Friday, September 10, 2010

Daniel Son

I am sad to report that Digi is no longer with us. She plumeted 50 feet off our balcony, to her new resting place. I don't blame her, all those torturous fingers messin with her all the time, now wonder she jumped! It always ends the same for plant life in our home, it's always the same story, but I still continue to try! I really need to stop causing plant suicides, it can't be good karma, not that I really believe in that, but still!

One weekend, a few weeks back, we drove by a Bonsai stand. I told Erik I wanted to stop. Bonsai, that's it, that's a gorgeous plant that's got to be hard to kill! He amused me and stopped. When I went to go look at them, I was totally taken back when I saw the price tag. I was also sad, because I had already given him the name, Daniel son. Well, the price of Daniel son wasn't in the budget, so I sadly left without him.

A few days later, I had to go back and get some pictures, so I could show you of course. The kind Bonsai man was so sweet when I asked him if I could snap a few. He answered all the silly questions I had, about the cute little plants. It was hard to understand him, but I nodded like I understood! He must of caught on, that I really didn't get what the heck he was saying to me, because he handed me an information sheet titled, "The Wondrous Art of Growing Bonsai."

I kept asking him, how long do these last? Can I kill them? Really, can they die? He told me, "can't kill, last lifetime!"

A little bit of Bonsai info: Trees from the wild were collected from cliff faces and rocky ledges, trees that had naturally been growing in limited amounts of soil. A tree grows differently under such adverse conditions: it grows slower, it develops definite bark character, smaller foliage, windswept branches, a rugged aged appearance. A small Bonsai pot imitates those adverse natural conditions. In simplest terms, a Bonsai is a tree, shrub, tropical plant, grass, or herb, grown in a small container and shaped to recreate an older tree in nature. Over the years, the Bonsai acquires the character of age. Originally referring to just a "plant in a shallow pot", the term has now come to include the whole art form: growing trees or plants in a dish, with the aim of having it appear as if it had grown that way purely as a result of natural forces, as if the design had happened completely on its own.

This helps me understand the price. Growing and shaping a Bonsai is no easy task. In other words, I could never in my lifetime, do it!!!

This is the one I wanted, $295.00, I couldn't believe it!! Sorry it's not a full picture. Not sure what I was thinking, but trust me, it was cool looking!!

This one was $495.00, original price $695.00!

When we had first driven by, I was surprised he took credit cards, now I know why!

I believe, the cheapest one was around $40.00, and it was teeny tiny!

I still want one, they are so pretty!! And I guess if I think about how much I spend on the plants I kill, I can justify it. I can just buy one last plant (Bonsai) for the rest of my life and be done with it!! I think I have finally found myself a lifelong plant friend, that won't bring me pain and tears with it's departure!

After the fact, update:
Okay, never mind, I was wrong about Bonsai's, being my kind of plant. After I finished this post, I read some more of the paper he gave me. The basic care instructions on it are insane. Keeping a Bonsai alive, is no easy task. Look at this, are you kidding me! Daniel and I will never be friends!

Oh well, it was a nice thought!!

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  1. RIP, Digi. LOL! I had no idea those cute, little trees were so expensive!! I don't have the patience or the budget for one, but they are gorgeous.

  2. I have seen Bonsai tree before but I had no idea that they were that expensive. The take a lot of care and attention and with my luck it would be dead in two weeks. Unfortunately, I don't have a green thumb

  3. I'm a plant killer, too. (I also seem to be pretty good at fish murder, too, sigh.)

    I love the pictures you've posted below. You do some nice work.

    Stopping by from Blog Frog

  4. They are such lovely creatures! One day, I'll have the time to devote to them!

  5. R.I.P. Digi... Sorry to hear about your plant. I love how you wrote this.

    I don't have a green thumb like my mom unfortunately, so every plant that enters this house has been murdered. My mom seems to be grooming my daughter for gardening, and this is the highlight of their weekend. Needless to say, I'm never invited.

  6. Hahahaa. I can't keep anything alive either! I somehow managed to keep a jasmine plant alive for a year. Rock on, me!

  7. Haha Yeah I was going to mention that they are definitely killable! Even a draft can completely destroy them.

    BUT here is some hope for you. I recently went to Ikea and THEY HAVE BONSAIS. Now, perhaps they are not any collected from cliff faces, but for $25 and each being unique, maybe it would be a good place to start practicing :)

  8. Also, for a plant-killer, try philodendrons.... they are very hard to kill.

    And there are hundreds of different types of them, too. I have a few - my favourite being the split-leaf philodendron.. it's about four feet tall now and 3 feet wide :)

    Ps. I dropped in from BlogFrog.

  9. I LOVE reading your blog!! You truly put a smile on my face and I am always laughing because you are always "spot on". I do not have a green thumb mother did and I so wish I could carry that on. Sadly I killed all of the plants that were given to us for my mothers funeral and since then the only plant I could keep alive was a "pregnant plant" of my best friends borrowed it to give the baby's to a friend who is strugling to get pregnant as a special gift but she killed it! Oh well.

  10. Stopping from Mom Loop! I didn't realize they were so expensive. My plants don't leap to their deaths they just quietly limp in their posts.

  11. I had no idea these plants were that expensive. Daniel Son will never have me as a friend either. My mom is the plant guru around here and thank God for that! Your post was really funny and interesting. I love the copy of the directions. No wonder they never die you basically have to treat them like newborns for life! Found you through blog frog. Loved reading your stuff!