Friday, November 5, 2010

Sick Bug

Sorry, not much of a post today, the sick bug has come to visit me. With everyone else already having it, I thought I got lucky and it had skipped right over me. No, he came knocking about three this morning. The good news is that it is just a 24 hour thing, the bad news is that Erik had to go back to work today.

Moms are not supposed to get sick. I thought by becoming a mom I signed up for the "never get sick again" card! I thought that was part of the deal. I play nurse and in return I don't get sick! I thought it was in the mommy bylaws.

I am a really awful sick person, very whinny and needy! "I just want my mommy!" I am very thankful that my girls are compassionate and want to help me!

I talked the girls into staying home today. They really don't like missing school, but when I told them they would get to play mommy all day, they both agreed with excitement! Right now Abby is also playing teacher and putting together a craft for them all to do, love that girl! The house will be an absolute wreck by the end of the day, but I do not care, the bed/couch is my friend today.

If most of my day is going to be spent here, I am just glad it's cute!

I am really hoping that because the last thing I ate last night was Ben and Jerry's that I will never want to eat it again, that would be a wonderful help to my diet. But that's highly unlikely!

Okay, that's all I've got, time to go lay down!

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  1. Just dropping by to say I hope you feel better... and are able to have a great weekend!

    --Michael (aka:

  2. A little bit of humor even when you aren't feeling good! Sorry your are sick friend, and SO sorry I can't help you out today! Get well soon!

  3. I wish I was there to take care of the babies,clean your house, make your tea,rub your head and let you rest until your tummy feels better. Praying you feel better soon my sweet girl! Love you...............

  4. Hope you feel better soon! It stinks being sick and having to keep up with everything else.

  5. Oh no, feel better soon! You are so lucky that your girls want to help you! My kids are little and have no sympathy when I'm sick. ha.