Thursday, October 6, 2011

Beauty All Around Us

Sometimes I don't realize I have a massive need until I am in the midst of fulfilling it. Drinking water is a perfect example; I'm terrible at it. I don't realize I am dehydrated until I start to drink...two glasses later I tell myself that I am going to be better about drinking more water throughout the day.

This Sunday had been set aside as a family day. It wasn't until we were packing snacks, planning our route and all piling into the Burb that I realized how much I was in need of that day. I desperetaly needed a mental break from work and some quality time with the people I love the most.

The plan was simple, "get out." We are surrounded by incredible beauty and yet we don't take advantage of it often enough. Sunday the plan was to do nothing more than enjoy each others company and enjoy the beauty of Colorado in the fall with a kid friendly hike.

The Aspens right now are ridiculously beautiful. It is so nice taking pictures just for fun; just for me. I need to remember to do this a lot more often.

A few highlights of the day:

1. I got back to the car and realized my cell phone was gone; my new awesome smart phone. Erik and I started talking over our steps and realized it must have fallen out when I was using the restroom. For those that are not following me, I had it in my back pocket and now it was laying somewhere on the forest floor. Thankfully I had remembered the exact Aspen that had earlier served it's purpose and found my phone. Yay!

2. Matthew who is now potty trained (for the most part) does not get that pooping in his pants a mile away from our car is not okay. It was a long way back for him. So gross.

3. The mama bear in me came out...big time. We were walking a little ways on this dirt road the beginning of our hike. The kids are all spread out and the dog is off herding them. All of a sudden this Jeep comes screaming down the road. They see us but decide it's not important to slow down for four small kids and an unleashed dog. The kids, thankfully, know the drill and ran to the side of the road when they saw the car, but I was mad. I take a step out into the road as if I am going to somehow stop the car with my glare and make a point, I start yelling, "slow down, come on, are you kidding me." The Jeep speeds off and Erik says, "you know honey I don't think they could hear you."

4. We had a wonderful day laughing, consuming road trip snacks from the Loaf and Jug, and enjoying the beauty that surrounds us that we to often take for granted.

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  1. Gorgeous pictures! The aspens are beautiful where I live also. I'm hoping we can make it up to the mountains soon. I would have yelled at the jeep too.

  2. WOW! Your pictures are absolutely breathtaking. I would love to visit Colorado again someday to see this in person!

  3. Oh yes, LOVE the photos!!!! And you are so right, sometimes we don't know we need something until we get it!

    BTW - we were totally reading each other's blog at the same time. Just got your comment on mine! :)

  4. Oh! So glad you got out and got these gorgeous Aspen pics. I am stunned! So beautiful. Our trees go from green to dead. No pretty change of color.

    The kids on the tree is adorable! Taking pics for fun and enjoyment is the best.

  5. So glad you got a family day! And LOVE LOVE your photos, as always!

  6. OMG are you kidding me, these photos are stunning!!! I am super jealous that you have this nearby!!! I love your "mama bear" moment :)

  7. What a beautiful glimpse of Colorado in Autumn!! Our leaves in Ohio are just starting to turn and we've been housebound with the flu. :( I love the perspective of the shot where you are looking up into the trees. The contrast of the sky against the orange leaves in all of these shots is amazing, but OH. MY. Heavens... that last shot is going on my pinterest board. LOVE.

  8. The vision comes from the eyes of your heart to the lense of your camera, you continue to share the beauty that is stored up inside you. thanks for giving us a veiw of the world that we sometimes forget to stop and see. Yours is truly a gift for all to be blessed by. Love ya so much Lilly Girl!

  9. Love the shots, Linsey! Nice job capturing how gorgeous it in here in the fall. I can never get enough of it!