Monday, October 18, 2010

Another Random Monday!

It's time again for another segment of Random Ten Monday's!  All those things about me, you may not know!

1. Black Licorice is my favorite candy and my favorite ice cream.  I can't get the ice cream anywhere. I have even tried to find a place to order it online, no luck! The only place to get it is at Food 4 Less in Medford, OR.  If you know a place I can get if from, please tell me!

2. My scent

Fragrance personality: A sensuous blend of Egyptian jasmine with warm, radiant notes of vanilla and sandalwood.

3. I love Fall! I really love all the seasons, but there is just something about fall!
Crisp mornings, sweatshirts, the smell in the air, the start of lots of fun celebrations (birthday for me and Jon, anniversary, halloween, thanksgiving), regular family dinners, routine, school, warm drinks, pumpkins, beautiful trees, on and on the list can go!  

A picture from my mom, fall in NY, gorgeous!  This is her running route!  

4. I love to eat! One of the big reasons I workout, is so I can justify eating more!
I have been around restaurants and good food all my life.  My parents have instilled in me a love for food that I cannot shake and so I embrace it.   It's a good thing we all like to workout because there is always a new recipe to try or a catering bus to drive!

5. I haven't been on skis in over six years and I am over the top excited about our seasons passes this year! We are all geared up and ready to go!  All but Matty. They didn't have boots small enough for him.  He is just going to have to roll around in the snow this season, we will get him out there next year!  Wow, that's a scary thought. Out of all of the kids, he has the least amount of fear. 

6. My soda of choice would be Ginger Ale, with Sprite coming in a close second!

7. I finished my race! 13.1 miles, check! Full story coming later this week!

8. I chose a lily flower as part of my logo 

The lily flower means- Virginity, Purity, Majesty, It's Heavenly to be with You.

I thought that sounded nice!  

When the kind stranger at the grocery store gave me that vase of lilies, I just loved them! They made me smile!  I love daisies,  but now I have two favorite flowers.  It is also fitting because my mom nicknamed me Lily when I was little.  I like that a piece of my mom is in the logo, she means so much to me and is my biggest supporter!

9. I asked Erik what my name would be if it wasn't Linsey, he said Katie! 

10. I couldn't think of a #10, so I asked the kids to tell me something that they know mommy doesn't like.

1. Abby said,  "Blurry pictures."
2. Ella said,  "When you find out someone put the lettuce in the freezer."
3. Jon said,  "Old yucky green seaweed."
4. Matt said, "I do", and then he stood on the edge of the couch and did the Nacho Libre dive (you know the one where Nacho puts his hands above his head and dives off the cliff), it's his new thing lately.  I'm just glad he knows to do it onto the couch!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!!

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  1. Daddy and I just finished enjoying your Monday Blog.Your so special to us and we are too blessed to call you daughter. Have a beautiful day and hugg the babies for us.

  2. Hey thanks for the comment on my blog :) I have never seen yours fun!!! See I am not so good with words hehe, so I end up keeping my posts short and sweet with lots of pics.

  3. i totally love to eat too....i gain and lose all the's so crazy! i didn't know that about lilies....i love em:)

    thats funny about her saying u don't like blurry pics...i don't either...people actually put the lettuce in the freezer:) haha too much!

  4. To cute the #10 lol
    I am following you back!

  5. Happy belated Birthday! Thanks for sharing so much about yourself. I'll have to go smell that perfume because it sounds yummy!

  6. Congrats on finishing your race! That is amazing!

  7. I found you via the Hump Day Blog Hop. Love your list! I'm running a half marathon in April, my very first! I'm nervous =) also, I totally agree with your love of fall. I had a post very similar to that recently. Fall = awesome!