Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Purse Fetish

I know lots of women have an addiction to purses. I am no exception. It's not just purses, really bags of any kind.

When I buy a purse, I think, I LOVE IT!!!! This could be a purse I could see myself using for a long time, justifying the price tag. But, it only takes a few months for me to start looking for a new one. Sometimes I just buy it because it's a great deal even if I don't like it, see the gray purse below.

With the kids, I must of gone through a dozen diaper bags! I was always looking for a different one. Even now, I don't really need a diaper bag, but my eye is still attracted to them. I find myself looking at all the cute, new styles, with all their pockets and compartments!

I guess in part, it's the organizer in me. I just love taking all my things and giving them a new, fun home! An odd thing about me though, is I don't mind my purse getting messy. I love things organized, but I usually let my purse get completely out of control before I clean it out. Or, I just get a new one!

The current state of my purse. Really bad!

I usually go with plain old black or brown. I love the colorful fun ones, but I usually try to be practical and get something that will go with everything.

I have purses hanging everywhere. Living out of five purses at one time is very exhausting.

So here are a few from my collection. I still like the first two. I really need to get rid of the ones I will never use again, why do I keep them? Do you want one?

Isn't this one pretty on the inside!

I got some of these from downstairs in my storage room. I found some interesting things inside a few.

Most of the time I don't totally clean out the old purse, I just take the essentials to the new one. But this has me stumped, not sure how the Selsun blue found it's home here.

The purse I am using right now. Target!

Everything I'm packin in my purse at the moment!

This should give an organized person anxiety, but for some reason it really doesn't bother me! I don't know? It's a mystery.

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  1. I LOVE purses and bags. I don't remember how many diaper bags I went through but they were never exactly what I needed, plus it was fun having a new bag :).

  2. I see a purse swap party in your future. And everyone could put a little gift inside, just for giggles...........Love your Blog and I sooooooooooooooooooooLove you my sweet girl!

  3. haha you have tooooo many bags, give some to me :)

  4. Yes, a lot of these will be in this years swap party! It's time to part with a few!

  5. You have created something in me, and now I want a lot of purses! Thanks a lot! I love all your bags. The good part about getting rid of some is you get to get new ones! woohoo!!!

  6. Dibs on that black ruffly one... SO cute!!!

  7. Cute purses!! I can see why you buy them! And I have everything in my purse as you.... except the diaper/wipes & extra money! haha! I may have more trash in mine than yours... ;) You need to go to "Look What I Found Boutique" in Conifer.... they have CUUUUUUTE purses there too! :)

  8. ohhhhhh, ahhhhhhhh....The last thing I need is a purse but since you asked, I'll take the black one off your know, the one with the shampoo stashed inside! LOL

  9. I looked really hard at that picture of the contents of your purse but there's a problem...Where are the food bits, large crumbs and old, hard cheese sticks? And you are also missing a used wipe. Your purse is totally organized AND clean. Golf clap to you!

  10. Yes Melissa, you are right, I totally thought this was somewhat clean! One time I found a half-eaten apple, ewwwww! Thanks for my golf clap!

  11. I have to pass this on to my hubby.... like we talked about, he doesn't know how good he has it w/me owning only 5 in a lifetime. Although, now that I've got a taste of it, I find myself looking more too! :) Cute blog!

  12. Funny you blogged on this! Just this weekend that was one of my goals for the weekend to clean out old purses that I had moved on from. I am FAMOUS for moving out of one (because it got too junkie) to another one and not cleaning it before I throw it in the closet. I had 6 old purses that I had moved on from and not cleaned out. Sad part is I probably only change purses ever 4-6 months so that tells you how long these have been laying around with junk in them. LOL
    Always great reading your blog!

  13. Linsey,
    I'll gladly take a purse or two off your hands. I find purse shopping so stressful. It's like a commitment or something, and I just have trouble making it. So, I carry the same purse until it falls apart. Really!

    Not that I want to -- I want cool, fun, fabulous purses. I just can't decide!!! I don't have the same problem with jewelry, shoes, or clothes... Well, sometimes with clothes if I try shopping when I feel fat. Different issue. Purses always fit. Right?


    Thanks for listening :) Now send me a purse! tee hee

  14. Wow, that is a lot of purses. They are beautiful! I do not have the purse fetish. I am lazy. I hate switching my things out to different bags.

  15. Haha! I just pulled 5 Starbucks receipts out of my purse last week. Needed room for more!

    I'll take that big striped one off your hands, or that denim one! I love oversized shoulder or tote-style bags. (And have multiples lying around me house...)

  16. I love, love, love this post! Isn't it funny how we never totally clean out a purse. I love it when I find money in them a year later ;)

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