Monday, August 23, 2010

Random Ten Monday's #2

Okay, so I know that it would sound much better if I called it "Random Ten Tuesdays." But I usually post Monday, Wed, Friday, so it will just have to do!

1. I love all the cheesy Disney movies, you know, Hannah Montana, Princess Diaries, High School Musicals. It's hard to admit, but I have shed a tear during HSM #3. I am so glad that I have two girls, that I can use as a cover up, for my Disney flick fix!!

Yes, it's cheesy, I know!!

2. I am a returner. I save all my receipts and will pretty much return anything and everything.

3. I have a very strange way of plugging my nose when I go under water. I literally cannot submerge my head without doing this, I have tried, it just doesn't work. So if I lose my upper lip, I will never be able to swim again.

I have met another who does the same exact thing and she lives in my neighborhood. So it's not that unusual. My goodness, I need Botox.

4. Penguins are my favorite animal! They are cute, funny-looking little creatures dressed in classic black and white!

A little penguin info: They don't fly like normal birds, they are very social creatures and adapt to many climates. They find a mate for life and use sign language to communicate with each other.

They are so darn cute!

5. My favorite lip color is Dolly by Bare Minerals. I tingles when you put it on, I love it!

I am wearing the color in the above, freaky looking lip plug picture! It was all over my nose after I had Erik take the picture of me!

6. When I was on my MOPS retreat, I shocked some with my puffy hair. I had taken a shower, blow-dried my hair and came up the stairs before I had used the straightener. I will not leave the house after blow-drying my hair unless I curl it, tie it back, or wear a hat! It is a bit shocking, I was told I could play an American Indian with that look. Which leads me to my point. I am 1/8 Choctaw.

For family camp one year, we did a skit. I played my usual Indian character, Shakanow, April was Sacagawea, and my little sis was Tiki. I spoke my Indian language and Sacagawea was my interpreter. "The moon is big and bright, she says she knows the way!" Every once an awhile Tiki would tap her tiki's together! It was really hard to keep a straight face!

7. My love language is not gifts. Erik's isn't really either, that is just not how we show our love for each other. It might sound lame, but we don't really ever do gifts. Christmas is about the kids and we have never really done birthdays. When we want or need something, we just get it.

8. Despite point #7, Christmas is still my favorite time of year. Especially being parents, it's so fun playing Santa! The smells, the cozy pants, the fireplace, the movies, the music, the smells, the spirit, everything is just magical!

Our 2009 Christmas card!

9. Sometimes I watch a show (a chick show), mute it during commercials and read a book at the same time. When Erik came upstairs from his work out the other night, he just looked at me, shook his head, and said, "really." I am gifted at multitasking, works for me!

10. I really can't stand it when the toilet paper is installed backwards. After ten years of marriage, and ten years of nagging telling him about his toilet paper installations skills, he still doesn't get it. Come to think of it, he might just do it on purpose to bug me. He tells me all the time, he likes to get me angry because he thinks I'm cute when I'm angry! Oh boy!

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  1. I can plug my nose w/ my upper lip too!! I've done it ALL my life! hahaha And I also hate the toilet paper roll put on backwards. That is SO wrong!!! Love your post. :)

  2. Love, love, love the Christmas card!!!! Oh my gosh so cute! And I love all your favorite little quirks! Hugs sweet friend!

  3. Wow...looks like my toilet paper installation skills are manly, lol. I do it the same way. No wonder my husband doesn't complain! Great Christmas card!

  4. sitting in Starbuck's enjoying a warm Chai latte. I thought nothing could top that. then I open my laptop to my favorite Blogger and see that I was wrong. Oh the fun of reading about the sweetest girl ever. Thank you for your continued dedication to your gift! Love You.

  5. My little boy can plug his nose with his upper lip. I hope he doesn't lose the skill. He is so darn cute when he does it! And, now I have learned, it can be useful too.

  6. This post made me laugh so hard. Love the #3 pic where you think you need Botox. I am the exact same way when it comes toilet paper! And..I Love HS Musical! Loved the post. Thanks for making me laugh.

    Anne @

  7. I have three girls and would you believe that none of them will watch Disney? So I don't really get to watch the cheesy shows, lol. The return thing? No way, no how. I either make my husband do returns or it sits in my closet gathering dust. Currently I have two pairs of shoes, a drape shade for the kids room and a shower curtain gathering dust in my closet. Oh, and I'm the same way about gifts. I love buying for my kids, but for myself and my husband we just buy things as needed/wanted.

  8. Nope, you don't need Botox! :)
    We don't do gifts neither...but we enjoy more than often dinner with wine and candle light!

    BF greetings from Casablanca, Morocco!

  9. I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this! Such a great little peak inside.

    Thanks for sharing.

  10. Toliet paper! I completely agree. Backwards is just wrong, all wrong!