Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Introducing a New Member of the Family

No, I'm not pregnant. Let's just clear that up right now. Our official headcount will remain the same from here on out. You should know by now that I'm dramatic; I like to call inanimate objects by name, giving them their own personality.

Summer to us equals camping; as much as we can. We just can't seem to get enough. Every available weekend between June and August we consume with exploring the beautiful mountains that surround us, relaxing with no distractions, and spending time making memories with our children.

As a child, some of my greatest memories were pulling in late at night to an unknown campground and setting up our humungous tent with poles we always failed to mark. Setting up that tent usually erupted into a few curse words, but it all just added to the memories! The smell of the campfire, the chill on the tip of my nose as I laid snuggled in my sleeping bag, the endless adventures and made-up games between great family-friends.

I couldn't find very many old camping pictures, and none of our awesome tent. But here are a few.

Mom, please don't yell at me for posting this pic... you look hot!
Isn't little Britt adorable!

Some might think it's odd to play house in the woods; cooking outdoors, going potty in a freshly dug hole and attempting to stay warm by a fire... always a struggle to build! To us camping means an escape from our everyday routine; an excuse to do nothing but play, eat and sit. It forces us to completely focus on our children without the endless to-do lists looming over our day. I know without a doubt that our kids will look back at our camping adventures and remember them as some of the most precious times we shared as a family.

As we were packing for this trip, Abby was double checking our supplies. I really do believe that child doesn't trust us... at all. She asked us two times, "Did you remember the propane?"

In my opinion, our kids are completely spoiled campers. Camping in our toasty-warm pop-up; they have no idea what "roughing-it" is . But, I'm totally okay giving them this luxury. I agree... why freeze? At least that's how I feel now, having adopted the newest member of our family. Do you see him poking out there in the background? Meet Viking Spirit. He is a bit shy, but very special to us.

I love how content a little boy can be hunting for rocks and watching them splash into the water.

Father's Day weekend couldn't have been spent in a better way!

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  1. Looks like soo much fun. Really adorable photos.

  2. I can hardly wait to be apart of those precious memories. Camping, yes, your right. Anything goes when your in the woods .The smells, the sound of the crackling fire as everyone
    starts to fall asleep, the total exhaustion of doing nothing all day, the smell of bacon cooking in the morning . Listening to your father wander around because only dogs and bears get up as early as he does. HEHEHEH! Love to camp! Its a good thing you are raising Ab's to be the girl in the camp to go to because she has packed everything. I know of a girl like that!

  3. GREAT memories of camping for sure!! Enjoying the great-outdoors is the absolute best!! Glad you're taking advantage of this gorgeous state! I think we all need to do that. :))

  4. aw we love camping. i camped a lot with my family when i was small. Best holidays ever x

  5. The outdoors and camping is great! And, comfort IS very important, so rock the pop up!

  6. Good looking camper! You gotta give it a name like George or something! :) With all the camping you guys do this was money well spent. No more cold nights on the ground like us common folk! :)

  7. I am so jealous of your pop-up. I think we need to join the ranks soon-can't believe I just wrote that-as a former Ms. Minimalist! Awesome pics-I especially love the ones of J by the water.

  8. So cute!! Camping is such a great family activity!!