Friday, November 12, 2010

Snow and Lights

His alarm clock usually goes off each morning at 3:30 a.m. This week was different. Erik took this week off from work. He has worked so hard non-stop all year and was in such a need of a break. I was so happy to see him sleeping in every day and having no agenda.

Erik used some of his time off this week to decorate our house in beautiful Christmas lights. For those of you that have never seen my house, we have a house that was meant for Christmas lights. Our house sits on top of a mountain and it can be seen from the highway.

I tried to get a picture of it from the highway to show you, but we ran out of time last night. I will work on that!

If it wasn't for the money aspect, I would be tempted to light the thing up like the Grizzwalds, but for now this will do. Maybe each year we will add another strand, because these babies are not coming down. Ever. So we can just add to them! So, for those of you that do live in Bailey, we are the house on the hill as you are driving on 43, all lit up for Christmas!

It makes our deck feel so magical. Like Disneyland at night. I catch the kids just starring outside in awe, and I catch myself doing the same. I love Christmas!

They will also be great in the summer. I can picture myself outside, on a warm summer evening relaxing on our lit up deck! I love them! But, enough of summer, we just got our first snow!

Another amazing aspect to this week, is that we have snow! Today, we will be making our first family trip to the mountain to break in our seasons passes. The kids should be getting up soon. The plan is to get them dressed, load them in the car and donuts on the way!

Luke already knows how to pose for pictures. When he saw me up on the counter ready to start snapping, he ran over and sat down. He knew he was helping his mama out and making this shot so much more cute! He will be of course coming with us today too!

It worked out so great that we get to end Erik's week off, with a ski/snowboard trip. We are all so excited!!!

I went the other night to get my ski's serviced and my bindings adjusted. I had not taken them out of their ski bag in over six years. I sheepishly took them out of the 1980's ski bag that my mom passed down to me, rust and all. I quickly noticed that they looked nothing like anything else in the store. They were that ancient! Nothing like making me feel real old, real fast! The guy told me that he couldn't work on them because the bindings were out of date and that was their policy. For safety reasons. Twelve years, had it really been that long?

I was thrilled, I had to buy new bindings! Why stop there? I might as well get all new gear and throw in a new pair of googles while I'm at it. So, with that said, I am head to toe set and ready to get out there! I just pray these old bones can still take it, ha!

So the adventure in taking four small children to the mountain begins!! I can't wait to tell you all about it!

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  1. Have a great time guys.....Can't wait to join you on the mountain next about old bones breaking.......Yikes! Have a great day togather.

  2. I do truly wish I was a skier! Have fun today, can't wait to hear about it!!!

  3. Your house is gorgeous! I would love to live there. Hope you had a great time. Can't wait to hear about it.

  4. Your house looks amazing!! I'm sooo jealous of the snow and skiing, it was over 80 degrees here today. Bleh!

  5. Hello! I liked this post.

    - It's a pleasure to me follow you.

    "May your wishes are achieved."