Thursday, February 10, 2011

Earring Dilemma Fixed

I am not sure why some projects get done right away and why with some, I procrastinate horribly. I have had this incredibly easy, fun, super-cute idea for months. All the necessary supplies were purchased. Then for some reason, the fifteen minutes it was going to take me to assemble it, I guess became intimidating. I have just let it sit there. Sad. Lonely. Un-loved.

Well, the pressure of blogging about it drove me to complete it. It literally took me fifteen minutes. Why the heck did I wait so long?

Do you need a cute place to organize and display your earrings? I did.

This is what I have been looking at for months. Instead of being an earring holder, it became a convenient place to drape my necklaces. Look, I didn't even take the time to cut off the price tag. Pathetic.

What you will need for this project.

A cute frame without any glass or backing.

An easel of some-type to prop the frame on when complete.

Some screen. It comes in a huge roll, so you will have plenty left over to re-screen a door or some windows. Or, maybe you have an obscene amount of earrings and will need to make a very large one!

A hot glue gun and scissors. The sharpie was to cover up some scratches that were on the frame.

I used an old 8x10 picture to measure the piece of screen I would need. My beautiful baby girls, how time flies.

I gave myself some breathing room and cut it with a little overhang. You can always go back and trim it.

Test out the fit. Make any trimming adjustments.

Using your preheated glue gun, start gluing right on top of your screen. The glue will seep down into the screen securing it to the frame.

I of course felt the need to apply a few coats of glue. You know, make it strong enough so Matty can dangle from it if he feels the need. Really, one coat would do fine. My OCD skills are not necessary for this to turn out successfully.

If your like me and you get sort of sloppy with the glue gun, no worries. That is the beauty of hot glue, it peels right off.

So that's it, all done. Ready to display and organize all your beautiful earrings. So easy and it only took me two months to complete!

My house is one that may look clean, but if you open up any drawer or cabinet you will see the reality. Out of site out of mind, is typically my motto. I love things to be in there place and organized, but more often than not whatever is on-top of the counter is getting swooped into the closest drawer. Especially if someone is on there way over and I haven't had time to pick-up!

I can't even believe I let my makeup drawer get this bad. Embarrassing.

All my horribly unorganized earrings.

Now my drawer looks like this. Gorgeous. Makes me so happy.

I did a little dance.

I guess there is some reward in not being 100% organized and tidy. Taking something from a messy, disorganized disaster and making it beautiful is so much fun!

I did a post on
revamping my bathroom awhile back, but it wasn't completely done. I didn't like the mirror I had, it was temporary until I could find a great deal on a larger one. I found this one at Hobby Lobby, it had some chips in it so I got it for 66% off. I love looking for damaged things and asking a manager if they can give me a discount. A little sharpie action and it's all good! Also, Erik finally installed my vanity light for me. So pretty!

What to do with the last blank wall? I could of left it alone. Nah, it needed some love. A clock! Don't you think every bathroom needs a clock to ensure punctuality? I do. And why not go big!

Now, it still needs batteries. So, it's not actually serving it's purpose at the moment. Helping me with my loosing battle of getting the girls to the bus on time. But, it looks cute and that's the main point! It might take me another two months to get those batteries installed, but it will happen. Patience.

BTW: Erik thinks the oversized clock looks ridiculously stupid in a bathroom. Sorry babe.

I would like to say that the bathroom is finished. But, there is one last unfinished project that needs to get done. This one requires Erik's skills, so that probably means it will go unfinished for sometime. He works all day with tools, so using them again when he gets home is not on the top of his list. But, here is what will be, one day.

I purchased these adorable knobs.

The idea is to hang my necklaces from them. Someday.

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  1. Love, Love, Love the project!!Way to get crafty! I am totally the same way - I find or come up with a brilliant(well, I would like to think so) idea, get everything I need and let it sit there for weeks. The knobs will be great, when you get around to them!! :)

  2. Ah nice! I have hooks with jewellery and scalves on in my bedroom :)
    I married a carpenter, sufice to say i have now learnt to put my own hooks up :0 xx

  3. Wait till Daddy and I get there in June. We need a to-do list! Love, Love , Love the clock in the bathroom..I got goose-bumps when I saw your new and improved make-up drawer... Love you baby!

  4. I love it! I would be LOST without my earring hanger and necklace hanger. Tell Eric to get those hung for you. You will LOVE it! Bathroom looks great! LOVE the clock! (wow, I just said love a lot didn't I!)

  5. What a FAB job Lins!! And the hooks will look good too, once you get it done. haha! I can be a procrastinator too...ugh!! It only took me 10 yrs to do my bathroom. haha! LOVE your bathroom... SO pretty!!! You are a natural!

  6. Such a nice idea with the picture frame. You really seem to have an eye for interesting pieces....such as one sweet looking clock in the bathroom, don't men know that we must know what time it is to stay on our mommy schedules at all times, including on our pee breaks? Makes sense to this mom, LOL. I will be putting a clock in my bathroom soon haha. ~Cheryl from The WAHM Solution

  7. Been following you for some time...LOVE the screen idea!! How cool is that?? Oh, and I love the easel=)) Have a great weekend!

  8. My favorites are your London, Paris and Rome artwork, and the arched doorway -- so cute!

  9. How neat. What a great idea.

  10. You had me at hot glue gun. Those babies used to scare me just by looking at them but now I have a new found talent for applying hot glue. I will totally attempt to do this project on my own...or maybe you could do one for me and I'll just apply the hot glue?