Tuesday, April 26, 2011


The past five weeks have been a bit of a blur. I have been super busy. In a good way.

It started off with three days of back-to-back shooting, twenty-five sessions total, forty-five adorable kids and then what followed was a whole lot of post-processing. This photoshoot event was for a MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) group down in Denver. It was held at this adorable candy shop called scrumptious.

I handed over the finished orders this week, what an amazing feeling of accomplishment.

Fun, hectic, exciting, fast-paced, full of adrenaline, is how I would describe it. Getting to meet and spend time with the kids, to me, was the highlight. These kids were amazing. Their parents weren't so bad either!

I am very thankful to this mops group for choosing me to be apart of this event. I had a blast!

I have so many favorites, it's a bit ridiculous. You have seen a few of them on my facebook business page, but here's a lot few more.

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  1. Your pictures are some of the best I've ever seen. Just perfect. s

  2. Lots of beautiful moments to be cherished by these little angels and their parents...

  3. These just BLOW ME AWAY! How you can take pictures for 3 days straight (or two...) and come up with so many unique looking pictures. Not a one looks the same. I especially love the girl with yellow shoes. I need me some yellow shoes!!!

  4. Wow! To say you have been busy would be an understatement! These ARE SO CUTE!!! You capture children so well!! IS that a candy shop that you take pics at or a set in your studio?? Love these!

  5. Wow! Beautiful Pictures! Found you through Jackie at To Find the Line

  6. Looking at all these photos and I'm like "WOW!!!!!" This is why I will only hire you to take photos of me & my family! Lins, you are a fabulous photographer! I especially love the ones w/ the kisses... precious!

  7. Wow those photos are absolutely amazing! Every single one is just amazing!


  8. What a wonderful trip you took me on...I am still smiling. Thank you, Sara Lee

  9. as always, so very talented. I love you work, girl. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.