Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Randomness At It's Best

It's time again. Some more randomness from me. Maybe it's because I have been working a ton, but my brain is in a deep fog. Instead of nice articulated thoughts, I'm just getting sporadic ideas that like to pop into my head at odd times. I right them down, and then one day I have this long list of thoughts that need a home.

So, with that said, it's time for some randomness.

Other random segments. One, two and three.

1. I am in love with office supply stores. I don't know.They just make me happy. Sticky notes, shiny pens, reams of glowing white paper, cute notebooks with empty pages. Erik gets it, he likes them too. We have, more than once, leisurely strolled the isles together...just for fun.

Sticky notes help me to fool everyone into thinking I am sharp and on top of things!

2. I'd like to think that I look good in heals. Graceful, sexy, elegant. But, the reality is I more closely resemble miss piggy. I usually just stick to flats. It's safer.

3. I am that annoying last minute type of person. I call around for a babysitter a few hours before we want to go on a date. I call for a haircut appointment while I am on my way there.

"I was wondering if you had any openings for a haircut?"

"Sure, when would you like to come in?"

"Um. Well. Is now okay?"

"Erik can we stop at Home Depot while we are out today and buy everything we need to remodel the bathroom?"

I like to think of it as carefree and exciting, but really it just my flibbertigibbetness shining through!

It does drive Erik crazy sometimes. He's more of a planner. But, in the spirit of keeping life spicy I know he likes it. Sometimes.

But look, the sink is all done and oh so pretty!

4. I am totally great at making very big decisions.

"Do you want to move across the country? Again?"


"Do you want to have another baby?"


"Do you want to get married before your legally allowed too?"

"What font do you want to use on your business cards?"
"Oh, I don't know, I am really going to have to think about that. I might change my mind about twenty-five times before I can let you know for sure."

Small decisions, on the other hand, stop me dead in my tracks.

I finally decided! Yay me!

5. When I was a little girl I remember walking through the mall with my Grandma shopping. She wouldn't take the time to try things on in the store, she'd just take them off the rack, pay for them and decide at home if she liked it or not. Made it real easy to buy new things all the time. It made shopping very simple. She would also bring bags in to the house through the back door and would very quickly put them in her closet. You know. Just better not to ruffle any feathers.

I tell you all this because I found myself doing this very thing last Saturday. I find myself doing a lot of the things my grandma used to do. Love her. I had to run into Target for something quick. Yes, Erik needed cold medicine, but I just happened to get to the pharmacy department in a very round about way. A walk through the ladies department and then a quick breeze down the shoe isle. I grabbed an outfit and a pair of shoes to match. In and out in ten minutes!

As I was leaving the store I found myself tying up the bag and sliding it in the car all James Bond like. It really wasn't necessary because Erik doesn't care if I shop. But, he doesn't like when I detour from my purpose and he doesn't love it when I leave him in the car, with all the kids, while I just "run in." Also, with him not feeling the greatest and all. You know. Just better not to ruffle any feathers!

6. On that note, I got the cutest, most adorable new pair of shoes. It was 80 degrees on Saturday and so I felt the need to buy a summery outfit and a pair of sandals. Not bad for a ten minute shopping spree!


7. I'm an all or nothin kind of girl. Really messy or really clean. Totally excited or totally bummed. High energy or completely lazy. Eat nothing or eat it all!

I'm currently going with the messy side of myself.

8. I am very much a homebody. One time I didn't cross the threshold for two whole weeks and it didn't bother me at all.

9. I have no idea why I am addicted to house hunting shows. I don't want to move, I love our house, and we don't have the money for a vacation home. But, I love seeing what everyone else is buying. What kind of house can you get, for how much, where?

10. I get really mad at Erik when he is driving and constantly looks over at me when I'm talking to him. I am a terrible passenger. I am really afraid of car accidents and so I am always on edge in the car. Anyway, the other day I was telling him to stop looking at me and to keep his eyes on the road.

He says in his very patient, understanding tone, "do you know why I look at you when your talking to me? Because you talk with gestures. I can't hear gestures honey. And then when you do say something, you mumble. So, I have gotten real good at reading your lips and your body language when we talk."

"Oh. Sorry."

I am so blessed to be with a man that totally and completely gets me. I am so abundantly thankful that we are doing this thing called "life" together, because without him I would feel lost.

Love you babe. Thank you for reading my lips!

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  1. Oh my gosh, do you know how adorable you are!!???!!!! Well, if you don't, you better listen to me.... because YOU ARE SO ADORABLE!!!!!!! I love your blog! I can so relate to so much of it too. (does that make me adorable too? haha!! ;) The mess/clean part, the running in to shop, the last-minute type person (I'm sure Allison is getting tired of me by now); I love your busn card & those SHOES are so YOU!!! And I just adore how your hubby loves on you.... so GREAT! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Love you!

  2. I loved this post! I could relate on so many levels. I am a last minute appointment girl and have recently starting following in you grandma's footsteps--sometimes it's just easier.

    I also have serious passenger anxiety when riding with my husband. I am worse than you though, and assist him whenever possible. He is not so appreciative.

    I think we also have identical families, by the way, two girls, then two boys. :)

    So glad I found your blog.

  3. Christina is you know how adorable you are? I love that you can look at yourself, all of your awesome qualities and laugh about them AND share them with us. I'm sitting in a house that is a complete mess and it's not bothering me one bit today. Tomorrow, maybe, but today nope. I can totally relate to the all or nothing. By the way, that's what I love about you!! And I have also hid shopping bags from Sean. Sometimes you just feel the need. :)

    And Christina, your are adorable too, of course!!

  4. Linsey, how clever and funny you are! And the pictures of your children, show how beautiful they are and what a great photographer you are. Love your blog!

  5. I found your blog via bloggy moms and its adorable! You had me hooked from the beginning! I am new to blogging, I am just new in general. Well not to being a mom. I have a fabulous 11 year old daughter, who reminds me daily that god has blessed us abundantly, and I have a 14 month old whirlwind (or terror of destruction as my daughter has nicknamed him) who keeps us in stitches from sun up til sun down! My blog is and my other blog is (it goes to my etsy store

  6. haha this made me laugh, i am EXACTLY the same with house hunting shows..and i have no intention of moving!

  7. UM.... I don't mean to alarm you but I've been looking around your blog for about 5 minutes now and I'm kinda convinced we're the same person. We could SO be besties if I lived um... wherever it is that you live.

    LUH-UV your blog. Seriously.

    Jackie @