Friday, October 29, 2010

Buddy Turns Four

Sweet, kind, rough, quirky, fun, giggly, loud, stubborn, particular, intense, loving, and full of energy, just a few words that describe my Jonathan. My first boy, my first experience being a mom to a completely different type of little person.

Being a mom for the first time to a little guy, to be honest, I was nervous about changing his diaper. I know silly, but he had little man parts. What if I hurt him? It was all new to me. I quickly got over that and was over the top excited about this little testosterone bundle in my arms. I was instantly smitten.

The perfect, sweet, nothing like it, smell of a newborn!

He has been "buddy" from day one! Doesn't he just look like a little buddy!! Not sure what is up with my hair/bangs, I must of been trying to save a few buck and cut those babies myself, yikes!!

My big boy on his 4th birthday!! With his support group in the background!!

Full birthday post coming Monday!

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  1. We so love our little "Buddy Boy". Happy Birthday.......Nana & Papa.

  2. Cute, cute, cute! Happy birthday Jon from Nilla!!! ;0)

    Great pics Lins --- and yes, you look as beautiful as always!

    Hugs, Kellie

  3. Aww. So sweet! Happy 4th Birthday!

  4. So so cute! I wish I would have known you for each of your children growing up. It's so odd to see them so little and have not been there for that. I feel like I've known you forever! Happy Birthday Jon. You are just the sweetest (oh, and he told me I looked beautiful this weekend and that so does his mommy! So cute!)