Monday, November 29, 2010

A Mom and Her Boy

I can't express enough how important it is to take each kid out individually for some one on one time. Being one of four, all around the same age, it is easy to get lost in the mix. It is so nice being the mommy of one for a few hours and focusing all of my attention solely on them.

I returned home from black friday mayhem around 4 p.m.,(btw, this will be an annual thing, so much fun, I am hooked) we left my house at 2:30 a.m. that morning, so I was a bit tired. But, buddy and I had plans. I was taking him out for a special date. Just him and me. It really is amazing how as mommy's we have energy secretively stored and we can pull it out for special occasions. This was one of those special occasions! When I walked in the door he was waiting for me, dressed, shoes on and everything. It was super cute to see how excited he was. It didn't matter where we were going, we were just going to be alone together and that is all that mattered.

We decided on a place for dinner. Jon was in the mood for pizza and I knew just the place. In our small town there is not a whole lot of going out places, so it is very surprising that we had not been to Crossroads yet. One of the few restaurants in town. So this was a great chance to try it out.

Made with love, that's my kind of pizza place!

We took our time, actually we got a discount because they burned our first pizza, I love when that sort of thing happens. We were in no hurry, please burn our pizza and save us some money! We sat in the way back corner were it was nice and quiet. We colored, talked, set the camera timer to get some pics of the two of us, told stories and most importantly we were not interrupted except to be asked if we would like some more root beer. Yes please!

I love the color concentration face, so precious!

Jon has the biggest heart ever. All night long he kept saying to me, "mom you are so beautiful!" Even after a twelve hour shopping day, no make-up, no sleep and hat hair. Love him! He just loves giving compliments and making your day. He also is the biggest helper, loves to work hard and lend a hand. I am constantly saying,"thanks Jon." and he will reply, "u welcome," with a big smile on his face! Jon is the guy that needs a good hug every now and then and if it has been awhile he will come and ask, "can I have a hug mom?" I love this boy and his big, lovable heart!

The pizza was really yummy and Jon approved!

What is a date without ice cream and new pair of cool shades that match your shoes!

The glasses have checkers on them like his shoes, he thought that was so cool!

Jon has not stopped talking about our cool date yet and he keeps saying he really wants to go back to get pizza with me at that place again! I love that I got the chance to make him feel so special, because that is exactly what he is. One of a kind! I can't wait until we get to go out, just us, again!

I am tearing up as I re-read this, my goodness time goes by fast and they all of a sudden are big!

Love you buddy!

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  1. I love it! And honestly, you look SOOO much better then I did after all that shopping. Seriously, I looked like a train wreck. What a cutie Jon is. I just love him!!!

  2. This is so beautiful.. I'm tearing up too. Your son is such a lovely boy. Thank you for this post. I'm expecting a new baby in a couple of weeks and yesterday, I was wondering how I was going to make my son feel that I still loved him. I'll definitely put this into practice and take him on a date with mommy as often as possible.
    And yes, they do really grow up so fast.

  3. How fun. Great photos. Love the last one.

  4. You have very cute boy. Such striking blue eyes. The sixth and last photos look perfect. Mother and son, together.

  5. OMG can you give a Nana a break! The sweetest Blog ever. Those big eyes in the last pic is priceless. He sure is a spedial guy. Our little "Buddy" getting so big and so precious.Love you buddy.

  6. Cute post, I feel the same way even though I only have two. So special to go out and have one on one time.

  7. What a great date! I'm sure he loved having his very own time to spend with you. How sweet!

  8. Those boys really are special! Can't say much about the girls....yet! haha Love Crossroads btw. Great choice!

  9. That was so precious Linsey. I bet he is going to remember that forever. I love it when I am able to spend one on one time with my kids. Especially now that they are teens. Building a relationship when they are young is so crucial. I love it when my kids walk into my bedroom just to talk...when they do, I put down whatever I am doing and give them my undivided attention... they grow up so fast. How precious that you have started that tradition. CUTE Pics too!

    Anne @

  10. okay thank you very much for making my make-up run right before i leave for work! this was an absolutely beautiful post. what a wonderful mother you are. i love the efforts you are making so that your children feel valued and special. i have a little boy...he's one. but i totally look forward to mommy-son dates. i already do it with my little girl- she's three. sweet memories. forever treasured! and i think you look great for being up since 2:30am!!