Thursday, December 15, 2011

Martha Month: Five Finger Snowman and My New Man Mac Jr.

My post is very late this week because my computer finally gave up it's last breath after two years of diligent service. I don't blame the old man, his work conditions were less than civilized; loads of overtime, loud work environment that probably made him go deaf far before his time and the disorganized chaos that surrounded him is enough to make anyone loose their mind.  It was time to let the old guy retire. At first I was angry at him, but now Mac's little bro is gracing my presence and oh man, he's hot!  I can definitely say this transition hasn't been the least bit difficult. No hard feelings, rest in peace old man Mac...don't worry about me, Mac Jr. is doin a fine job! 

I have to give a big shout out to my friend Chris who gave new life to my computer! I am so thankful for your awesome geekiness, without it I would still be cursing and crying my way through the work day! Seriously, thank you!

Week two of my "Month of Martha" takes us to these adorable ornaments. Every year we buy the kids an ornament to add to our collection. It was the perfect opportunity to get my crafty pants on and find an ornament we could make and save some money doing it. Though cute, Hallmark ornaments for four kids can break the bank! 

My find and pin from pinterest

                                                                             Source: via Linsey on Pinterest

What you will need:

- glass ornaments (I found these on 1/2 off day at the thrift store. I paid $3.00 for 16 ornaments, score!)
- white craft paint (I already had this, but it's .99 at the craft store)
- paint brush
- sharpie markers 
- egg carton for drying
- ribbon 

Paint the hands.

Place the ornament in the palm of their hand and have them wrap their fingers around it, keeping them spread apart. I helped a little by pressing some fingers. 

Let them dry.

Add all the snowman details, so fun watching them come to life!

Add names and the year.

What I love about this craft is they look cute no matter how perfect or imperfect the 
handprints are. 

I thought I would really get my "Martha" on and take it to the next level with a bow! Oh yeah, in the voice of Gay Focker, "watcha think a that!"

So easy, cheap and adorable! I am going to use the rest of the left over ornaments for Abby's birthday party! I'm really excited about finally being "that" mom that does something cool that makes all the other moms go, "oooo, ahhhh", and it becomes the hot conversation topic at next weeks play date!" 

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  1. Your ornaments turned out SO cute and extremely Martha! And you are really entertaining to read too! I will have to save this one and do it when my kiddos are just a little bit older.

  2. Super cute--I love this! Thanks for showing.

  3. OMGosh this is too cute and so very easy for the tikes..........I totally think this is a jewel of a Christmas gift to loved ones and teachers etc etc........thank you for getting me in the holiday spirit! Love it and will share it with many........also will invite my 8 grandchildren over and it can be a special gift they can give their parents! SCORE!!!! :)

  4. I am so glad I found this. My grandson (6) and my nephew (7) are coming home for Thanksgiving. I’m going to have them make their parents these as Christmas gifts.

  5. GREAT GRANDMA November 15, 2012
    I did this one today with my 5 month old grandson!! It turned out great, I think his mommy and daddy will love it for their first Christmas handmade ornament by him. We both got a little messy, but it went much easier than I thought it would. Now I will make one with my 8 year old granddaughter! I know she will have a ball with it.

  6. Super Duper Cute!!! I am hosting my family Christmas Party and looking for a fun activity for the children. SOOO glad i came across your Christmas craft. Looking forward to quality time with my neices and nephews!!!

  7. These are so darn cute, I am going to do this with my Grandson! These would be a fun project for a classroom too!

  8. These are so cute me and my 4yr old son made these this morning he enjoyed doing them thank you for sharing this craft.

  9. Hi! I love this and not only want to do it with my 3 kids , but would love to do it at our girl scout meeting! How long does it take for the hand print to dry? Just wondering if we can accomplish in an hour or if I need two meeting to finish it?

  10. My personal instinct would be two meetings--one for white part, other for painting details, but I have not had direct experience. My grandkids made them in pre-school, and some years the teacher has gotten lucky and found unbreakable ornaments somewhere (possibly Dollar Tree) that look just like the glass ones. But that's only a sometimes thing. Sure is something to consider if you have little ones making them, I think. They are so adorable, and the kids are so proud of what they've created.

  11. Did you ever consider publishing a book of crafts? I know many daycares would love your ideas!