Friday, September 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Sweet Mama : Soaking Wet Piggies and Their Trough

My mom is one of those ladies you can't help but love. Her heart couldn't be bigger, her love for life is infectious and her laugh is contagious. You really want to just eat her up because she's so cute. She has taught me so much about how to give of yourself even when you don't feel like it... when I think of her I think of the word servant. The good and faithful servant. She will be the first to tell you about all her shortcomings and for that you love her all the more because she's real. I don't even have to explain how freaking fun she is, the photos will explain that! 

It is such a treasure to be able to walk through life together, laughing, crying and being there for each other. I find out more each day ways that I'm turning into my mother and couldn't be more proud to say so. Happy Birthday sweet Mama, love you to pieces!

She's the cutest!

A day at the park, a little KFC and a huge apple pie... doesn't get much better that, or does it? I'll answer that, of course it does... read on!

Who needs plates? Doesn't everyone eat there apple pie and vanilla ice cream like pigs in a trough? Oh no. Well then I don't think you are enjoying life to it's fullest, you should re-evaluate!

I love this boy!

And the race is on! My kids have one fun Nana!! 

And we finish off the day with a little water fountain fun! Erik was here, not sure why he didn't make it into one photo.

These photos crack me up, we were all laughing so hard. Matty running around the park in his underwear making these middle schoolers play his game he made up. I don't know what it is with this kid but he has this ability to tell people what to do and they do it. Age and seniority means nothing to him. These kids totally played his game of throw the comb, fetch it for me, and then let me chase you around the park, hahaha!! 

Life is fun!
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  1. Oh that's some serious fun!!! happy bday again Carrie! Lins... no lie, she is one special lady!

  2. Happy Birthday Carrie. The whole family looks great and having a wonderful life. Alex and I send love to all.