Monday, November 8, 2010

Trick Or Treat

All those memories I have as a child come flooding back and I get to relive them through my munchkins. I love halloween and I love seeing how much my kids do too!

I was trying to find some old halloween pics from when I was a kid and I don't have that many. I will need to rummage through my moms collection next time I get the chance!

Here I am as a baby, on a big pumpkin, holding some cash! I don't even want to know what is in my bottle, but it looks like coke! I am pretty sure my mom won this pumpkin and money by guessing it's weight. Something common and strange in our family is the fact that we win things, not sure, it just happens! But, mom for sure gets position #1 in tally of wins, her list is long! Maybe one day I will post her Price is Right video, it's hilarious!

Here is a look at some halloweens gone by




This halloween we decided to go to Denver and join some friends for trick or treating, so much more fun with a group. Watching them run to each house in a herd and all yelling "Trick or Treat" together in unison, is what it is all about.

Abby and Ella went as Sharpey and a cowgirl. Classmates, neighbors, and friends! These two have the biggest hearts and are fabulous big sisters, love them!

Matty the dino and Sawyer as Braveheart (how cute is that)!
The two little guys were always a step behind the group! So cute seeing them get into it.

Ella was tink with a fro!! She probably tripped a dozen or more times throughout the night, but she just plopped the wig back on and kept on running! so much like her mother it's scary!

Jon was hilarious, he had a skip and a hop in his step the whole time! He kept hooting and hollering at random.
Common phrases that were repeated as he ran from house to house.
"I love halloween"
"this is the best night ever"
"I love this"

Matty scored!

At the school for the girls class parties. Yes, Matt wanted to wear the Hulk, this is the same costume you see him in above, when he was 4 months old! The cheap ones stretch!

Halloween also kicks off the holiday season! So much goodness in the span of a few short months and it all begins on this night! I love these fun memories and look forward to it every year!

I know I already shared this on facebook, but it also deserves a place in my halloween post!!

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  1. Great post and flashback. I would love to see the video of your mom.

    Great photos from this halloween. I am looking forward to next year when carsyn can walk and dustyn will be into it more too.

  2. Oh, my, all so cute, but I just love that Yoda!!

  3. I really wanted to see you in your wig! Did you wear it? And Melissa in her outfit. And I SO wish I knew your kids when they were younger. SOOOO cute!!!! Wish we could have joined you that night!

  4. By the way the liquid in your bottle was watered down prune juice. You had issues, The issues seemed to have worked themselves out......heheheheh

  5. i love the pictures. They are so adorable!