Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Steinmetz Family

I just love these precious people! You have seen these littles before, back in August, with their bright beautiful eyes and infectious personalities. This time I got the privilege of capturing the whole fam. With a Nascar race on the front of Dad's mind, I had a very important deadline to meet. I am not sure if we exactly met that deadline, but I do know we captured some precious moments!

Miss Aspen is the most precious little sweetheart with lots of spunkiness! I am in love with this little one and crave an Aspen fix if it has been to long! I love how these pictures show her fun personality, she is just doing her own thing!

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  1. OH MY WORD... just when I think her kids can't get any cuter they do! Linsey... I LOVE these. Not just that her kids are cute, but you are developing into SUCH A GREAT photographer. Really!!! Love, love, love! MY TURN!!!

  2. I love your photography. I have always wanted pictures like that to decorate my home.

    You are very talented.


  3. These are all so wonderful. I love the second one and the one of the four of them laying on their belly's. Great job!

  4. Boy those are some cute kids! Haha, maybe I'm a bit biased too :). Thank you Linsey for your time and the awesome job you did! I'm so excited to get the prints and show off your work to the world!

    Love, Kel

  5. WOW.. Those are some awesome pictures.. you did a great job. It helps with the kids are soooo cute too.. You really captured them well.

    Anne @