Wednesday, September 14, 2011

That's a Cute Snake

I was away on a girls weekend and Erik had the kids. I never worry when he has them, even when he tells me all he wants to accomplish while I'm gone. He shows me his list of errands he plans to run with four kids in tow and I know he's got it. The truth is they listen to him. Sometimes is makes me upset thinking of how well they behave for him verses me, but it also makes me happy that my husband is a rockstar! He takes the kids to Costco and it results in strangers making comments to him like, "Gosh, you have very well behaved kids." All I get in those situations is sweaty armpits and the need to pop a few Advil...whatever!

So after a day of errands in Denver, the gang comes home to chill. I am sure wrestling matches, junk food and movies were on the agenda. Matthew these days has really taken to stiking close to Daddy. He wants to go everywhere and do everything Daddy does. We are potty training in our house...THE LAST KID!!!! Did I just say that? No more diapers? WHAT THE FRICK... IT'S ABOUT TIME!!!!

Erik got up to go to the bathroom and his "mini-me" followed as predicted. He usually just messes around in the bathroom dumping out a bottle of something, turning on the faucet, or flushing before it's needed; this time he was intrigued. He was curious. He wanted to figure out how this whole bathroom thing worked for guys. He started chatting with Erik about the day. In the midst of chatting he looked up for a quick glance, without missing a beat he said with a snicker in his voice, "Oh, that's a cute snake-butt," then went on his way.

When I got home on Sunday afternoon Matthew ran up to me for a big hug and says, "mommy, mommy I have a cute snake-butt like Daddy!"

Like I said I never worry when Erik has the kids. Not only are they safe and happy but they also learn valuable life lessons!

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  1. Oh i'm sure he'll love this picture when he's 13! Blackmail!