Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Smell Memory

I really love this little guy,

but, one of my concerns with having a dog, was the smell. I did not want people walking into my house and the first thing they smelled, was dog, yuck!

I can really get myself in trouble, when I make trips to Target. On Sunday, I new I would be walking out, with what some would say, were unnecessary purchases. But, to me, they were high priority. On the top of my shopping list was,

-things to make the house smell good, because of Luke!

I am very sensitive to smell, and I associate lots of memories based on scent. My Grandma's perfume is a perfect example. When I smell someone wearing it, all those wonderful memories, of times I spent with her, come flooding back.

I love the smell of Freesia, and it reminds me of a specific time off life, when we lived in NY.

Fruit punch chap-stick and Sweat Pea body spray from Bath & Body Works, reminds me of high school.

A certain smell, that I can't describe, reminds me of Erik's Honda and our dating days. It was something, mixed with new car air freshener, but that car had a specific smell!

Polo Sport cologne on Erik, was our engagement days!

I love the smell of my parents house!! When I walk in, I instantly feel safe, and snuggled. It makes me want to curl up on the couch, lay my head on my moms lap, while she rubs my head! Yes, my love language is touch!!!!

Vanilla, reminds me of the van we had in VA.

Chrome cologne was NY, but I love that one so much, it might extend many more years!!

I do not want people, having their smell memory of me, to be stinky dog!

So, for this season of life, I chose Cinnamon. I was mentioning the other day to my friend, how much I loved that her house always smelled like cinnamon. When I walk in to her home, it makes me smile! We are also heading towards the holidays, so it's perfect!

I purchased a Yankee Candle plug in, for the kitchen area

and a yummy cinnamon candle, that I can light when company is coming!

Right when you open our front door to come in, we have shoe baskets, also not a great first impression smell!

So, I snuck a cinnamon scented, reed diffuser, behind our entry way pictures. When you walk in, you are no longer greeted, with stinky feet stench, hopefully! I will have to test it out, on the the next intruders!

Wow, look at all that dust!

So, when you come over, be honest and give it to me straight!
When you walk in, do you get a good feeling or a not so good feeling?

update: Erik walked in last night and said, "wow, it smells really good in here!"
I eagerly asked, "like what?"
"like cinnamon"

Yeah, it worked!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. What a good idea. I should put something by our door. We have shoes by the front door too.

  2. You know what else stinks up a house? CATS! I'm perpetually Febreezing the crap out of my house.

    Yankee Candles are the best candles ever. I always steal my mom's!

  3. oh my gosh, i always light a cinnamon candle, or heat cinnamon sticks on the stove when company comes over! i remember that was the one scent my mom would always use for the holidays or company. i'm trying to do the same! neato!