Monday, August 15, 2011

I Heart Faces Photo Contest: Beautiful Eyes

This photo was from a session I did last month. This little girl has the most striking eyes. She also has one of those personalities that stands out above the crowd. I love her and I love this photo! I know the contest is titled "Beautiful Eyes", but  hope it's okay to only enter one eye. It's definitely a beautiful one!

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  1. Those eyes are amazing. I love this shot. Great work. I love how natural it is

  2. yes, too cute! Your children have pretty eyes too. I'm thankful my daughter got my husband's big, round eyes and they are still not deciding what color. So they are blue in the middle and surrounded with brown. So wild! Love baby eyes!

    Brittany @

  3. Wow! Just beautiful. The eye, the exposure, everything. Well done.


  4. This is really very beautiful - love your processing!

  5. Awesome capture! What a cutie, and boy, those eyes are amazingly beautiful!