Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Modern Day Family Without Internet

This morning I woke up dancing and squealing with a huge sense of relief!

Not having Internet for an entire week has really caused some withdrawal-like symptoms in our home. We have found that it is very difficult for us to live without the Internet.

One benefit of not having Internet for ten days is that my house hasn’t been this clean in I don’t know how long. Right now is a great time to visit us, but the window of opportunity is short. So come over. Now! Oh wait, too late!

I do have to say that is has been nice to take a break from the Internet. Not having it right here in the house is somewhat freeing. I think it would be nice to institute an Internet breakdown a few times a year. But, a self-instituted one, not a mandatory one.

I am beyond excited that it’s back-up and running at our house. Don’t get me wrong, my days of going to Starbucks and enjoying a cup of coffee in the peace and quiet were luxurious. But, it also became so flippin' inconvenient. We live twenty minutes to the nearest Starbucks and so just being able to look up something quick was not an option.

We kept lists of to-dos and we established a routine. Erik would usually drive down and take the morning shift and I would take the afternoon. Sometimes we would get crazy and switch it up, but for the most part that was the norm.

What a huge resource the World Wide Web is to us. Yes, there are ways around the Internet. But for our family, business, and way of life, we really depend on it. Some might think that statement is sad. But is it?

I see it as a huge blessing. We live about forty-five minutes from Denver and to us it’s a huge help. I plan my coupon runs and save us tons of money each month. We have lots of out-of-town friends and family that we are able to stay connected with. Erik is getting the opportunity to go back to college while sitting at home in his underwear. Because of how far we live from town, we do a lot of online ordering and save tons of time and gas money. We pay all our bills online. Abby and Ella look up books for their summer reading program and have online programs they access for school. I am able to be a stay-at-home mom while growing a business because of Internet access. I am able to network for free with wonderful online communities and support groups. And, let’s not forget blogging!

Yes, the Internet can be abused and over-used, but with priorities in check I believe it is a huge asset.

The conclusion is that we are that typical modern day family completely thankful for today's technology! We missed it terribly. And great news; for the huge inconvenience we are getting ten dollars off our monthly Internet bill. I'm not sure if that really makes up for it, but honestly I don't care. I'm just glad it's back!

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  1. Okay - two things made me laugh... A: "So come over. Now! Oh wait, too late!" HAHAHAHA! And second Erik doing school in his underwear. Don't worry, I'm not visualizing it, I just think it's funny!

    Well I hate that I'm so dependant on internet! I know I have to be with work, but I could not go a week without it if I wasn't working. Actually it would be the best week of my life. I'm glad you had a break from it, but I'm really glad it's back. Happy surfing!

  2. so glad your back. For this mom, I need to get my fix of you at least every other day if not more. Thankful for the thought of seeing you and talking together anytime we want.

  3. Hey there! Found you on VB:) Just have to say, your blog is great (love the simple, clean layout), and your family is BEAUTIFUL! Nice to meet you, and glad you have the internet back :)

  4. I definitely agree that the internet can be a blessing. Moderation is KEY. Of course, it depends how you use it, and you use it beautifully!!! :) Also, I must say TMI on the hubby in the underwear. hahaha. ;) Glad you're connected again!