Friday, October 29, 2010

Buddy Turns Four

Sweet, kind, rough, quirky, fun, giggly, loud, stubborn, particular, intense, loving, and full of energy, just a few words that describe my Jonathan. My first boy, my first experience being a mom to a completely different type of little person.

Being a mom for the first time to a little guy, to be honest, I was nervous about changing his diaper. I know silly, but he had little man parts. What if I hurt him? It was all new to me. I quickly got over that and was over the top excited about this little testosterone bundle in my arms. I was instantly smitten.

The perfect, sweet, nothing like it, smell of a newborn!

He has been "buddy" from day one! Doesn't he just look like a little buddy!! Not sure what is up with my hair/bangs, I must of been trying to save a few buck and cut those babies myself, yikes!!

My big boy on his 4th birthday!! With his support group in the background!!

Full birthday post coming Monday!

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sheldon Turns One

Last week this little guy turned one! We were hoping the snow would stay away until after his shoot, it did!!!  It was chilly though and by the end of the evening it felt like the temperature had dropped 20 degrees.  But, the weather wasn't the big challenge, I was the big challenge.  Sheldon does not like photographers!  I don't blame him.  It's not easy being the model, I can relate, it's not my cup of tea either.   A faceless person holding a big black foreign object, who is acting like a dork trying to get me to react, while I'm freezing my heinie off.  I agree with you buddy, it doesn't sound like a fun party!    

Thank goodness for long lenses.  Standing at a distance was key!  With his siblings pretending to beat each other up behind me, we were able to capture some smiles, whatever works!!

"thanks for the bagel, but I'm still mad, nice try"

"it's my birthday, I will cry if I want to!"

Happy with me at a distance

When I got closer and he saw me!

Sheldon you are such a sweetie, thank you for enduring this scary lady and letting me capture your cuteness!  Happy Birthday!!!

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Linsey Asked If I Would Post

Linsey has been a little stressed with her extensive self-inflicted work load.  Her to do list is a mile long.   She has been asking me for awhile, if I would write a guest post for her, prepping me they way she knows how.  After I surprised her with a finished post for today,  she then stated, "it would be really great if you could write a post every few months or so." She also knows how to step it up a notch while she has my attention. It's really hard not to smile and agree with her, when she is squealing so loud with delight over my efforts, that we all feel the need to cover our ears. 

For anyone that has read this blog for any amount of time, we all know that Linsey is a special person. But she would insist on this blog not being a platform for her; more like a platform for honesty about our life. I’ve heard countless times that she is so “transparent” and I love that. I know that ‘yall mean see-through but I see it in another way. TransParent- a parent that is willing to reach out to other parents over the invisible boundaries that most parents put up because they feel like failures. 

This is the same honest, quirky woman I married eleven years ago and I’m glad that others can benefit from these stories now. As things happen to us, I sometimes struggle with the significance but understanding always follows. People need to see weirdos like us to feel normal and understand that were not all alone. In a day where marriages fail and families fall apart, I attribute our honesty as one of the strongest bonds that we have. We’re honest when we aren’t happy (and loud about it). I wrestle with the boys too much and someone usually (always) gets hurt. Best of all, we fight…… but we can’t leave it unresolved. That would be too dishonest. The kids fight but they always end up playing together when it’s over. To all that read this, take heart. You might feel like you suck as a human being; it’s okay. We’re all weird, that’s what makes us people.


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Friday, October 22, 2010

Birthday Race

In september, I told Erik, I knew what I wanted for my birthday this year!  At first, he looked at me and said, "hasn't it been your birthday all year?" He was referring to my many purchases made at B&H!

I then explained that I wasn't talking about a gift.  All I wanted for my 28th birthday, was to complete a 1/2 marathon!  He looked at me sort of funny, like, what kind of gift is that?  But then, being likeminded in the gift giving department, he understood.   I have mentioned before, we just don't do gifts, or at least do them well.  When we need something, we just get it, so it makes gift giving not very exciting and sort of lame!

So back to the race!  The gift I was asking him for, was more than just the race itself.  By agreeing to let me do it, it also meant, he was going to have to give me training time.  It was an easy answer for him, "of course you can!"

So with all that said, I completed my first 1/2 marathon, 13.1 miles at the Rock 'n' Roll Denver!!  I didn't run it fast, but I finished!! It was such a huge accomplishment for me because I never thought I would/could run that long!!

Back in May I did my first race, which was the Cherry Creek Sneak, (5 miles). Then in August I did my first 10K.  So why not go from a 10K to 13.1 miles!?!

As you all know, I am not a morning person, but Sunday I was all jazzed up and ready to go at five in the morning!  I downed two cups of coffee and then started my hour drive to town.  I was rockin out alone in the jeep, beyond excited about the race!  

That dark morning, Denver was glowing gorgeously with it's beautiful city lights and I started to get emotional.  Maybe lack of sleep, maybe a little hormonal, but there is just something about being apart of an event like this, it makes you feel special!  

The national anthem started at sunrise, 6:55, the massive crowd became still in an instant. How can you not get emotional at that point!

During the race, I even got choked up a few times. I know your thinking, gosh this girl cries a lot.  Well, it was just one of those days and it's the good kind of crying, so don't worry!  There is something so incredible about a massive amount of people coming together and accomplishing the same goal.  We are all different ages, different races, from different walks of life, and listening to all kinds of different music on our ipods, but we are all trying to do the same thing, finish the path ahead of us!  

It didn't matter that I came to this race alone because everyone around me, all these people I had never met, we felt connected. We were all cheering for each other and encouraging one another, amazing!

2894 marathon finishers and 9139 1/2 marathon finishers!  Thats a lot of miles!

With one five minute potty break, at about mile six, my total time was 2:25!  I crossed the finish line in a sprint, received my finishing medal from miss Denver and then immediately started to walk ridiculously slow.  I have never been so sore, that quickly after running before. Everything hurt.  It probably took me about forty minutes to walk the ten blocks back to my car.  The way I was walking people probably thought I had injured myself, no just really sore, with a few flulike symptoms!  But knowing I had finished strong, was a great feeling!  

Not a very attractive picture with my mouth hanging open and all, but I just ran for over two hours, give me a break!

Big thanks to my love for letting me accomplish this!  Thank you my dear friends for supporting me, encouraging me and watching me kids so I could run, love you!  

If you have never been in a race, you need to, you're missing out!

Next year, Erik is running with me!

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Handsome Cameron

About a month ago,  I was at playgroup and we were talking about school pictures, they were going on at the time.  Emily was hosting that day and she mentioned how she wanted to get an updated picture of Cameron, her youngest for the fireplace.  Her older boys were getting school pictures done and little Cameron was also in need of an update.  I had my camera in the car and so I said I would take him out and snap a few head shots for her.  After a quick shirt change, out to the front yard we went.  

This little man is just the cutest, I love to listen to him talk because he has the sweetest voice.  Within twenty minutes or so, we had a few keepers!

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Another Random Monday!

It's time again for another segment of Random Ten Monday's!  All those things about me, you may not know!

1. Black Licorice is my favorite candy and my favorite ice cream.  I can't get the ice cream anywhere. I have even tried to find a place to order it online, no luck! The only place to get it is at Food 4 Less in Medford, OR.  If you know a place I can get if from, please tell me!

2. My scent

Fragrance personality: A sensuous blend of Egyptian jasmine with warm, radiant notes of vanilla and sandalwood.

3. I love Fall! I really love all the seasons, but there is just something about fall!
Crisp mornings, sweatshirts, the smell in the air, the start of lots of fun celebrations (birthday for me and Jon, anniversary, halloween, thanksgiving), regular family dinners, routine, school, warm drinks, pumpkins, beautiful trees, on and on the list can go!  

A picture from my mom, fall in NY, gorgeous!  This is her running route!  

4. I love to eat! One of the big reasons I workout, is so I can justify eating more!
I have been around restaurants and good food all my life.  My parents have instilled in me a love for food that I cannot shake and so I embrace it.   It's a good thing we all like to workout because there is always a new recipe to try or a catering bus to drive!

5. I haven't been on skis in over six years and I am over the top excited about our seasons passes this year! We are all geared up and ready to go!  All but Matty. They didn't have boots small enough for him.  He is just going to have to roll around in the snow this season, we will get him out there next year!  Wow, that's a scary thought. Out of all of the kids, he has the least amount of fear. 

6. My soda of choice would be Ginger Ale, with Sprite coming in a close second!

7. I finished my race! 13.1 miles, check! Full story coming later this week!

8. I chose a lily flower as part of my logo 

The lily flower means- Virginity, Purity, Majesty, It's Heavenly to be with You.

I thought that sounded nice!  

When the kind stranger at the grocery store gave me that vase of lilies, I just loved them! They made me smile!  I love daisies,  but now I have two favorite flowers.  It is also fitting because my mom nicknamed me Lily when I was little.  I like that a piece of my mom is in the logo, she means so much to me and is my biggest supporter!

9. I asked Erik what my name would be if it wasn't Linsey, he said Katie! 

10. I couldn't think of a #10, so I asked the kids to tell me something that they know mommy doesn't like.

1. Abby said,  "Blurry pictures."
2. Ella said,  "When you find out someone put the lettuce in the freezer."
3. Jon said,  "Old yucky green seaweed."
4. Matt said, "I do", and then he stood on the edge of the couch and did the Nacho Libre dive (you know the one where Nacho puts his hands above his head and dives off the cliff), it's his new thing lately.  I'm just glad he knows to do it onto the couch!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!!

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Birthday Girl, The Big 28, Lots of Love

I usually don't make a big deal about my birthday.  My personality is one that has a real hard time receiving gifts and being pampered.  I guess it's because I always feel like I can't really express enough, how thankful I am.  I love giving gifts and I know I need to be better at being the one receiving.  Erik and my Mom are always telling me that.  My sweet friend Heather told me, "You better get good at receiving!  Cause you've got a lifetime of it as long as I'm your friend." I love her, lots!!!!  

To say I was spoiled this birthday, would be an understatement!

Monday morning started with coffee and wonderful girlfriends, honestly thats all I need for the perfect birthday!!!!  These girls mean so much to me, I love them and cherish them as a gift from God!  They all took me out that night to a yummy Vietnamese dinner and Cold Stone for dessert!  They also gave me a huge gift certificate to my favorite store, Plato's closet!  I know, they are the best! Love!

The only excuse that I have for not having more than one picture of this awesome night, is that we don't really take many breaks in our conversation.  Between our laughing and gabbing, Heather snapped one picture of Kellie and me, so this is all I've got!  Good job Heather, look at you, shooting in manual and everything!!

I slept in until 7:00 yesterday, felt so good,  I woke up to this wonderful note

Love him!


and the kids singing happy birthday to me!  They broke out in song all day long!  All day Matt was saying,"Hap birtay mom, love you!"

When I got on the computer yesterday morning, I was overwhelmed by all the love! My mom made me cry with her post and I was so blessed by everyones birthday wishes! I am one lucky girl to be surrounded by such amazing people in my life! Again, tears!

Sweet texts from my sis and my Ken (my Idaho bff), love you!!!!

Mom and dad sent beautiful flowers and chocolates! They also sent me a whole Under Armor cold running outfit!  I did a little dance when I opened it, they always know the perfect gift to send!

Erik got home early from work yesterday (I can't remember the last time that happened), he sat me down on the couch and told me not to look.  He blared "Today Is Your Birthday" (Beatles) on the stereo! I sat there giggling at him, while he went back and forth to his truck retrieving gifts.  

Sparkling Cider, Stainless steel garbage cans from his work (he knows I am practical and would love them), he took care of a nagging to do list item for me (a Costco electronic dvd player return.  Again, I am practical and was very excited about this gift), a huge Costco double chocolate cake, and a Shiatsu Foot Massager!  

The foot massager made me laugh, I knew it was also a gift for him.  If you know me, you know that I am a sucker for any kind of massage. My love language is touch and so I am always seeking out my next head, foot, back massage!  The way we watch t.v. at night, is both of us cuddled on one couch, with Erik massaging my head.  It is so routine at this point, he doesn't even know he is doing it half the time!  But, the one thing he doesn't do is feet!  When I was pregnant he did a few times, but I don't even ask anymore because I know he hates it!  So when he brought this in, I knew it was a double gift!  I did say to him later that night, "you know, I love the foot massager, but nothing beats the human touch!" He quickly responded, "oh, no problem, I will hold your hand or rub your head while the foot massager is doing it's job!"  Works for me!

Abby lost another tooth, Matty is blowing on the salsa because it's to spicy, a big fat chocolate cake with not enough candles on it and the whole crazy group smiling for the tripod!

We went out to dinner, everyones favorite, Mexican!  The kids were so well behaved, it was odd and we all had a wonderful time!  We then went home to the monstrous chocolate cake! The night ended with Erik and I cuddled on the couch watching Modern Family (we just started watching the first season on dvd, so funny)!!

The perfect birthday!  And it's not over yet, I still have my birthday race on Sunday!  So excited!!!!! Wish me luck!

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