Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summertime Lockout

You can probably imagine what our house sounds like with all four children home for the summer and on each others nerves. Just think of a pack of hungry wolves suddenly thrown into captivity together. Right outside their cage is a fresh rhino carcass. It's just far enough away that they can't reach it.

Summer is great!

It's so true that we adapt to any environment. Whatever the situation, we are given the ability and tools needed to cope. We humans can be so resourceful.

What do we do to keep sanity through the summer? What do we do to get through those months of having all four under one

Summertime lockout!

Now, if you belong to a family with only one child, you won't understand this concept. In fact, you might think we are walking the fine line of clever parenting versus child abuse. Don't go running to the authorities just yet! Come over. You will soon have a very clear understanding of what I'm writing about.

For those of you with multiple children, you'll want to take notes. You will soon be sitting in your house, in the middle of the day, enjoying nothing more than the sound of your Ipod playing in the background. In the distance you will faintly hear the muffled sound of peaceful children playing.

I don't really understand it myself, but it works.

There is something about turning that deadbolt and saying the words, "You are staying outside until we call you in for lunch, find something to do!" That phrase would typically fall on deaf ears, but followed-up by the simple click of a lock— they listen. Hmmm!?

They actually play...nicely!

I don't really care to understand it; I just know that I like it!

We are coping with our situation and we are teaching our children how to cope. A total win-win!

They have started a landscaping business and are focusing on "gardens"!

They come in dirty and tired; with smiles on their faces. They have a sense of accomplishment for the day. They worked hard to build something together...without fighting! These are the sort of memories that you look back on as an adult and are thankful for. This is what summertime is all about.

If you live in the area and you would like a custom built "garden", I've got close connections!

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  1. I love it! We've done this with our little ones many times this summer, but never actually locked the door...I like that part. Too bad we just moved into an apartment in town and do this anymore:(

  2. As the fourth of five kids I remember being sent outside to play and staying out all day. Sadly, living in a big city apartment, I dont have this option with my own kids. Love your pictures!

  3. Oh that's great! I've kicked the kids out, but never locked them out. I should deifnitely try it! :) Great writing btw!

  4. hahaha.... love it! Isn't that what we did as kids??!!?? YES! We enjoyed the great outdoors w/out technology in our face 24/7. That's what childhood should be about. GREAT job guys!! And I love how their creativity flows in the garden! :) Just awesome.

  5. Oh..... Lindsey how I feel your pain.... With 5 kiddos now, our house is never free from noise and lots of it. 2 little ones and 3 big ones, equal to sanity. Sign me up!

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  10. yey for children being outside and getting messy!!