Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Birthday boy and his dino

My parents got Matthew this awesome remote control dinosaur for his birthday.  We thought he might be scared of it, but we were way off.   He tackled that thing like he was an alligator wrestler.  He conquered his fear and took that thing down!! So hilarious! 

Matthew has always been connected to his food in a special way.  When he first started eating solid food he would throw a complete fit if you took food away from him. He used to stop breathing and turn blue if you took his food, no joke. I called the dr. and he just told me it was normal and to blow in his face when he did it, to get him breathing again.   He also said as long as he wasn't passed out longer than a minute he would be fine, I am glad he never actually passed out.  

Here is him at his first birthday! 
The best 1st birthday cake episode I have ever seen!

Here is this years 2nd birthday!
Look familiar!

Sorry for all the background cackling, we are just a loud family!!!

I guess this has become a yearly thing! When he is fifteen he will be served his birthday cake without utensils!!

Is it wrong to teach our kids to eat like animals? I don't think once a year will do any long term damage, it's also important to teach them fun, right?

"I two"

Why use the fork?

Stopped for a moment and gave me a cheese.

My he's cute!

He is saying, "cake?" asking Ella if she wants some cake.

Here you go El, I'll share my cake with you.  Looks delicious!!

present time

In serious defense mode

Got em

I'll tell you when you can talk

You're comin with me!!

I am glad to know that if I ever get attacked by a dinosaur, he will have my back!!
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  1. What a cutie! So determined! I love all of the encouragement from Eric when he is eating his cakes. I also love the look on Ella's face when at the 1st cake eating Eric says it looks like we won't be having cake tonight. Poor Ella looked devistated. So great that you let him just go at it with the cake...we will be doing the same thing with Daphne here in a few months :)

  2. Your family is so entertaining... always puts a smile on my face! And no, I don't think it's wrong at all to let them eat with their hands... it's fun and you all have such a positive attitude... "we can shower..." people in my family scream (literally) at my niece saying "use your fork!". That kind of attitude can't be positive on a child. I like your way much better. Don't cry over spilled milk. They will survive...

  3. Hilarious!! I don't think I've ever seen anything like that. Did you have an additional cake for the 1st birthday?! I love that one of the girls said something about it being 'not fair'. Ahhh, perspective. Parents see the humor, and other littles see equity. :) So cute. Love it. Kids should be allowed to be kids. They have their whole lives to be 'grown ups'!