Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Busy, Random and Gorgeous

It has been a crazy week; well, a crazy month. So this blog post is going to be a bit short, and a lot random; topped off with some gorgeousness.

I was told this week that I was the perfect size for taking pictures, then was referred to as a human tripod.

I am having my picture taken for the second time this month. I am so awkward in front of a camera. You would think not...but honestly, it's not pretty. I'm fine with the timer and run method, but for some reason knowing someone can see me and I can't see them sort of freaks me out. My goal is to loosen up, chill out and for heaven sake relax my face. I tend to look like I just got injected with botox. I am much more comfortable behind the camera, but my goal is to make it happen this week. I'll let you know how it goes...hopefully with some presentable pictures!

I love shooting weddings! I love everything about it! The only downfall is the night after the wedding I dream in wedding all...night...long. I dream camera settings, location, posing, reception, ceremony. It's exhausting!

I am a big baby when it comes to weddings, I cry every single time. At this last wedding I cried three times. Ah...the love!

I can't have a conversation with someone if their mouth is covered. If we are sitting on the couch and Erik has a blanket pulled up so it's covering his mouth I get really irritated. He says I stare at his lips when we talk. So weird. I don't think I have a hearing problem, but apparently I read lips.

They say the average child goes through 7000-9000 diapers from newborn to potty trained. So let's just go with the lower end. We have changed at least 28,000 diapers in the last seven years! Now wonder we are ridiculously excited about NO MORE DIAPERS!! I don't even want to think about how much we spent. Don't figure it out for me please.

A few peeks of why I have been so busy lately! Okay, now back to editing before tonight's shoot!

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  1. You got the silhouette shot! Good stuff!

  2. Love. Love! Whatcha getting your pictures done for?

  3. What great shots, and great randomness! Funny, I almost posted a blog today called complete randomness. But I didn't have enough random things to say! I LOVE the silhouette shot!!!

  4. I love your "spider-webbing" blog! TOO cute! That's just how us women think! ;) The pics are beautiful!!!!! As usual... :)