Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Month of Martha: Ruffle Goodness

I'm no Martha Stewart, but it's fun to pretend sometimes. The sense of accomplishment that you get after creating something is so rewarding. You come up with reasons that allow you to walk by your creation just so you can take another look at what you've done. "I made that? Wow, I did a great job! Oh my goodness I love it!" You're trip from one end of the house to the other takes you longer than normal, just so you can smile as you walk by the cuteness.

We all know everyone's recent addiction to Pinterest; I am no exception. I get on there and I am exploding with creativity...while I'm sitting on my butt starring at the screen for hours on end. It's like a really good book, one where you become the main character of the story.

I sit down, flip open the thriller and instantly get sucked in. I can't put it down, it's just too good. In this story I become Martha Stewart. The possibilities become endless and I become the mastermind behind it all. The problem with that is the minute you close the book, you are back to reality. When will I have time to create that? That would just cost to much money? There just aren't enough hours in the day. All those wonderful projects that had me bursting with ideas now get put on the back burner...forever. I walk away from the computer and I am no longer Martha, she only resides in my fantasies. Oops, strike that, that came out wrong. She only resides in my dreams? No. She only resides in my story? get the point.

I have decided to make December a "Month of Martha." A cheaper, less-meticulous, less-complicated, more of a copy-cat style of Martha...Martha, on a shoe-string budget. 

First up:

A gorgeous ruffled tree skirt!!

I love ruffles...always have!

Ruffled shirt and ruffled bangs, wowzers!

Ruffles weren't really in style after the sixth grade, so I had to layoff of them for awhile. I am so glad they're back!

My pin from Pinterest

Here is what I did
Items I used:
- painters canvas drop cloth, the one closest in size to 4 1/2 by 4 1/2 (purchased at Home Depot 7.99)

- 4 yards of fabric ... to save some money I used a cotton fabric. Actually a king size flat sheet from the thrift store (1.00)

- I also used a shiny curtain panel (i know there is probably a correct term to describe this type of fabric, anyone?) to add some bling between the layers of cotton, again, from the thrift store (.50)

- hot glue gun and glue sticks (about 5.00 worth of glue)

- fabric scissors

I also purchased some ribbon to tie the slit together with some cute bows. But, it's not necessary. I like the way it looks all gathered up under the tree and found I didn't really need to tie it off, but of course you could. I was picturing three bows down the length of the slit. Does sound cute doesn't it? Okay, maybe I will add the bows when all said and done!

Total cost so far: $14.49

I'm going to say that the final cost will be about $18.00, I still want to purchase some more sheer fabric to finish between the layers, I ran out.

First thing you need to do is make your drop cloth a 4 1/2' square.

Fold it over two times making a smaller square,

then into a triangle.

Cut off the bottom and top,

making a big donut.

Make a slit.

Then when you realize you've cut the center hole way to big, you will need to do a little damage control,

by glueing back on some of the canvas. It will all be covered by gorgeous ruffles, so no worries!

Take your fabric and cut 2'' strips. I started off by being meticulous with this, but then just started eyeballing it. This type of project is very forgiving!

Then just start creating ruffles by laying down a stip of hot clue and pinching the fabric into it. You will start to get a rhythm.

This is the curtain panel that I used. I just cut out the shiny strips and put them between the cotton layers.

I really love what this does for the skirt, gives it a more chic look! It's also off-white in color so it balances out all the white.

Even though it's not finished yet, you get the idea. Just picture the bottom portion all the way up!

Isn't she gorgeous, I love her! I'm hoping to make a trip to the fabric store this weekend so I can get this lady finished!

I'd love to hear about any projects you've accomplished lately? 

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  1. OH MY GOSH! I have to have one of these. Your Grandma would have loved this. I think you get your love of ruffles from her. Remember all her ruffled shirts. I Love this Lil,so much. I must make one for for our tree next year in Colorado.So pretty!Good Jarb!

  2. WOW!!!! Great job Lins!!! I love it too! :D SO, SO fun!!!

  3. Whoa! That is absolutely the most beautiful tree skirt I've ever seen. Nice job!

  4. Awww... great job and I love the cost element!!! I'm all about GW! You go girl... you inspire in everything you do! xo

  5. That was the first thing I thought of was mom. Grandma would have worn that out somewhere before she put int on her tree. :0D
    Love it!!!

  6. Ok I'm annonymous.
    Love you. Aunt B

  7. Ugh! I hate creative people. Well, I really don't hate them, but, you know what I mean. Being a male, I am not creative at all. Great idea!

  8. Very cute! I bet you could save even more $, but it would take a little more time to sew on the ruffles. It is going to look amazing all said and done! I'm hooked on Pinterest too!

  9. This is beautiful. I may be the only one who didn't know about Pinterest. How do I get an invitation? Could you do one for me...please and thank you.


  10. I have been DYING to see this ruffled skirt! I missed this post somehow. All I can say is this is SO Linsey! It looks amazing. I can hear you now "Kids, we are not doing anymore Christmas presents because I don't want to cover up the tree skirt!" Makes me want to make one of my own.... kind of! :) I might steal the idea, but put a twist on it. Again MAYBE! Or maybe I'll wait till tree skirts go on sale at the end of Christmas and just buy one. Yes, that's what I'm going to do! Anywho, LOVE it!