Friday, September 3, 2010

Clean Cut

Last night, right before bed, Erik decides it's a good time to do haircuts!  He has great timing!  I protested, but then realized they were all in need and I love my boys all cleaned up!  I also needed a blog post for today, so I guess, I selfishly agreed!!!

I purchased Lightroom 3 on Craigslist, for $40.00!  B & H sells the upgrade for $94.99, so I got a steal of a deal!!!  I love all the new features and one is being able to make fun collages!  I had to try it out on the boys haircut session!!

Jon showing me that his locks are in desperate need of a trim.  I love the one of him in the mirror checking out dad's skills!!

Matthew watched Jon and then was so excited when it was his turn! 

Jon all done and ready for his shower!!  Erik in deep concentration and Matty patiently waiting his turn!  

This is when Matt decided he had had enough!  

Dad's turn and Matty telling him were he missed!

Three handsome boys, all cleaned up and ready for bed!!!

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