Wednesday, June 6, 2012

California Adventure On A Whim: Part l

It was around 6:00. The kids had eaten and gone downstairs for their movie. We had decided it was the perfect night for a quiet, adult-only dinner. We indulged in our slow-cooked pork ribs and, in between our moaning over the goodness, we had uninterrupted grown-up talk... it was wonderful. 

We found ourselves talking about that trip to California we said we would take once the kids were older.  Our conversation when something like this.

Nana: "We need to do Disneyland."
Me: "Totally!"
Nana: "Gosh it would be so great to go before the bus opens."
Erik: "I wonder when Disneyland's busy season really starts?"
A little research took place.
Me: "It starts to get busy June 1st."
Looked at the calendar.
Me: "We should go now, as in like right now."
Papa: "Let's do it."
Nana: "I wonder how much it would cost to rent an RV?"
Me: "Na, we'll just hook-up the pop-up."

A call to Aunt Becky finalized the plans and we were off and running like chickens without heads. And then our conversation went then something like this.

Nana: "We need to clean-up the rib mess before we leave!" 
Me: "Don't forget the sun-screen and toilet paper!"
Nana: "I don't have any clothes, there all in the bus!" 
Us: "Well stop at the bus on our way out of town in the morning so you can get your underwear!"
Erik and Dad: "The Suburban really needs new tires."
All of us agreed: "Well do that on the way out of town too!" (Never got done, we just prayed the whole time).
The kids: Oblivious.
Papa: "I'm going to make that meatloaf!" (Yes, because what is a road trip without meatloaf sandwiches! And they were yummy!)

We pulled out at 8:00 the next morning!

The huge meatloaf and the view off our deck the morning before we left. Goodbye snow and hello beautiful warm sunshine!

Utah is so beautiful. We took our time and stopped to enjoy the view.

Eight seats and eight people makes for a cozy ride! We had so much fun and the kids did amazing, especially since all they thought was that we were going camping.  It was one long trip to find the perfect camping spot. 

"We just haven't found it yet kids, lets keep looking! Who wants another meatloaf sandwich?"

It is really hard to keep a secret that long. Oh. My. Goodness. We all slipped at times and said the D-word. We all failed, but thankfully no one caught on. Not even the eight year old. 

When we reached the California sign we asked the kids, "Hey since we are this far do you want to just go the rest of the way and camp at the beach?"


We had the best set-up! I would take this over a nice hotel any day!

The view from the camper.
Uncle James and cutie pie Walker hanging with us!

Shaving on the beach. Erik and I also took advantage of the showers on the beach. Don't worry we wore our suits. Shivering cold, but free!! It's so fun watching people look at you funny, haha!!
Aunt Becky revealed the big secret!!!! 
She gave each kid a note. 

The notes read 

Matty: "WE." 
Jon: "ARE." 
Ella: "GOING TO." 
Abby: "DISNEYLAND!!!!!!!"

And as if that wasn't enough she spoiled them even more with ears, toys and candy!  

Thank you Aunt Becky!

I'll post all our Disneyland fun next time!

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  1. That was so sweet, it made me tear up! What a fun trip, and a memory they will cherish forever!

  2. What a great adventure!!!! And why not just decide over dinner to go to Disneyland. I think more people in this world need a little more spontaneity ! Can't wait to see part II!

  3. Alex and I want to join you guys but alas we are stuck in Menands, NY. What a wonderful trip and it is even more/better that it wasnt planned in advance. SO jealous. Our love to Carrie and Tom