Monday, November 1, 2010

Celebrating The Birthday Boy

We didn't do a party this year, but we made sure Jon knew he was the star of the weekend. Saturday, we had a special breakfast with his favorite, eggs and toast. Then we went to a kids carnival they were having at the elementary school. A trip to Target was next. At Target, he picked out his birthday cereal and a toy of his choice. Decision, decisions!!!

Even the big boy has a hard time deciding!

SHARKBITE BAY was his choice!

We went the easy route and picked up a cake, but not at Target. Why do kids always pick out the most disgusting over-colored frosted cakes? It's almost like the bakers behind the scenes, have something against parents and make these chemical filled, overpriced, ugly cakes to punish us. We were so hoping he would pick cheesecake!! We decided we would have better luck at Costco and we talked him into passing on this one, so that was our next stop!

"I want this one!" MMM, buddy that looks delicious, but lets keep looking.

At Costco, I did something I never do, I only bought two items, the cake and some grapes. I don't think I have ever left Costco for under $30.00 before, it was a great feeling. I was so excited about it, I told the guy at the door checking my receipt all about it. He wasn't as thrilled as I was, but he gave me the kind, "oh that's great," as I skipped out of the store!

Then it was Jon's choice for dinner, he choose Chick-fil-A, he knows what's good for him!!

At that point of the day Erik and I were all for sitting, relaxing and letting the kids run wild in a sound proof room!! I was so lazy, I took pictures from my chair, through the glass inclosed play area. My ears needed a break!

Carnival face paint!

When we got home, Jon played with his new toy and everyone had a piece of cake.

On Sunday, after church, it was Jon's choice to pick up from the store what we would make for dinner. Ingredients for Tacos, that's my boy!! We enjoyed a scrumptious dinner of Tacos, one of our favorites! Then he ripped open his presents!

Lots of Iron Man love from Papa and Nana!!

I bet you can't tell what he is into right now!

Then we took the partially eaten cake, added some candles and sung him "Happy Birthday." For us it's not so much about getting the moment perfect, it's more about doing what works. The night before, we were not ready to do the actual birthday party yet, but everyone wanted a piece of the cake! Erik did removed the cardboard from the eaten side of the cake, to throw you off a little!

Sweet boy making a wish!

After cake, that boy was so engrossed in all his Iron Man goodness, it was hard to break away for bed. But, with Iron Man by his side, they both hit the hay eventually.

The boys in Iron Man heaven!

Luke wasn't a fan.

Jon came up to me and said, "Mom look," his hand held up to me, "I only have one more finger to go!" He really wants to fill out one whole hand! Then he started to make plans for his next birthday. It's going to be one long year for this boy!

Happy Birthday my handsome four year old!! Love you!!

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  1. Looks like a good birthday! Great photos.

  2. Oh, I love that last picture with the thumbs up! Sounds fabulous Linsey! Great job celebrating your kiddos as always. Love you guys!

  3. Such a sweet post, I love your pictures. His face is so cute in every one, looks like he had an amazing birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday Jon! and I love Chick-Fil-A! :) Good food choice, I must say.

  5. I love your photography! I'm currently attending school for graphic design, and love photography blogs. Will definitely follow!