Friday, January 14, 2011

Morning Breath

I sometimes wish I was one of those moms that was on the PTA, volunteered multiple times a week in their child's classroom, and had the title of classroom mom. You know the type of mom that is super involved in every aspect of their child's school experience. But, sadly that does not describe me at all. I guess mostly because I don't have the time, but also there is a lot about it that doesn't appeal to me. Being in a germ-invested building, with lots of runny noses, were I have to stretch my mommy-patient skills to it's max, is just something I don't care to do on a consistant basis. But, it is something I can mangage periodically and so I have decided to volunteer once a month. Now, I have two kids in school, so to be fair I needed to split that time. My note to the girls teachers went something like this

Dear Mrs. Teacher,
I would love to volunteer in your class. I am only available once a month and I will be rotating between Ella and Abby's classrooms. If it works for you I can come the 2nd Wednesday, every other month.

Thank you,
Linsey Wilt

I'm basically saying, I can come in for three mornings out of this entire school year to help, do you mind me intruding?

I have gone once for Ella's class and twice for Abby's. Even with all the nose blowing, morning breath, kids with flu-like symptoms--I have really enjoyed being there. The most rewarding aspect is seeing their beautiful eyes light up when I walk through their classroom door. I realize that these are the years that they are proud that I am their mom and they want to show me off to their freinds. These are the years that I don't want to see pass me by and regret not being there.

My job is usually to read with the different reading groups. Can't I help them assemble an adorable craft, line them up in a cute line and lead them to gym class, or correct papers that I can add sweet little stars and smiley faces to? Reading, really? That is really making me dig deep into my patients bag! Okay, lets do this! Red group, your up, get your books! I actually really do love getting to know the kids. They have such different, cute personalities at this age. Well, most of them anyway!

One thing that took me back a little was when I started reading with Abby's group. I jotted down a few paragraphs from the book in between calling groups. Hey it's okay, I was allowed some slack time. Don't worry, I got the job done. All groups were called before lunch, all kids got to read! I needed time anyway between groups, to apply a fresh coat of hand-sanitizer and prep the gathering area.

Tell me what you think, remember this is first grade.

A Jigsaw Jones Mystery, the case of the snowboarding superstar.
Suddenly a buzz of excitement filled the room. A small mob of people burst in through the main doors. They swarmed around one person, a gangly teenager with short black hair, sharp features, and dark eyes.

"It's him!" Hillary whispered, her voice was dreamy and distant. "Lance Marshman, Young Teen Magazines number one hottie!"

Either I'm getting old, or the material for first grade is getting a bit risque. What happened to cats getting stuck up trees and bunnies with fluffy tails?

It really is amazing to see them in their everyday environment that I otherwise would be clueless about. I get to see them putting to good use all those important things we have been teaching them at home. They do what their told, and they are only asked once? Hmmm, interesting. Seeing their personalities in what is a familiar environment to them, but new for me, is a priceless experience. They get to show me the ropes! I have walked away each time so proud of who my daughters are.

Jon gets to come with me! I think lunch is his favorite part. No, I know it is!

Lining up for recess, do you think he's excited?

Abby is a smart, kind-hearted, helpful girl in class. Then at lunch she was giving out one-liners and getting her friends to laugh and let loose. I was cracking up the entire time. I felt like I was seeing my husband, as a little guy, through Abby.

Ella is a focused, enthusiastic, fun girl in class. She is by far the smallest in her class and by far the loudest! She works hard to please her teacher and is very smart. Seeing her on the playground helping out a little girl that fell down showed me her sweet-tender heart.

She needed her hat because of the chilly weather, but couldn't bring herself to leave her cute headband behind, so she created a solution! Hey, a girls got to accessorize!

One day this school will inhabit four Wilt's at once. Oh my! I might feel the pressure then to give back a little more. We'll see.

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  1. I love to volunteer and I DON'T like to volunteer, just for your SAME reasons!! I get so overwhelmed w/ those munchkins. There's too many for me to handle, so short morning spurts of helping is PERFECT! And it is so fun seeing them in a different atmosphere other than home, grocery store, etc. LOVE, LOVE your post AND pics!!! :)
    BTW, you'll be that SUPER mom when they're ALL in school.... I can see it now. :)

  2. Those were some of my favorite times with you and Britt. Such a wonderful eye opener to me and such an excitement for both of you. Reading your Blog brings me back to those days as if they were just yesterday. I can still see your faces when I would walk through the door or the morning of, when you would counsel me on my wardrobe. My heart gets all warm inside just remembering. Thanks!

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  4. I love volunteering but our schools doesn't allow us to volunteer in our child's classroom. You are so lucky!

  5. Ok I'm commenting on the paragraphs you wrote down. Did you copy those from a book or make them up? If that's in your daughter's book, say what???????? Things have totally changed since my boys were young....I'm so old, they are 36 and 32. It's definitely not see Spot run, anymore!
    BUT if you made them up during your down time, write a book, that's exciting!
    So out of it in Oregon,

  6. SO Cute! I hope to start volunteering in 2012! Yeah- sounds horrible, but I cant seem to find a sitter for my last child so I can go! Glad I found your blog!
    Here from MomLoop!

  7. Don't be so hard on yourself! Your kids won't remember how many times you actually came to volunteer in their class, but they will remember you were there. That's all that matters. I always dread going in the day I am assigned, but once I'm there I really love being there. So while our kids still WANT to be around us, we should definitely take advantage of it. Cute pics too!!!

  8. Oh, I'm not being hard on myself, I just find it humorous!

    Becky, those were the actual paragraphs in her book, totally took me by surprise! Made me feel very old and out of the loop!

    I love all your comments, thank you!

  9. At least you're honest with them and with yourself and don't take on more than you can handle but you're still there...that's what is so important and more than many others are doing go girl!!

    I've GFC with you (found you on Blogfrog)...GREAT site!!

  10. Love your blog found you on 20sb:) FOLLOWING!! Feel free to stop on by my place too!!! We mamas need to stick together!! I volunteer at my kids school and do the room mom thing too, I am the biggest germaphobe you will EVER MEET!!! It is so hard for me but like you said it is so worth it to see their lil faces light up with excitement to show off their mama!!!

  11. New follower.
    So happy to have had stopped by this blog!
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    Have a great Monday!!!

  12. Oh Lins --- Jon's expressions were priceless! I am dreading the day I get there too, but I think it will be great once I get there. Just like working out... same philosphy! haha! :0) Luv, Kel

  13. your kiddos & your photos are beautiful! :) Rebecca