Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ways to Stay Creative

You have probably already seen this list circulating the internet; I came across it for the first time the other day. For those that have not seen it yet and maybe as a reminder to those that have...I thought it was worth sharing.

Some thoughts:

#4- Get away from the computer.  This is a big one for me. It's so easy to get wrapped up in the computer, the time passes by and we never get to exercise the creativity that we sat down to research about in the first place. Not good. 

#5- Quit beating yourself up.  I saw a post on one of the photography forums I belong to; it made me so sad. The question posted was, "Do you like your work?" Pages and pages of responses with everyone saying that they didn't like their work. I know it's very easy to be hard on yourself; I am definitely guilty but there should always be a sense of joy within our passion. I can always look through a session and find something I love; something I can be proud of. Sometimes I will catch myself smiling as I flip through pictures. It might not be the most technically perfect picture but it shines in one way or another. We all need to stop beating ourselves up and see our creativity for what it is...beautiful!!!

#6- Take breaks.  I have to remind myself of this one constantly. One of my strengths in life is "Achiever" (this will be a topic in another post) but with that strength comes burn out. I have to remember to get up, walk around, engage is something different. Read. Fold some laundry. Play with my kids. So important!!!!!

#7- Sing.  Pandora is always in the background when I'm editing. If it's not, I get irritated. 

#8- Drink coffee.  Totally have this one down!!!!

#9- Listen to new music.  Of course!

#16- Allow yourself to make mistakes.  Goes along with #5. Without mistakes you won't learn. 

#18- Count your blessings.  Perspective is huge.

#20- Take risks.   I feel like I am doing this a lot lately. Although it can be scary, my goodness, it's fun. And that brings us back to #16. It's okay to make mistakes while you are taking risks. They go hand in hand. Allowing yourself to make mistakes is a risk all on it's own.

#21- Break the rules.  I love this one. Being creative means you don't have to live in a box; something I have never been comfortable with. 

#22- Don't force it.  If it's not flowing, go back to #6 and walk away. Take a break and come back; don't force it because then it stops being enjoyable.

#25- Stop trying to be someone else's perfect.  Probably my favorite!! Comparing yourself with others is probably the one thing we as "creative people" do and the #1 thing that is most detrimental to our creativity. Let it go. Be your own beautiful!!!! Be okay with loving what YOU do and the way YOU do it!!!

#27- Clean your workspace.   I am so guilty of working in clutter and also guilty of being stressed within that clutter. I don't even realize why I am so stressed until I clean up all the junk around me. I have learned to clean my space before I begin work. My mind is clear and I am free to only focus on what is in front of me rather than the pile of unopened bills I continue to notice out of the corner of my eye. 

#28- Have fun.  Isn't this the reason we fell in love with whatever it is we do? It's our passion, it's what we can't live without doing, it's FUN! Don't let the fun fade away. If it begins to fade then look over this list. Ask yourself what needs to change and then make those changes so that you don't lose the love. 

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  1. What a great list!!!! Thanks for sharing sweet friend! Actually, when I read through that list before you even commented on them, I could see many that you already do!!! You're spot on!

    Love ya!

  2. Thanks for sharing that list. I had not yet seen it. So very true for them all. I definitely will have to focus on some for myself!

    Hopping over from Seek Ye First via Aisle to Aloha!

  3. love your blog and love this list! I'm gonna print it out for my journal!