Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Big Win

I play the lottery, I know you might think it's lame but winning runs in my blood. My mom and I were just talking about this very subject. The list of things we have won over the years. Her list is longer than mine by far, but I have a few notches on my belt too. Like the huge Mickey Mouse I won in Junior high. Out of all the kids in that school my name was drawn and I heard Linsey Smith over the loudspeakers. That day I remember feeling, this is one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me. So, I play the lottery just in case.

This leads me to my story. How I almost won it big. How I came so close.

It was a Sunday and I needed to make a deposit at the bank. We were on our way to Denver and stopped on the way down the hill. We typically make our deposits through the ATM and are thankful our bank has one conveniently in their lobby... for off hour transactions.

I finish getting my envelope together to deposit, hit the enter button and wait for it to ask me to insert my envelope. All of a sudden the machine does something so weird, a large clump of cash is protruding from the machine. The machine was giving me money instead of taking my money.

What is going on? I look all around for a sign of some type. Was this a prize? Did I just win a random raffle? Am I the thousandth customer that has used this machine? I waved out the glass doors with the wad of cash in my hand to Erik, who was sitting in the car with the kids. I was trying to show him what I had just won. He wasn't paying attention.

I couldn't find any balloons, no confetti was spitting out at me, what the heck is going on? If I just won big, shouldn't there be some type of huge celebration, some type of recognition? Shouldn't the news be showing up soon? I mean the ATM wasn't even congratulating me. Some prize.

I then look down at the machine that was now beeping at me. So rude! He was asking me if I would like another transaction, or if I was finished. What do you mean? I haven't made a transaction?

At that moment my exhilarated excitement over what I thought had just taken place came crashing to the floor with great force. Right then it became very clear to me the reality of the situation.

I had just rewarded myself with my own money.

I had hit withdrawal instead of deposit. The machine was simply doing what I had asked it to do. He was giving me the money I had asked him for.

At first I did a little pouty lip, stomp of the foot, droopy head move. I glared at ATM for deceiving me so, because I knew he was laughing at me. But then, how could I not hysterically start laughing right along with him.

Even though I didn't really win big and the bank didn't feel like being generous to me on that day, for a brief moment I was a winner and it felt good! It's all about cherishing the small things and embracing the moment, even if it only lasts a short time.

I then made my deposit for double the original amount.

When I got back in the car and told Erik about what had just happened, he gave me that cute grin. The one that says, see this the reason I love you. You're my Lucy!

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  1. It is all the small moments in life! For a second you were a winner... and I REALLY wish I could have been there to see that and laugh at... I mean with you! tee hee! That's why everyone loves Linsey!

  2. That's my girl, you have always looked for that Pony in a room full of pooh!

  3. ha ha! love it! I am sure it was a great feeling.

  4. lol awesome :D I love those moments when you find cash in the pocket of a jacket you haven't worn in months... it's like winning, even though it's just money you misplaced :)

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  6. Hilarious!! I do stuff like this too...but love that we can laugh at ourselves and Nick gives me the same kinda look. I love your mom's comment :)

  7. I Love Lucy too!!! haha! Such a cute story because it's such a "Linsey moment". So cute. :)))

  8. Just 'cause it was your own money doesn't mean you weren't a winner! Most people who play the lottery have probably invested so much of their own money that when they do win, it's just like having it returned back to them. Maybe with a little bit of interest. Great story!

  9. HAhaha! So funny! I do things like that all the time. Example:

    A few weeks ago, I was in the car with Chris and I realized I wasn't wearing my wedding rings. We had just gone out boating and my mind started racing to all the places I had been, where I could have possibly taken them off. I started freaking out and yelling and scaring my husband to death.

    Until I realized I had taken them off not THIRTY seconds earlier to put lotion on my hands. Seriously.

    And you should totally do a tri this summer. I'm scared to death of the running. Youre scared of the swimming. We can DO it.

    And thus concludes the longest blog comment I've ever left.