Wednesday, June 1, 2011

No More Twos

A lovable, funny, big-hearted, adorable, precious little handful, turned three this week.

Let's look back at the twos.

"Is just for fun." ~Nacho

He was, what you would consider, a classic two!

What does it mean to be two?

There is no possible way, when you're two, you can stand in front of a large pit of foam and wait your turn in line. The desire to jump is just too much.

When you're two and your mom takes you into a candy store during nap-time,

it will always end in tears.

Being two means you like the feeling of smearing toothpaste all over the bathroom mirror.

And when questioned, gives the look of, "who me?"

Then you put on your sweet baby innocent face and totally get away with it.

Being two means major mooching.

Sitting real close to your friend who has a pudding cup.
Where else would you be at that moment, when you're two?

And score!

Being two means looking up to your big brother like he is the greatest thing in your world.

It means building a jumping platform out of boxes and turning into superman. Naked.

Making a delicious snack all by yourself, when you're two, is one proud moment.

It means messy faces, cute faces

charming faces

and lots of grumpy faces.

It means being perfectly content chillin in the snow with your good buddy, with no desire to strap on the skis.

It means showing the big kids how it's done.

We have officially said good-bye to our last phase of "the twos."

Happy Birthday our big three year old!

Opening his present from his brother and sisters.

This guy is very serious about his cake!

His faces are the best. Ever.

We went to the store so he could pick out his cake, and he spotted this balloon.
"I baman baoon, peese, peese. My birday?"
He had it tied around his wrist all day and felt so special.

A boy and his balloon

Happy Birthday my sweet love, you are so precious and the perfect completion to our family!
Love you Birthday boy!

Three is going to be fun!

Remembering some moments of Matt-moo's twos.

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  1. HAHA!! Reading that constantly reminds me of Zeke, although he isn't even two yet. Boys are wild :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. He really does have the best faces! What a sweet boy. Happy Birthday Matty :)

  3. Oh my goodness. He is my favorite little Matty in the whole wide world! Happy Birthday sweet boy from all of us just down at the bottom of your hill!!!! Cute, cute, cute pics!!!

  4. Oh my goodness. So adorable!! Love these. Happy Birthday to your little guy.

  5. I can't wait to see how Matty grows up! He's such a ham with all those faces. He's going to sucker the ladies into doing anything! :) Happy Birthday Matty! I hope it was a great one!