Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Missing It

I used to be a very scheduled person. Not sure why I have drifted away from it lately. I guess because in ways you tell yourself it's freeing. It's a deception. Life is not easier without a schedule, it's way more stressful.

Life is all about balance. The same goes for schedules. Have it there, but also be flexible and change it if you need too. Very important with little kids, otherwise a schedule can lead to more stress.

When the kids were babies we were very scheduled. I'm talking down to when we planned on glueing macaroni to construction paper. I know, a little extreme. But, at the time, it really helped me keep my sanity. We were a "babywise" family. If you are not familiar with babywise and you are expecting or have a child with sleep issues, I highly recommend it.

Now that the kids are older, for some reason, I have let the schedule sort of fall by the wayside.

What has that done?

It has caused me to become very lax in the things I hold dear to me.

Lately I have been struggling with time-management. Starting a business = lots of computer hours. I wouldn't trade being a stay-at-home mom who is starting a business, over going to work and putting my kids in daycare. Any-day. Even if some days I am very pre-occupied, I am still the one tending to their needs, giving them their snacks and hugs throughout the day.

With that said, I still feel things right now are out of balance. I have been loosing sleep with life the way it is now. Something is just not sitting right with me. I want more time with my kids. I get very emotional when I think about them growing up so fast and I want to cherish these days. I don't just want quantity time with them, but quality time.

I need balance back in our day to day life.

That means a schedule. Something to help me keep the things I want to do well-balanced with the things I need to get done.

I love these precious babies

I want more time with them. Doing nothing more than building blocks, reading a book, playing dress-up, or fighting the bad guys in our super hero voices.

You might be wondering how those words could leave a stay-at-home moms mouth? Isn't that what you do already?

It's very easy to get lost in the tasks you have before you. Especially if you are like me and feel like you can't rest until the goal of accomplishment has been achieved. It's hard for me to give up and walk away from a "to do" until I see it crossed off my list. I need something to help me walk away and put it down. Something to tell me that it's okay to let it be, whatever it is, it will still be here when you get back. It's easy to miss the mark and not have your life balanced.

Many things can distract you in this thing called "life."

I don't want to miss it anymore.

James 4:14
whereas you do not know what will happen tomorrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away.

Days at home

5:00- wake-up call
5:15- coffee and quiet time
5:30- work
7:30- enjoy breakfast with kids and help girls get ready for school
8:30- girls on bus
8:45- school with jon
9:15- activity with boys
9:45- snack time
10:00- boys separate playtime alone, work for me
10:30- one hour of tending to the house, boys help
11:30- 30 min show for boys, work for me
12:00- lunch
1:00- nap for boys and work for me
4:00- get girls from bus, snack, talk about their day, time with kids
4:30- erik home, work-out
5:30- dinner, homework, family time
7:30- stories and bedtime
Adult time the rest of the evening, well until this old couple hits the hay around 9:00!

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  1. I am all about schedules. I Love that you have that gift and many others I might add. Our time is precious and we all need to remember we only get one chance to make each moment count. The little things in life make a BIG difference.Love you sweetheart!

  2. Wow, what a day Linsey! Very proud though. May God continually give you strength! Life is precious and you're doing a wonderful job with your babies. Keep doing great! Hugs Val

  3. This is a fabulous schedule....I might have to steal it! I too am OCD about more things than I should be. Thanks for the reminder Linsey.

  4. I was fine reading your post until I read that bible verse.... brought tears to my eyes. Having a teenager and seeing how truly fast this life goes, that was a great reminder to enjoy the life God has given me w/ the loved ones He has gifted me with... I cherish my kids, and they NEED to know it....daily!!! I love your schedule too! It definitely helps me to have one also. Now... where's my pen & paper??!! haha. :)

  5. I love this post! It's so sweet and so ironic. After we talked last week about 'missing out'... I put an action into play...less yelling, more quality time and I find when I give the kids their time with me, it fills up their love tank all over again and our days go much better! This morning Aspen even said she wanted to do school --- a few days ago, she never wanted to do school again. haha! Thanks for the reminders Lins. Love you girl!

  6. I am never home so I cant speak from what I know, only what I hear, My wife Tracy (MyCrazy4) is a stay at home mom and homeschooler and I know that if she doesnt have a schedule, her day is off and messed up. It has got to be hard being a stay at home mom and trying to do everything plus take care of kids

    But doing what you have to do for and with the kids is what counts

  7. Well, some up and down phases in sticking to a schedule can do the family good sometimes.

  8. I understand how hard that balance is and I only have one kiddo. I feel for you. It's especially tough to juggle business and family life as a momma because our hearts desires are always to be with our kids as much as we can. I hope more balance comes soon! Beautiful verse choice!

  9. Sounds like a busy day! It is hard with 2 kids. I don't know how you do it with 4.

  10. It is so easy to let the things on our "to do" list become more important than the simple things in our lives. Thanks for a wonderful reminder to make the most out of every day!