Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wine Tasting on the French Riviera with Brad Pitt

I think of myself as a pretty low-maintenance girl. My idea of a perfect night is a back rub, a glass of red wine and a good movie...preferably starring Brad Pitt. Now, if I was requesting a back rub from Eduardo, would only drink imported wine from France and a wanted a foreign play to be performed in my living room, that would be high maintenance. I think being perfectly content with getting my wine from a box allows me to be included in the low-maintenance category!

I have a very short bucket-list. I like to think of myself as adventurous, but if I were being honest, my list looks sort of puny. Vacation to a tropical destination with my love, win a million dollars, and go wine tasting.

I was so close to crossing wine-tasting off my list, but it still remains...I am cheap. A wonderful night out with some great ladies landed us at a wine bar for a birthday celebration. A few of us have October birthdays and it was a great excuse for a girls' night out! With that said, I was too cheap to order the wine sampler; instead, when the waiter asked what I would like I said, "a glass of merlot that's around $8.00." Classy!

Now that wine tasting is being put back on my list, it will now read: Wine tasting on the French Riviera, hosted by Brad Pitt.

Do I have bucket-lists and dreams mixed up?

It was a very fun night with some awesome girlies! A lovely dinner, a very tasty $8.00 glass of wine followed by my absolute favorite; frozen yogurt!

What really made the night? Amazing friends that you can laugh and be silly with! Friends that will gladly take you up on your offer for a piece of gum that you found at the bottom of your purse. Friends that let you sing with them in the car despite your lack of vocal ability and, most important, friends that don't judge you for the massive amount of frozen yogurt that one might choose to consume!

Love you girls, it's so amazing doing life with you!

I missed the photo-op! I was busy trying to find great karaoke songs to accommodate my vocal ineptness. Karaoke girls-night is next week....hmmm, not sure if I'll post those highlights.

Okay girls, you and your tiny cups of frozen yogurt...we're going to need to work on that!

I didn't want to totally intimidate them, so I went light!

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  1. Great night indeed! Next time, really treat yourself and get that $10 glass of wine! And look, you have me beat at something that I will never try to get first in... eating large amounts of yummy, creamy, frozen deliciousness! Now I'm reconsidering. This should be something I need to work on. Okay, training begins now! :) We all thought it was great to see little (because of the chair mostly!) Linsey eating a huge (which she claims was "holding back") thing of yogurt! Loved it! Karaoke next... I'm getting more and more nervous!

  2. Oh, and great picture of us. No red eye or anything. I'll have to get that one from Kel!

  3. are you kidding, eating Yogurt in a Gallon size container is the only way we know how! Duh! I think they should have an "ALL YOU CAN EAT" option............! So wonderful to see girls having fun.

  4. That was such a fabulous night celebrating ya'lls (is that a word?) birthdays!!!!!! And yes, it was quite shocking that you could eat that much yogurt in that little-bitty body of yours, so I was a little shocked... just a little. hehe. ;) I love hanging out w/ you girls!! Can't get enough!! Also, that pic makes my nose look HUGE!!! Hopefully it was just the lighting.
    Love ya girl!!

  5. Seriously, your blogs are always the best. Definitely a night to remember! And.... that was the best piece of gum ever! ;0)

    I will always wonder where you put all that yogurt!!!


  6. Stopping by from the Bloggy Moms Bloghop! You had me at the title of your post! I just wrote a post about my date night with Ryan Gosling :-) (It was a toss up between Brad and Ryan, but I think the younger one is winning!) It's so great to get out, isn't it! Looks like you guys had fun :-) (Btw, the pics of your kids in the header are so adorable!)