Monday, July 19, 2010

Random Ten Monday's

Sometimes it's good to just lay out some randomness!  It's also an easy post for Monday mornings!!!  Here are ten random thoughts, facts, stories about me, that first came to mind!  

1. I love hot coffee, and iced coffee, a lot!  But I don't like hot coffee that turns into cold coffee, yuck.  I also don't like my hot coffee that turned into ice coffee, re-heated, double yuck!!

2.  After my three recent speeding tickets, I am now an even slower driver than before, but I still don't like slow drivers.  Then I feel bad when I pass them (slowly of course), and they are silver tippers.  They have earned the right to drive however they want!

3. I am addicted to the classifieds.  I just can't help myself, I have to browse all the jobs available to me.  And I actually contemplate and consider the ones I'm interested in.  I always come to the conclusion that of course I wont be getting any job, but while I'm browsing I am in my own little world.  The crazy thing is, I don't want a job, it's just a habit I have I guess.  Yesterday I saw an add for someone to drive a teenager to Denver every weekday, once school starts.  That's a 45 min trip one way for me and she needs to be their by 7:00 a.m.  I actually started to try and figure out how I could get this to work!  Crazy, I know!

4.  Going along with #2, I have a soft spot for silver tippers.  Not the cranky ones, but the ones that are happy and cute.  But I also have a soft spot for the cranky ones, I just don't want to get into a conversation with one.  Then I feel like I should talk to them, they need a friend too, probably more than anyone else!

5.  I am obsessed with crackers- all kinds- I love them.

6. I am completely against getting a dog. I love dogs, I just don't want one.  There are many reasons that I have for not adding another addition to our family, and I can only come up with three reasons why it's a good idea.  I am going to fight this battle as long as possible with the other five family members who don't agree with me on this issue, and they constantly remind me of it.  I have a feeling, that one day, they will wear me down, at least I know that's their plan.

I  know they are cute, thats why I posted the picture here. I can come back and get my cute fix anytime I want without adding more chaos to my life!!

7.  I can't stand nail files, they seriously freak me out!  

Just looking at these gives me the heebie-jeebies!!

8.  I secretly want to be Laura Ingalls and live on the prairie!  When I was very pregnant with Abby and we had just moved to VA, I went through a Little House on the Prairie phase.  I literally watched every episode of the first three seasons back to back, thats over 57 hours of LHOTP!!!  I eventually watched them all!!!

9.  Right now I am eating one of my new favorite snacks!! Gertie's Pickled Asparagus, so good!  And we got if from Costco, so I have two huge yummy jars!!  

10.   One of my favorite times of the day is when the kids are in bed, Erik and I are cuddling on the couch, and he plays with my hair.  I am such a sucker for a head rub and am so glad God gave me a hubby who is addicted to stroking my locks!!! 

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  1. U know, I love iced coffee too.. i hate hot coffee! point number 10 is lovely... what a nice couple n happy fam too :)

  2. still laughing....i can't speak....

  3. I think little house may be one of my favorite shows ever!

    and I, both hot and iced coffee, but not hot coffee that's gotten cold!

  4. Thanks for sharing! Neat blog, and what a great picture of your family! I too am a big 'Little House' fan...I've probably seen every episode at least a million times ....(that blasted 'Nelly Olsen') of my favorites was when Laura and Albert thought Mr. Olsen had murdered Mrs. Olsen. :):) I have a little dog who is quite the handfull and enjoys peeing all over my house! And now I'm off to buy me some pickled asparagus!

  5. laughed so hard over #2 and #4! josh calls them "q-tips".

  6. Have you and your girls listened to the Laura books on CD yet? Be sure to check out the ones that Cherry Jones has read. She does an amazing job! Our daughter (age four and a half) has listened to almost all of them now with us when we make road trips. They are very sweet.