Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Reel Big Fish and Vanilla Ice All in One Night

We love our date night in's...we really do. Especially when that is all we have the time, money, and energy for. But, when we get the chance to escape, you couldn't see two people more thrilled to leave...together...kidless!

A little history — Reel Big Fish has been the background music accompanying many of our memories. Ska was introduced to me by Erik and I have been smitten ever since. It might have a little to with the fact that I was falling in love while the heart-pumping music was playing from the cd player as we rode around in the 85' gray Honda hatchback. It was probably his tactic all along. Play music that's going to get her heart racing and get the girl to instantly fall in love with you. 

Hmmm...oh well, if it worked, it worked! I love the guy and I love the music!

Skanka steady-paced dance performed to reggae music, characterized by rhythmically bending forward, raising the knees, and extending the hands palms-downward.  

If you think you can't dance, then just start listening to ska and pick-up skanking. Anyone can dance... well, skank at least. 

So, we heard Reel Big Fish was coming to Denver and it was a no-brainer. We had to go. We booked a babysitter a few months in advance and purchased our tickets. 

It is so great to go on a date that doesn't consist of dinner and a movie. Don't get me wrong, I love dinner and a movie, but it's so nice to mix it up once an awhile. 

So, here we are in a topless Jeep on a beautiful night. The wind is in our hair, well mine, and the music is blasting. What are we listening to? You would think ska by the nature of this post. Nope. I am all of a sudden being serenaded by my guy who is singing to every word of Vanilla Ice's song, "Ice, Ice Baby". Sounds sexy doesn't it? 

Listening to ska on the way to a ska concert is not a requirement. Apparently. I will have to agree with you though, I can't say many other people attending the Reel Big Fish concert would have Vanilla Ice playing from their speakers on the way there. But, it's all good!

Here's to concert date nights and keeping the memory alive! Yo Vanilla! Kick it one time Boyee!!

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  1. Oh, that is a perfect date night if you ask me! Love V.I! He stayed at the hotel I worked in under his real name, Robert Van Winkle.....always makes me laugh! So happy you two got that moment together!

  2. YEAH for you guys going on a date! You definitely deserve it! Glad you went to a concert you both enjoyed... so cool. :) I love the instrumentals in the ska bands.

  3. Date nights! The best. And to have it all accompanied by Vanilla Ice...could a girl really ask for more? Sounds like a fun night and I'm looking forward to coming home and hearing more first-hand!