Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Camp Fun!!

Camping is fun, but camping with friends is great!!  This weekend we found ourselves enjoying beautiful Colorado, with wonderful friends!!  

Early morning campfire

They have been asked often of they are twin sisters, they usually reply, "no, just sisters!"

The cutest little T ever!

An early morning marsh, is his idea of the perfect pre-breakfast snack!

I love this laugh!!

Good friends are a treasure!!

All around our campsite, were these awesome rocks to climb and explore!!  Our site was perfect, no one around us, and it was FREE!!
Heather and T coming out from a cool cave.  Taylor was hoping she would see the bears!!

The kids had so much fun climbing!  A few times we found ourselves concerned, like when they thought it was fun to jump on the top boulder, that had the 40ft drop off!  But we all came up accounted for, except our other child Chanco, I hope he made it back okay! (total inside joke, sorry)

Erik came down off of this one a little shaken up, not sure it was the greatest idea to take Abby and Jon along!  But they made it!!

Heather and her mini me!!

Cute friend!!

Matt heard me say pretzels!  If I need his attention, all I have to do is say a snack food and he is all ears!!  Our kids sported the dirty face look all weekend, impossible to keep up on!!  

"Come on Seth, I got you!"

Cute climbers!!

A really cool path through the rocks, the kids explored over and over!!  

Going to the top, well almost!!

"hey, who's up there?"

Seth and the kids up top!

Erik, working up the guts, to do a tuck and roll, into a pile of leaves Seth made for him!  

Matthew was so tired, he crashed by the fire before bedtime! He didn't even flinch, when we moved him to the tent!

All jammied up, snuggling by the fire!

Erik was having trouble giving the camera big eyes, so I helped him out.  Please excuse my finger choice, it wasn't on purpose!!  I was also rockin the side pony for the photo shoot, it was my hairdo of choice, as a child of the 80's!!!

This picture is so freaky, I almost deleted it off the camera and didn't post it! The picture above is also freaky, but I am talking about the fire one!! SCARY!!!

All the girls, plus Jon, putting on a show for us!  They entertained us with song!!! Gosh, their cute!!

We really had such a fabulous time, I can't wait until we get to bring out the camping gear next year!!!

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  1. What fun pics! Looks like a great time with good friends. You are lucky.

  2. Looks like a great camping trip! I love the pictures, you have a beautiful family. I am a new follower. Hope you have a wonderful week.

  3. love love your pics! looks like you had a great time!
    Stopping over from Follow Me Mondays!Will definitely check out the rest of your blog!

  4. Looks like you had a great time!

    Found you on Blogfrog!!!