Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Confessions: I Should Do These More Often

It’s snowing beautifully outside; makes me want to curl up, drink a warm beverage and read! Or abandon all responsibilities and go skiing! But it’s Wednesday and I have a crazy amount of to-do’s that desperately need to be checked off. I would get to the end of my day and feel very guilty and most likely very cranky that I took the lazy road. So instead of letting the temptation take over making a weekend out of a weekday, I’m going to get my big girl pants on and get my butt moving!

First, I have a few confessions. I ate frosting from the left over container in my fridge last night. Vanilla. I was having a crazy sweet tooth craving and it was the only thing in our “we are eating healthy now that it’s January” house. And I ate it with my finger; if you’re going to do it you might as well live it up...I am a total closet eater!

I ate the frosting while watching The Bachelor. Yes, I watch The Bachelor. I am such a sucker for a love story and I guess I don’t care what form it comes in. If you are anything like me you daydream about this scene and sometimes call yourself Baby!

One more…I pretended not to hear Erik calling me while I was relaxing in the bath last night. He went around the whole house and happened to check the bathroom last, "Huh, what, were you calling me?"

I challenge you to attack your list today. Blast "The Time Of My Life" kick your heels up and getter done!

You can attack the rest of that frosting tonight on your date with Patrick and Jennifer; after such an accomplished day you'll deserve it!

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  1. hehehe that was great! I also share your love for eating frosting out of the container from time to time so no worries there:). Vanilla is SO yummy!! And ignoring the hubby to relax a little longer...hahahah yup, guilty there too! Then again I'm quite sure they do it back allllll the time! lol. Fun!

  2. Fun post! Wednesday's are my "get er done days" too! Loved the bath story!!!!

  3. Oh, and everyone should enjoy a good frosting dip every once in a while!

  4. Love you post and permission to indulge in a little frosting. I came home from the gym at 10:15 pm on Tuesday night and promptly frosted myself a cupcake and ate it! MMMMMMmmmmmmm!

  5. I stumbled on to your blog and your pictures are beautiful along with your written words!