Monday, October 4, 2010

Mark's Injury, Facebook Beginnings and Blog Award Fun

Wow, that's a lot to put in one blog post, or at least the title!!

Up first:

I now have my business facebook page up!!
Click here to check it out!

The next portion of this post, is the tragic portion! Prepare yourself, it's hard to hear!

So we went to the zoo last week, fun day! Well, I tried to have fun and clear my mind, of what had just happened moments earlier! But, it was really hard, I had this sick feeling in my stomach, that wouldn't go away.

I guess I need to back up a bit. My camera, my amazing, lovely camera! Lets, just say, good things don't come cheap and I have an amazing husband, that supports my expensive dream! I have upgraded three times this year and I now have my dream camera! You would think, as attached as I am, that I would take extra precaution to care for him. Well, this day I failed, I failed miserably.

So, back to the zoo. I picked up my friend Melissa at her house, we loaded up the kids and the gear for the day! I said to her, as I was buckling my seat belt, "I nestled my camera in the bags back there, so just remind me to get it out before we start unloading." Okay, so many things wrong with this picture. Mark should not of been just in the back, not nestled in anything but his case, and no one should have to remind me to take care of him. I really set myself up for this tragedy. Why the heck was I okay with him alone, unclothed, unbuckled, in trunk of the car? WHAT KIND OF MOTHER AM I?

We get to the zoo, I hop out, to safely get Mark out of the trunk and I set him on the cushiony ice chest! REALLY, I know what your thinking, who does that? Why didn't he scream at me, like my other kids do? Why didn't someone warn me, I was being ridiculously stupid!

So, here it comes. I go next, to unload the double jogging stroller out of the back and yes, down he goes. It all happened in slow motion. His body hit the pavement and my heart sank! At that moment, I felt like the worst person on the face of the planet!

By Gods grace, he survived. He has a battle scar, a small crack on the top of his head. Every time I look at him, I will see my negligence in caring for him. I have learned a huge lesson! Being an adult, I shouldn't of needed to be taught this life lesson of responsibility. If I was my own kid, I would be in a massive amount of trouble! I have always been really good at punishing myself, ask my Mom. She is always telling me, how she really didn't have to do much in the discipline department, because I would take care of it myself. I am so thankful God taught me a lesson, with a small amount of damage!

I didn't want to tell Erik, but of course I did, right when I got home! He is so gracious with these sorts of things! He had every right to chew me out, and make me feel bad, but he could see how torn up about it, I already was. Instead, he just sympathized along with me. Love him!!

I called about insurance coverage that day! Mark is now insured. Not that I haven't learned my lesson, but I do have a house full of little hands, so anything can happen! I was tempted to call and put a dishonest claim in a few months from now, so I could get Mark replaced. The insurance lady even told me that I had that option, but then said that I didn't hear that idea from her. I know God will honor, honesty and so I am trusting Him with the whole thing. He can make Mark last a lifetime, if He wants too. I love serving a God that cares even about the small things, that are big to us!!

Here are a few pictures at the zoo, taken with Mark, right after the fall!

So, the third subject, is a happy one!

Thank you Kimberly, author of the stinker pinkers, for this One lovely blog Award!

Here is what she said:
2. Organized – Linsey is a sweet sweet mommy of 4! She has a fun blog. Always a great topic to read. And seriously…doesn’t she look at Giada from the Food Network??? Simply Lovely Linsey!

Seriously, how sweet is she!! How could that not, make your day! It certainly made mine!
There are quite a few differences between me and Giada, one large one comes to mind! But, I will take that compliment any day!!

Check out her blog from the link above, it's super cute!

The rules are:

1. Accept the award and acknowledge the person who bestowed it upon me.
Thank you again Kimberly!

2. Pay it forward to 15 newly discovered blogs I enjoy


I cannot get enough to this girl. Not only is she an amazing photographer but she can write! I just love her posts and usually will not miss one! Her husband is an equally amazing photographer and writer, he pipes in on occasion!

Even though this award is not very manly looking, I really like his blog and seeing things from a Dad's perspective. He has an adorable little girl!

Lindsay is a newlywed, living in Hawaii, with a husband that she adores. She is a Navy wife, and her blog is always a fun read. She is an amazing painter and has just opened up an Etsy shop. With all her great ideas for your home and all her DIY projects, you will be hooked! She is super cute and her fun personality is a common thread throughout her blog!

Wow, this family never seizes to amaze me! They have nine kids with one more on the way. Four biological and soon to be, six adopted! I love her posts, just an amazing mom with some amazing kiddos!

These two could not get any cuter! Two friends out on the road pursuing their dreams! They are writing all about their journey along the way! One musician and one writer, both full of ambition!

Love their work!

Such fun, to see things transformed! Before and Afters at there best!

Best site to further your photography skills, some amazing ladies on this blog!

Fun blog, with lots of great fashion!

14. Bless My Nest
Paris is a sweet Mom, with a blog full of great recipes. She inspires me to want to cook more for my family and to cook them healthy delicious food, like she prepares!

15. A Beautiful Mess
Alicia has a great blog filled with wonderful photography! I love her sense of humor! I also love her blog title!

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  1. Oh no! Poor Mark! I could not even imagine that, even with my entry level. Great pictures from the zoo.

  2. Sorry for your miss hap with "Mark", glad to see your still consistent with your punishment for yourself. Did you take the mandatory time out?
    Age appropriate. Remember it's your B-day soon, one more minute per year. You scared me with your intro to that Blog. I thought it was something or someone! not a good thought for your moma so far away!Stop doing that!miss U baby. Great pics on your little visitor last week. She is so adorable!

  3. Oh my I am honored. :) It's my first blog award! Thank you!!!
    When I first read this post, I thought Mark was your husband, and I was wondering why he was unclothed and not strapped in the back seat. Haha. Needless to say, I'm glad Mark is going to be okay, and I commend you for being honest about his condition with the insurance lady. Awesome pics as usual!

  4. Congrats on your award! Looks like your zoo day was successful after all!

  5. I'm afraid if I was my own kid I would be more then a handfull 'laughs' I would be a nightmare! Thanks for sharing your words and posting in my BlogFrog Community! Take care! Lovely blog you have here! <3

  6. Whew--glad your camera is okay! I would probably have that sick feeling in my stomach all day too.

    Thanks for the sweet award! What kind words! Love your blog Linsey and excited for your own business ventures! :)

  7. So glad your camera is ok. I'm getting up right now and putting mine away. It hurts to think about it. :-)