Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Forget About Everything Else I've told you...Candy, Candy, Candy!

Halloween is one of those weird holidays that would be very hard to explain to someone who had never experienced it before. It's one of those holidays where we as parents let all those valuable lessons we have been trying to instill into our children throughout the year fall by the wayside. We are less concerned for our kid's safety, we don't enforce all of the rules; we're all caught up in the wonderful memories from our childhood. On this night anything goes! Halloween goes against the principles we teach our kids the other 364 days of the year and we love it!

We are always telling our kids "Be true to yourself", but on this night we say, "You can dress up and be anything you want to be, you just can't be yourself."

We tell our kids, "Never talk to strangers", but on this night we encourage them to march up and knock on as many stranger's doors as possible. In fact, if they hesitate we say, "Come on, you have to go up the door. Okay, I'll go with you this time, but next time you go up alone. Okay?"

We often say, "Make sure you come inside before it gets too dark out there." But on Halloween we say, "Stop asking if it's time to go yet; we can't go outside until it gets dark, that's when the fun begins."

We tell them, "Don't watch those scary shows on t.v., you'll get nightmares and warp your mind." But on this night we oh and ah, laugh and giggle at all the spooky, scary decorations gracing the lawns of the neighborhood.

We tell our kids, "Sugar is bad for your bodies and it creates cavities; only to be eaten in moderation. But on this night, we hand them a huge empty pail and say, "Fill it to the top with sugar. Lots and lots of sugar! We follow that up with, "Wow, look at all that candy, that's awesome! Look how full that is sweetheart! Great job honey!!!"

We tell them to never take candy from strangers, but on this exclusive night we say, "Now walk up to this strangers house and take the wonderful treats that they're handing out...!"

It might sound strange to an outsider, but to us Americans it's a wonderful exciting night!

Besides being able to re-live our childhood memories through our children, another great benefit for us parents is putting the munchkins to bed and raiding their buckets!

This year we had a pirate princess, Pocahontas, Thor, and of course Nacho!

They had a great night with friends and, I have to say, Mom and Dad had just as much fun!

What's not to love about Halloween!!!!

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  1. Oh my gosh kid your kiddos are adorable! What is it about the pirate princess this year? I'm a little out of touch with kids since mine is nearing 30 and hasn't produced offspring yet (no hurry here). We joined them at their church for Trunk or Treat and had a blast! I commented that I'd never seen so many girl pirates before, oh and Spiderman. I'm glad you posted about this silly, yet extraordinarily fun night!

  2. VERY FUNNY!!!!
    And so true! It's a wonder our kids survive our parenting :)

  3. SO TRUE! "Come on kids, let's run to the next house to get MOOOOORE candy that mom and dad can't eat!" haha. I love the dressing up and going trick-or-treating... so fun!! I'll adopt other kids to do that once mine are too old. ;)

  4. Haha cute post! I've never thought of it in that way before, but how true :)
    It looks like you had fun!