient schedule, a must with little kids; everyday is a surprise. I am a very scheduled person, always have been, but when you are home with four little ones your day-to-day life is very unpredictable. I had a routine in place, but always knew that nothing was set in stone. I had no deadlines, so-to-speak. It was my way of coping. All of that has changed. Going from a home-minded routine to a working-minded routine has really taken some adjustment.

I have talked the last two weeks about the changes going on in our household. My work-load, my attitude, and my stress-level. I have been extremely stressed. When life takes an unexpected turn sometimes it catches you off guard. Sometimes changes are necessary even when you think you're getting by.

I would say that I'm a very organized person in many ways, but having Erik home has made me realize he totally has me beat. I have been mocking him for about a month about his task-lists, calendars, and daily schedules. I would walk by as he was typing it up with a chip on my shoulder, "what a geek!"

I was just fine without a minute-by-minute schedule. I didn't want something telling me what to do...I wanted freedom. But, I wasn't feeling very free, quite the opposite. I found myself a complete wreck.

The other night after a big rant, I decided to cave. Cave to the thought of being a slave to a schedule. Cave to the idea that I was jealous of Erik. He was calm and at peace with life and I was a flippin' mess!

I used to be an "agenda-type" person. I was the little girl that laid her outfits out a week in advance with socks and matching hair bows. For some reason over the years I got away from those habits; I guess I thought it would simplify my life.

I was trying to become more career-focused while still maintaining my non-scheduled, fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants family life; it was swallowing me whole. I had so many things to accomplish in one day; the thought of it became so overwhelming that I wouldn't get much done at all. Without a plan you fail, and I was failing miserably. The time I did have with my family I was grumpy. I didn't think I had the freedom to enjoy time with them having all of those tasks hanging over my head. I didn't have a schedule and so I wasn't allowing myself the much needed family time, house-cleaning time, and work-out time. I would rush through those things and "squeeze them in" but wouldn't enjoy them. With everything else I thought I should be doing I couldn't enjoy my most precious treasure, my family.

I feel free now. I'm a complete believer in my husband's geeky schedule, haha! I am now a saleswoman for the whole task-list thing. It just goes to show that you should never judge anything before you give it a chance. Most likely if someone is enjoying their day-to-day life, it might be because of a great strategy. It really works and you might want to give it a try.

The very first thing we did was sit down and make a mission statement. Initially, I was rolling my eyes at the whole idea (I have major attitude if you haven't noticed), but honestly it's really cool...and really easy. You can also get a great task sheet that incorporates the roles you operate in, the goals you have and the values you cherish. It really can help focus you on what is truly important in your life. I highly recommend you check it out. Here is the link, it's free.

I compiled an ongoing list of "to-do's" on my desktop. When something comes to mind it goes on that list. If it's on the list, it doesn't stress me out. Everything from cleaning the kids bed sheets to confirming a shoot with a client. I use my calendar and my task list to create my daily agenda. It's so fun crossing things off that list!

I know it sounds uncool, but seriously, it's awesome. So much stress has been lifted and I'm smiling again. I feel like I can do this. I can be and do all these things, but do them in a healthy, fun, fulfilling way. Of course there is always a need for flexibility in life; things happen. So if something doesn't get done then it just gets carried over to the next day... no biggie!

Ah... organization feels so good!

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

I heart faces | white

This gorgeous bride was as sweet as she was beautiful! I just love the how this picture
shows both! 

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Selfishness: A Lonely Place

I was confronted this week with a person I hadn't seen in awhile. I was confronted with a different side of myself that I didn't like. It scared me and made me stop and think...stop and cry. Sometimes life has a way of hitting me square between the eyes, giving me a much needed wake-up call.

I'm typically the person that likes to look at my glass as being half-full. A person that always "finds the penny in the pile of poo," as my mom would say. But I wasn't that person at all. A Negative Nellie, a Debbie Downer, a Moody Margaret (I just made that last one up in case you hadn't noticed) would better describe me.

All that negativity put me in a state of depression. Little things the kids would do instantly set me off. Erik would just look at me and I would loose it. I was finding myself angry all the time. At what? Nothing.

I have a God that cares about me. I have an incredible family that loves me. I am surrounded by the most amazing people in my life. I live in a gorgeous place and I am constantly confronted with blessing. But if I am not willing to recognize those blessings then my world becomes very dark.

I was blinded by circumstances; not willing to see the love around me and living in a state of complete selfishness. It's a nasty place...dark, scary, lonely.

I know that God takes us down into the valley so we can appreciate the mountain top and so for that I am thankful. I am also thankful for a husband who is so willing to stick by me through everything life brings; the good, the bad and the in-between.

It was Sunday morning and we were sitting at our computers. I was in my office and he was on the couch. We had already had a discussion at length about everything, but he knew I needed some space. So he sent me an email and then watched me cry at my desk.


I love you very much. I know you are a wonderful mommy and you deserve to hear it. Not to mention, you're a wonderful spouse, friend, lover, buddy, sweetie-girl. I wish you could see how everyone else sees you. That's the main reason I want to write this to you. We tease each other a lot and I think the reality of who you are gets lost in the playing. I want to take a step back and thank God for everything you are to me.
You are a passionate love. You brighten up the room with your smile and when you come home to me I feel like the house becomes a home. You are the hardest worker I know and you inspire me to be a better person. You care for other people so much that sometimes it challenges me but caring is always the right thing to do. I love to relax with you in the cool breeze on the deck when we have coffee and laugh. I love to drive to town with you on a date and not feel like listening to music because I would rather listen to you. I like to look at you when you are not paying attention and daydream of your beauty. I like to watch you come out of the bedroom when you wake up late and stretch your eyes to wake up. I love to listen to you become excited about your photo-shoots and rave about your camera equipment. I like reading your blogs because I get to giggle at your quirky personality without embarrassing you. I love your quirkiness because it's like the dessert of my life. I like watching the tables turn in our lives because it shows me how similar we are. I think the best things about our kids are the ways they are most like you. There are so many ways I wish I could be more like you. Know that you are loved deeply and forever. Thanks for doing me the honor of being my wife and loving me back even when it is hard to do.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Changes: The Unexpected and The Anticipated

Life is always changing. Do we ever really know what lies ahead along this path of life? For the most part... no. Life is one big surprise! But there are those few anticipated things in life that we can count on to keep us grounded. Focused. Putting one foot in front of the other. Without those events we rely on, we would go a little crazy.

There have been many changes in the Wilt household. So many that it would be good to dedicate a post to this new season in our life. God's plan is usually not our plan. But the great news is that when He chooses to close a door, He opens another.

Erik is no longer working in Elevators. He has enrolled in college and is pursuing his business degree. What? Yep, Erik is back in school. He has a few ideas forming in that mind of his. And again, who knows what lies ahead.
With him being home and available to take care of the kids, I have the opportunity to focus more on Linsey Wilt Photography. I am enjoying the ride and have plans brewing for the future.
The tables have totally turned in our household and I am still trying to get the hang of it. I am still trying to process the idea of me working and Erik being the caregiver. Life is full of surprises. I'm not kidding, he has completely turned into Mr. Mom. I am not one of those girls that has to be in control of the house. In fact, quite the opposite, I'm totally digging this set up! I don't love to cook, as most of you know. Erik already had that department down. And what girl really craves the task of laundry, dishes, floors? Not me.
To give you an idea of my amazing husband. Here is a note he left me the other day. I had just come off a two week stretch were I had worked almost everyday, in some form or another. Erik had to be at a side job this particular day and so I was on house/kid duty for the morning. This is the typed-up note that I woke up to.

I've been trying to get the kids to eat up the cheerios and honey combs. Make them eat that before starting other cereals. I am saving the hamburger in the fridge for two hamburgers tonight and the hamburger helper for the kids. The laundry is all done and the house should be picked up. The girls are very proud of their paper chain they made over their door so check it out. Abby organized the boys room so you might want to commend her for that. The girls have been putting away the clothes. Abby does the boys and Ella does the girls. There are oodles (lots...not the brand) of noodles in the fridge for lunch and some hamburger helper that needs to be eaten up. I made the coffee. I also typed up a list of school supplies left to get and was wanting to know when we should get them. I could get them tomorrow or you could pick them up at Staples when you take Jon today to the Dr. We could also go to town on Sunday but that would be a lot of gas unless you plan on doing grocery shopping. We also need to finish those forms I have on your desk so we can drop them off in Bailey today.
I should be home around lunch but I'm not sure how long this job will take. I also have to go shopping for the other side job and that will add to the time it takes. I can't wait to hear from you later today and I will try and call you when I'm not busy.
I love you,
I know, I know. He's quite the guy. He is taking his job very seriously and as you can see I have nothing to worry all!
Another big change around here (this one very much anticipated)...back to school! I was the mom at the beginning of summer saying, "I can't believe they go back to school on the 18th of August. That is so early." I take it all back. Every word. I love my kids and I love summer, but it's time. It's time for the routine to set in, it's time for some social interaction outside of their siblings, and it's time to channel all that energy into something other than driving each other nuts. It's also time for Mommy and Daddy to regain some sanity!
Thank goodness for all the blessings life brings. The anticipated and the unexpected!
And because a post is always better with a three cute little students!

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Monday, August 15, 2011

I Heart Faces Photo Contest: Beautiful Eyes

This photo was from a session I did last month. This little girl has the most striking eyes. She also has one of those personalities that stands out above the crowd. I love her and I love this photo! I know the contest is titled "Beautiful Eyes", but  hope it's okay to only enter one eye. It's definitely a beautiful one!

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Mom

She's beautiful, giving, and the strongest woman I know. When I think of someone that has been through it all and came out on the other side even more incredible, I think of her. When I need someone to talk to and confide in, I turn to her. When I think of someone that I want to be like, I picture her.

She's my mom.

Her talent is amazing, her laughter is contagious, her smile will brighten any room. She's who you turn to when you need a friend. She can do anything she puts her mind to and always exceeds everyones expectations.

She's my mom.

She taught me how to love. She taught me how to get through difficult times because, "all things work together for the good." She taught me how to worship and showed me how to always look to Jesus for my answers. We laughed together, cried together, and celebrated together. She has the heart of servant and was always putting others before herself.

She's my mom.

She taught me how to save, budget and be happy with less. We always had amazing meals on the table. Even when there was nothing in the refrigerator, she would work her magic. Times might have been tough, but you would never know it by the smile on her face and the joy in her life. She worked incredibly hard to be everything to us.

She's my mom.

My love for astronaute pops, licorice and apples came from her. When we wanted a little pick-me-up in our day, a trip to TCBY would always do the trick. When we needed to laugh we would dance and sing to our favorite song, as we let the worries of the day fade away. When a workout was required to help us justify our previous TCBY indulgence, Jane Fonda would never let us down. When we needed to play... she would make it happen. A day at the lake, a walk to the park, a shopping trip. She always knew exactly what was important to make the most out of any day. She created the memories we would look back on and cherish.

She's my mom.

I cannot imagine my life without her. I would not be the woman I am today without her guidance, her provision, and her unwavering love.

Happy Birthday Mom, I love you more than life.

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Reel Big Fish and Vanilla Ice All in One Night

We love our date night in's...we really do. Especially when that is all we have the time, money, and energy for. But, when we get the chance to escape, you couldn't see two people more thrilled to leave...together...kidless!

A little history — Reel Big Fish has been the background music accompanying many of our memories. Ska was introduced to me by Erik and I have been smitten ever since. It might have a little to with the fact that I was falling in love while the heart-pumping music was playing from the cd player as we rode around in the 85' gray Honda hatchback. It was probably his tactic all along. Play music that's going to get her heart racing and get the girl to instantly fall in love with you. 

Hmmm...oh well, if it worked, it worked! I love the guy and I love the music!

Skanka steady-paced dance performed to reggae music, characterized by rhythmically bending forward, raising the knees, and extending the hands palms-downward.  

If you think you can't dance, then just start listening to ska and pick-up skanking. Anyone can dance... well, skank at least. 

So, we heard Reel Big Fish was coming to Denver and it was a no-brainer. We had to go. We booked a babysitter a few months in advance and purchased our tickets. 

It is so great to go on a date that doesn't consist of dinner and a movie. Don't get me wrong, I love dinner and a movie, but it's so nice to mix it up once an awhile. 

So, here we are in a topless Jeep on a beautiful night. The wind is in our hair, well mine, and the music is blasting. What are we listening to? You would think ska by the nature of this post. Nope. I am all of a sudden being serenaded by my guy who is singing to every word of Vanilla Ice's song, "Ice, Ice Baby". Sounds sexy doesn't it? 

Listening to ska on the way to a ska concert is not a requirement. Apparently. I will have to agree with you though, I can't say many other people attending the Reel Big Fish concert would have Vanilla Ice playing from their speakers on the way there. But, it's all good!

Here's to concert date nights and keeping the memory alive! Yo Vanilla! Kick it one time Boyee!!

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