Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I'm Voting For Pedro Sanchez, Who Do You Think?

If you are a fan like us, then you know were that title comes from.

Matty decided to get his dance moves on the other night.

Music and dancing has been such an important part of my parenting career. When the day is long and stressful, all it takes is a some great tunes and a little booty shakin to get your mood changed around. The kids know that when mom is stressed, tunes come on. I love that they will rock out with me to Michael Jackson, Journey and Madonna. At least for now. I know the day is coming when they will judge me and make comments about my music choices, but right now they are cool with it. What is not to like about loud music that drowns out the fighting, tires everyone out, and puts everyone in a good mood? Nothing!

I can't carry a tune to save my life, so if my kids are going to learn anything about music it will be from my husband. I just turn up the music really loud so they can't hear my voice, that way I don't completely ruin them musically. Unfortunately, I think Ab's has inherited my horribly out of tune vocal chords, poor girl! Just because we can't really sing doesn't mean we can't fake it. Oh, we can fake it with the best of them. You just might not want to take us out for a night of karaoke, could get ugly.

When I turn up the music and tell everyone it's time to clean, something comes over them and they actually listen to me. It's a strange and fabulous day!

This is a video of one of our dance party/house cleaning days, during the summer.

Everyone needs a good dance party from time to time!

p.s. This "blog whenever I feel like it" plan, isn't really working for me. I need consistency, especially with something like blogging. Having a plan lessons my stress. If you have a personality like mine then you understand. So, I have decided to make Wednesday post day. Right now, one post a week is manageable and keeps blogging fun and enjoyable. I am so blessed by this blog, by all you who read and comment. My expectations for Organized Chaos, have been far surpassed. I am blown away by all your love and support! Thank you!

Love you,

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  1. That kid sure can dance! I just love his enthusiasm. I still laugh when I think of him outside of the museum. Love him!

  2. Thank you for stopping by my page and the wonderful feedback. I am following you and invite you to do the same.

  3. I love this!
    And can I just say, I am happy to know your house DOES get messed up! LOL
    Love ya,

  4. My heart leaps woth Joy when I see those predious babies. Growing so fast, I just cant stand it. Waiting with anticipation for the day we clean and dance together. God is so good to this family. Huggs and kisses. Wednesday is my new "Fun Day" Starting with organized Chaos.Love you!

  5. I love it!!! Its such a great "trick" too to make cleaning fun...I'll play one song, and our goal is to get as much done during that one song as possible! It's amazing what they can accomplish when they are having fun and have a goal! Turning everyday chores into a game is key :)

  6. Ha! Yes, dance parties are wonderful at our house for rapid attitude readjustments. Our frequent soundtracks include Paul Simon and Prince. I love your blog, Linsey!

  7. We have dance parties at my house ALL the time! I love Michael Jackson, Journey & Madonna too! Hahaha! We are always groovin' to the 80's!!! Matty would TOTALLY fit in at our house!!! I want to dance and shake my booty w/ that boy! ;) GREAT blog! Love you!!!!!

  8. I am a fan too, love that movie! And, love dancing. So much fun.