Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My list accomplished

I am not a morning person, never have been. But my new thing is getting up at 5:00 a.m., thanks to my friend Heather who put me to the test. Her busy life challenged me to get my butt out of bed each day and enjoy these amazing hours of quiet. Watching the sun come up every morning with my wonderful cup of coffee in hand, is a time now that I wouldn’t give up for any amount of sleep. Well occasionally it happens but for the most part I love my mornings. I am a better Mommy when I have had a cup of coffee and some me time before I see their little faces.

Erik had told me on Sunday that I could order my new computer. What an amazing husband I have, he works all these crazy hours of overtime and lets me use the money to buy myself a new computer. HE LOVES ME!!!!! When I woke up on Monday the first thing I did was get on B and H and order my new huge screened amazing Imac! My first Mac, I am so excited!!After ordering it and then looking at my office, I couldn’t put this new beautiful computer on my current desk situation, a folding card table. That would look so pathetic; I had to prepare a room, a proper resting place for my new baby. So I then got on craigslist, and there it was, the perfect desk. A Pottery Barn desk for a fraction of it's original price and it would fit and match my office perfectly, now a plan to get it home was forming in my brain. I don’t think Erik was planning on this computer leading to the purchase of a new desk, but hey I was under budget on what he told me I could spend on the computer, so all is good.

Isn't she pretty!!!!!!

Well so now comes my amazing busy Monday. Drop Abby off at the bus stop, head to Denver to pick up this desk. Now living in the mountains and going to town, you have in your mind that you are going to accomplish as much as possible while you are there, it’s a 45 min+ trip. So on this day my plan was to pick up the desk, go to Costco and then go to Macy’s to return something. Doesn’t sound too bad.

The desk is perfect, except for the fact that even shoving all three kids in the second row seat of the Suburban, it wouldn’t fit. Luckily the guy that sold it to me was kind and helped me load it's heavy bones and then helped me ratchet down the trunk door to hold it in. I was getting this baby home!!! But I still had to go to Costco and Macy’s, it didn’t matter that my trunk was open with a huge desk sticking out it’s rear, I was in town and I was going to accomplish my list.

It looks like this desk but just a lighter wood that matches my office closet door perfectly, I love it!!!

Everyone’s hungry, but they knew Costco held the magic of a hot dog, we always get a hot dog when we go to Costco, doesn’t everyone!?! When we go to Costco, everyone knows we are there, nothing quiet about my boat! We are now in the back of Costco and Ella runs her head into the cart and starts crying (when Ella cries the next town can hear her). She then looks at me with these worried eyes. As she is still whaling at the top of her lungs she tells me she has to go potty. We are at the back of Costco next to the rotisserie chickens. I tell her she is going to have to hold it until we get up front, she then starts to scream “I can’t hold it, it’s coming, I’m peeing, I’m peeing, I’m peeing.” Not only is she peeing a huge puddle between her legs but the whole store knows she is doing it, including our old realtor, that we ran into, that sold us our house (he is an older gentleman that never had kids, you get the picture). Thank goodness I had just loaded the cart with enough paper towels to wipe up Niagara Falls and so I just quickly soaked up the puddle and kept on shopping. I was actually relieved that I didn’t have to walk her all the way up to the front of the store to go to the bathroom, just being honest.

We got all we needed at Costco, all I could fit in one cart with three kids, time to leave. With a waddling Ella next to me the lady at the door checking my cart asks me if I had already used my paper towels because one was missing. She must have been the one person in Costco who couldn’t hear her screaming “I’m peeing!” Yes I said, they came in handy when Ella had to go Potty next to the chickens, she just giggled at my situation. I loaded all my goods into my tailgate that was left open and then off to Macy’s we go. You would think I would just give up on Macy’s, but I was on a mission to complete my list. Don’t worry I laid a jacket in Ella’s seat.

So we tackle Macy’s and now we are headed home. Erik calls me about two minutes into my drive and asks, “ Hey do you want to drive home, get Abby and then come back to Denver and go to a Rockies game?” Of course I do! So we get home, unload, I set up my desk (yes I unloaded the desk by myself, sometimes you just do what you have to do), Ella got a bath, we got Abby from school and then back to Denver we go. The Rockies game was awesome!

All that to say Tuesday morning I didn’t get up at 5:00 a.m.
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  1. And THAT is why I have been dying for you to write a blog!!!! I couldn't be more thrilled and I will look forward to reading about your organized chaos! Love you!

  2. hey sweet girl,just a tester

  3. I did it. OK so I read your Blog and I myself had to go get the paper towel role and sit on it for fear of doing just what Miss Ella did. I could not stop laughing...I'm so serious. Your dad then had me read it to him and He was crying laughing....It's as if we get to live vicariously through these stories. Thank you so much for sharing your words and taking the time to share with so many. And your words are so straight from the heart that no one will be critical, there eyes will be so filled with laughing tears they won't notice any spelling errors..........Who care write? heheheheheh..Love you ....

  4. Hey Linsey,
    I found your blog from your facebook link... I am so glad that you're blogging! You're a great story teller. I hope that when I have kids, if they ever pee in the middle of Costco I can handle it as gracefully :)

    (On a side note, we just bought a "huge screen imac" as well.. making for 3 macs in our house! We're addicted, I think.)

    Someday maybe we'll get to meet up, since we do live in the same state and all :)

  5. Jillian,
    I know we really do need to hook up, now that you have this new amazing house and all, I am so excited for you guys!!! When Erik is not working so much and we actually have a weekend together we will take a drive down. We actually have wanted to see the springs and we would love to see your new house. We can do lunch or something!!!

    I am so excited for my Imac, it comes today!!!!
    I know once I start with macs I won't go back!

    Happy unpacking, it is fun to put all your things away when you have a great house to do it in!!!


  6. Mac is my dream hehehe so jealous here. *SIGH*
    Happy blogging!^^