Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Last Lesson, Not Just a Snapshot

Wow, getting this post out late.  It has been one of those mornings.  Well, first I chose to sleep in, it was hard to get up with Luke all cuddled up by my feet!  Then, on the way home from the bus stop, Matty throws up in the jeep, poor guy!  All he wants to do today is lay on the couch!

So this was the last week of the workshop I am taking online.  I've had such a great time, and I learned so much!

This weeks assignment was to capture moments of interaction, emotion, and expression!  We were to use our long lens, so we could step back and go unnoticed. Also, we were to convert those shots to black and white, without using a preset, only using Lighroom!  Then we were to create a picture essay, which I failed miserably at.  I didn't understand the gist of the assignment, and then, when I finally got the idea, I didn't have time to redo it.  So, I just had to turn in what I had.   We also were supposed to shoot with a high iso, to see our cameras ability to shoot in low light.  I thought we were supposed to shoot the whole assignment this way, but no, it was just supposed to be one picture, duh!!  So, all these pictures are shot with an iso of 2000 or higher!

I really thought this week was hard for me, I felt like I struggled to accomplish the assignment successfully.   Oh, well, it's a learning experience!

Here is what I turned in for my interaction, emotion, and expression shots!  I do love black and white pics! My favorite, to hang in my house, which by the way, I need to get some new ones up!  I was looking around the other day and I am ashamed at some of the pictures gracing my walls, time to upgrade!  

Yes, Luke has been the main focus in our house the last few days!

A boy and his dog!

The best little pup, already knows his name, hasn't kept us up in the night, crate trained, and doing great at the potty thing!  He likes to heard the kids, very funny to watch.  He is most comfortable, with them all in a group!  He also has to tuck them in their beds at night, so cute!!

Luke likes to keep Matty in line!  For the most part Matt likes it, but at this moment, he got a little scared! Luke was tugging in his sleeve!

I love these girls!  Just us doing what we do best, telling great stories and laughing together!  I can always count on Emily for a great reaction!  

So this next section is my lifestyle photography portion!  I went to the garage with the boys!  They were cleaning up the place and hanging up Daddy's banner, from his band days!! Again, I was supposed to tell a story and I don't think I succeeded in that, but I still captured the boys in their element, so it wasn't a total loss!

I do love these tire shots, I think they came out cool!

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  1. I love your photos! I seriously need to take a class and learn what I can do with my camera. You have a beautiful family. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!

  2. Your blog is beautiful, your photos are beautiful, and your family is beautiful. I will never get great photos like this, it's not really a strength for me. I love how you seemed to capture the boys personalities. I can tell a lot about them from these. They will be a great memory for you and them!

  3. These are cute! Love the last one. How cool! I also love the first one. Great job

  4. Saw your post on blogfrog and wanted to connect with you. You have a wonderful family and yet you are finding time for the "creative You" aside from creative wife and mom ~ So important and so glad you did the online course ~ Learning curve can be steep at times ~ Emphasize the positive that you got out of the course & learn from mistakes ~ C'est la vie ~ Congrats to You and your adorable family ~ hugs & namaste, c~z

  5. Your pictures are awesome! One of my favorites besides the tire spokes is that last one when Daddy is looking at the poster he helped the boys put up and the little one is, just like a boy, off to do something else more exciting... jump on the trampolene! You're doing a wonderful job of capturing and telling your family's story!

  6. What great photos! You have a really good eye for catching those awesome 'little moments' that make life worthwhile. :o)

  7. You have some great shots here! What darling kids.

  8. Fantastic Photos! Did I read you were taking classes online? Where? Loved popping in, enjoyed them. Thanks.

  9. This is my first visit ever and I enjoy it!^^
    Like everyone said here , I agree! these pictures you snapped are beautiful!No kidding!And I like the header too!Nice!
    I like your talent!^^
    I am following you now from Indonesia!^^